The Bachelor 2021 Week 4 Recap: New Girls Bring Out the Bullies


It a SHOCKING NEW EPISODE of The Bachelor! This week, five new ladies join the competition. Note: ABC cast a bunch of extra girls to wait in the wings in case women fail COVID-19 tests (or don’t follow protocols correctly, etc). Might as well use a few of them for more drama, amiright?

The big tease for tonight: Not only is poor Bachelor Matt James reeling from the sudden exit of Sarah last week, but the girls suspect that one of the newbies is….dun dun dun…a paid ESCORT.

Matt muses that Sarah ditching the competition REALLY HURTS. Despite behaving batsh** crazy, Matt still had feelings for her. Back at the girls residence, they chide Sarah for quitting when the going got tough. You mean, when the vultures descended upon her to basically bully her out of the house? OK then.

Trouble brews between Victoria and Katie

Katie, the mature one, asks the girls to stop. Sarah is gone, what’s the point? Queen Victoria is all I’LL SAY WHAT I WANT KATIE SO THERE. Katie notes in a confessional that Victoria thrives on being mean to the other girls. She chalks it up to insecurity.

It’s time for another group date. Mari is happy that Matt didn’t cancel it. MJ grabs Matt. She vows not to cut out when things get tough! She worries over Matt as they sit by the fire. They all line up to say they are here for Matt. He eats it up. Chelsea shares photos of her mom with Matt. She discusses wearing her hair natural and shaved, and how she’s stressed over her hair. That’s before the makeout sesh begins.

Uh oh. Victoria is mad at Katie for calling her out. Back at the residence, she pulls her aside to have it out. She insists on an apology. “You aren’t getting an apology,” Katie says, calling Victoria toxic and rude. She comes after Katie about her vibrator. Katie calls Victoria insecure. The B word flies. Katie will call her out whenever she wants. Victoria threatens her…with….hmm.

Matt hands out a date rose, Chris interrupts for a very important message

Time for the date rose. After complimenting MJ and Abigail, Matt gives the rose to Chelsea. Abigail is disappointed, and feels there is a storm waiting to brew.

It’s time for the rose ceremony. Eighteen women remain, three have roses, including Serena P from her one-on-one and Chelsea and Rachael from group dates.

Victoria is determined to pull Matt aside first. But instead, he and Pieper chat about the strong mother figures in their respective families, before the inevitable makeout sesh. Kit says she “feels the chemistry” but the challenge is going deeper. Matt assures her that he “loves” being around her. Matt compliments Katie for taking chances, and brings up the vibrator. Which is a thing that will never die, I suppose. He tells Bri that he’s totally into her. He seems to be into a bunch of these women so far.

Victoria finally pulls Matt aside. She whines that she hasn’t had time with him. And then Chris interrupts their conversation. It appears to be an emergency! VICTORIA IS ANNOYED. Chris drags Matt to the front of the mansion. The girls suspect the return of Sarah. But not so fast. Chris explains that there were so many people who applied for a chance to meet Matt (AKSHUALLY see the Covid explanation above…) that more girls will be introduced into the mix.

Meet the new girls in town

A limo pulls up. Five new women are introduced: Brittany, Catalina, Kim, Michelle and Ryan. Brittany, a model from Chicago, plants a big wet kiss on Matt, while the girls watch from a window. She walks into the room “SURPRISE.” Needless to say, she receives a cold shoulder from a room full of resentful women. She informs the group that “a couple more women” are behind her. Victoria calls it out for what it is: A bunch of women who were quarantining as backup are being thrown into the mix for dramz. “No,” Brittany shoots back, “They were saving the best for last.”

Victoria in a confessional calls Brittany a “sl** and a wh**e for interrupting her conversation with Matt. Meanwhile, back in the room, the girls make sure Brittany knows that it’s about to get real uncomfortable for her.

Michelle, a teacher from Minnesota is next. No kissing, but Matt wants to know where her Minnesota accent is. She promised it will show up (???) Ryan is a dancer and choreographer from Brooklyn. Matt meets Kim, an ICU nurse next. The girls continue to fume, with Anna flipping out in a confessional. She wants the newbies to GO AWAY. Lastly, it’s Catalina, a former Miss Puerto Rico Universe. Sounds obscure. She’s wearing her crown and sash, which, HEY, she’s stealing Victoria’s bit, and she’s none to happy about it.

Victoria snatches a crown

“Who the f*** are these random a** hos coming into the house?” Victoria sputters in a confessional. She introduces herself to Catalina as “Victoria the queen.” She says, “I should have that crown, actually!” before snatching it right off of her head. The other girls shake their heads, but can’t hide enjoying Victoria’s behavior toward an interloper.

Meanwhile, Matt is outside trying to compose himself. His head is spinning! He’s really nervous about how the original woman will react as he dives into new relationships. Because, of course, deep down, he’s loving it. Rachael feels that Matt may look at the new girls as “shiny new toys” and put the originals on the back burner. Probably!

Matt addresses the bigger group. LET’S KEEP IT MOVING he says. Victoria grabs him to finish their conversation. Katie explains to the newbies that the chill they are feeling is because the originals are already deeply invested in Matt. MEANWHILE Anna, recognizes fellow Chicagoan Brittany. “She’s not here for Matt,” Anna declares.

After Victoria wraps up her conversation with Matt, where she insists, rather weakly, the two of them are a great match, Brittany approaches Matt. She mentions how the girls were rude to her. The original ladies fume as Matt sits down with the new girls, one by one. It’s time being stolen from them, they feel.

The Rose Ceremony: 20 girls remain

The Rose ceremony begins: MJ, Pieper, Bri, Magi, Michelle, Mari, Ryan, Kit, Serena C, Abigail. Katie, Victoria, Lauren, Brittany, Jessenia, Anna, and the final rose goes to Catalina. Roses go to four of the newbies, Michelle, Brittany, Ryan and Catalina. Kim heads right back out the door she just recently entered. I guess going on about her dogs didn’t impress Matt. That, and the relative hotness of the other newbies probably did it. Also going home are: Kaili and Khaylah. The evening began with 18 ladies, and ended with 20.

Chris delivers a date card. Going on a group date: Mari, Bri, Abigail, Brittany, Ryan, Catalina, Magi, Anna, and Victoria. “Let’s fall in love,” the card reads. Girls not on the date card seeth that 3 newbies will spend time with Matt.

Matt and Ben Higgins lead the girls through an obstacle course

OH LOOK IT’S SEASON 20 BACHELOR BEN HIGGINS! He and Matt have a heart to heart. Ben calls the original group “the old regime” and asks Matt how he’ll bring them together. Uhm. Aren’t you here to give Matt advice, Ben? He’ll be going along on the group date. 

After the girls arrive, Ben describes the “fall in love” obstacle race, which includes giant pumpkins, squirrel costumes and a foot race. The girls paddle across a lake in the giant pumpkins. After, the girls don squirrel costumes to find acorns with their names on it. Victoria finds Brittany’s and then hides it. Poor Magi can’t get across the lake in her pumpkin. Meanwhile, Mari wins the race, receiving extra time with Matt.

Anna shares an ugly rumor about Brittany

It’s time for the afterparty. Matt pulls Anna first. She’s excited! She admits to being awkward, and describes an active childhood in Minnesota. She’s barely begun when newbie Brittany tries to interrupt. Anna stands her ground, sending her away. But her train of thought has been completely destroyed.

Anna shares what happened with Victoria who calls Brittany “Sl***y.” Anna dishes some dirt: Back in Chicago, she heard that Brittany entertains MEN FOR MONEY. OMG. The rumor exists because according to Anna, Brittany “knows all the rich men in Chicago.” And that her relationships with the men may be transactional. Geez. That sounds like proof! (NOT).

And to make matters even worse, back at the residence, the girls learn that newbie Michele got the one-on-one. “Let’s make up for lost time,” the card says. Can you say HEADS ARE EXPLODING. MJ says cattily, “I hope she doesn’t comeback with the rose!”

An OG gets the date rose

Meanwhile, at the afterparty, Bri admits she felt super dumb in the squirrel suit. It doesn’t stop Matt from making out with her. Who will get the date rose? He appreciates Brittany’s boldness and getting to know Anna. She really hopes to get the rose! But it goes to Bri. At least it’s not a newbie! Anna allows expletives fly anyway. She blames Brittany, whom she feels messed up her one moment with Matt by interrupting.

Anna confronts Brittany, who denies the nasty rumors are true

After, Anna confronts Brittany in front of the other girls, letting her know that she’s heard the escort rumors. Brittany calls the rumor “ridiculous,” noting that she’s had a boyfriend she started dating at 16. “I feel like all you guys are against me right now,” she says. “I know you don’t care at all, it’s really hard.” OK THEN GET OUT THE HOUSE, says Victoria. NOBODY sticks up for Brittany in the moment, not even the newbies. In a confessional, Ryan calls the rumors “disgusting.”

Just for the record: This “escort” plot line is hella sexist. I mean, are we back in the 50s now?

Back at the house, the girls are dishing. Brittany runs around with the “big spenders.” Serena laughs that it’s just a rumor until proven false or true. BUT IN THE MEANTIME WE GONNA CONTINUE WITH THE INNUENDO BECAUSE WE RESENT THE GIRL.

Matt and Michele hit it off in a hot air balloon

Michelle and Matt meet for their one-on-one. Matt admits that she really caught his eye. Chris sends them off on an “extreme scavenger hunt.” The two zipline down the mountain, before finding balloons hiding the clues. The clues are like “reveal a hidden talent,” and “how many children do you want.” Not a scavenger hunt, exactly? The daytime part of the date ends in a hot air balloon. The two seem to really be hitting it off. Meanwhile, the girls watch them float by, making out, and they continue to seeth. Ryan expresses her unhappiness that she’s not on the date. The others girls are basically, “b***h, shut up, we’ve been here for three weeks.”

A new date card arrives: Katie, Pieper, Serena P., Rachael, Kit, Chelsea, Jessenia, Lauren, Serena C. and MJ will head out on a group date with Matt. “Are you willing to fight for love,” the card reads. The girls groan, knowing that the date probably involves boxing or wrestling or…

Michelle’s night time date with Matt takes place at the Woodlands Auto Toy Store, which apparently is both a car museum AND a restaurant. OK then. The two seem to be smitten. Poor oldbie girls. Matt is impressed that Michelle is passionate about teaching. Oh. She mentions George Floyd, and how hard it’s been to discuss with her studients. Michele quotes Maya Angelou, and Matt recognizes it. I think she’s getting the rose. Matt notes the connection is even deeper than with some of the women he’s known longer. OH BOY. “You embody all the qualities I’m looking for in a woman,” Matt says, as he hands her a rose.

Brittany confides in Katie, the only sane person in the house

The next day back at the residence, Brittany confides in the only non-catty girl of the bunch, Katie. Of course she thinks the whole escort drama is gross. Because it is! In a confessional, Katie says that she sympathises with Brittany, because she’s been the victim of false rumors herself. “The petty mean girl stuff has to stop,” she says.

The OG girls duke it out on a group date

The group date does indeed involve boxing. A former champion, Mia St. John is joining them. She announces that the girls will be fighting in front of a live audience. Which means the girls not on the date. Every boxer is an OG bachelorette, which might keep the temperatures cooler. But probably not! Another boxer, Wells Adams, helps Chris call the matches. Victoria regrets not being on the date so she could punch Katie multiple times. “She’d wake up with a black eye,” she says. Nice.

The first match is between Katie and Jessenia. The girls punch it out for awhile. Nobody lands hard punches, as the girls all wear protective head and face gear. St. John declares Katie the winner. Serena C and Kit are next. Serena C. is the winner. Rachael vs Piper are next. And then Serena C vs Lauren. Somebody gets a jab to the throat. And then Lauren knocks Serna P. in the head and the fight is called. Matt is a little alarmed, comforting Serena afterward. Honestly, none of that looked very violent, compared to real fights.

All 10 ladies attend the afterparty. Usually it’s just the winners of whatever gimmick the show cooks up. In a sit down, Rachael confesses that the week has been hard. The arrival of the new girls overwhelmed her. Matt assures her that he wants her here. He does the same in a sit down with Pieper, before making out with her.

The nasty gossiping continues, Katie has had enough

Back at the residence, Anna and Victoria continue to gossip about Brittany. Victoria calls her “serial killer weird,” whatever that means. And then she calls…I think Catalina “the dumbest ho I’ve ever met. She’s not going to last.” The girls on the group date complain about Michele getting the one-on-one date so soon. They mock her saying it would allow her to figure out if she likes Matt or not. Girls who haven’t been on a one-on-one date have already figured that out!

Katie sticks up for the newbies, saying basically, “they are here, we’ve got to get over it.” She’s so annoyed, that she decides to grab Matt and tell him all about it. She describes a toxic, bullying environment. “The house has to be better,” she says. And then she lets Matt know about nasty rumors that could ruin a person’s life. She doesn’t go into detail. Matt decides to get to the bottom of it.

NEXT WEEK! Matt investigates…

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