The Bachelor 2021 Week 7 Recap: Four Gals Head to Hometowns

The Bachelor - Matt James and a Race Car
 (ABC/Craig Sjodin) MATT JAMES

Ten women remain on The Bachelor, hoping to capture Matt James heart. But maybe the gals will have to make room on the couch for former  cast member Heather Martin, as she tries to crash the cocktail party. The ladies were having NONE OF THAT.

The ladies give Heather the coldest of shoulders

Some of them don’t recognize her. Others know exactly who Heather is. She interrupts Matt’s conversation with Pieper, who stomps out of the room, livid. “THIS RANDOM-A** GIRL WALKS IN AND I’M THE INVISIBLE B**** WHO NEVER EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.” She bursts into tears. 

Heather explains that former Bachelorette Hannah Brown sent her to Pennsylvania to capture Matt’s heart. “It would kill me if I didn’t try.” Matt trusts Hannah, and thinks she’d be qualified to choose a mate for him. He decides to take some time to think about it. 

After the convo, Heather walks to the front room to make nice with the girls. FROSTY. They grill her. PLEASE LEAVE says one. The girls accuse her of “Bachelor hopping.” Pieper insists on an apology for ruining her time. “We have been here for six weeks!” Kit says, “B**** what are you doing.” Heather is surprised by their reaction, as if she’s never been on the show before. Serena C. calls Heather a “virus.” 

If Matt doesn’t ditch Heather, the girls will mutiny

Meanwhile the girls are threatening to mutiny. Matt sits down with Heather. He appreciates her boldness. It’s hard for him, but he feels too deep in the process to allow her to stay. “I’m falling in love with the women who are here,” he says, “I’m following my heart.” He adds, “Time isn’t on our side.”

Heather cries in a confessional, “I just didn’t expect it.” But the whole deal smells like a producer set up. So, whatever. Matt walks Heather out, much to the remaining ladies’ delight. They find him even hotter than EVAH! He finishes his conversation with Pieper. 

Time for the Rose Ceremony.

Michelle and Pieper already have roses from prior dates. Bri, Rachael, Serena P., Kit, Jessenia and Abigail receive a rose. Serena C. and Chelsea head home. Serena hoped not to be “blindsided.” OH WELL. Chelsea thinks in a different setting, they could have hit it off.

Chris announces two one-on-one dates, and a group date. Jessenia and Abigail are the only remaining contestants who haven’t gone out one-on-one with Matt. But Serena P. gets a second date. They are so disappointed. 

Trouble ahead? Serena P doesn’t dig the Tantric Yoga

Matt is seeking a breakout moment with Serena. In the spirit of “going deeper” the two will practice tantric yoga together. Basically, sex yoga. They do a bunch of sexy poses together. Serena is pretty bendy. Matt seems to like that.  But unfortunately, Serena feels that the physical contact is too familiar. They are barely dating. In truth, she couldn’t wait for it to end. “I will never need to do that again.” She admits not being an overly affection person. Matt loved the session, and believed they were connecting. Whoops. 

Meanwhile, another date card arrives. Pieper, Michele, Rachael, Bri, Kit, and Abigail are chosen for the group date. Jessenia gets the one on one. She can’t keep a sh*t eating grin off of her face. 

At dinner, Matt tries to finally connect with Serena. Despite the yoga date going sideways, he appreciates her honesty. She calls herself a “bad liar.” But she’s still grateful for time together, no matter what it is. Matt wonders if her family will like him. He has feelings for her. He hands Serena P a rose. After, they celebrate on an ice skating rink. 

Back at the house, Abigail wonders why she got the first impression rose, a date rose, but not the last one-on-one. It’s a horrible thing to say, but a certain amount  of condescension probably seeped into those decisions, because Abigail is deaf. 

All those date rose, yet no happy ending for Abigail

The girls gather for the last group date before next week’s hometowns. Matt tells the girls that it’s time to have “tough conversations.” Bri has a few things to say. She reveals that she quit her job to go on The Bachelor. Oooh. Guilt trip. She says the risky move was worth it. Matt is flattered. It “means everything” to him that she did that. 

Michelle declares that she’s 100 percent committed to Matt. She’s the only newbie left. Matt admits that he became smitten from the minute he met her, wanting to know more and more about her. 

Abigail finally sits down with Matt. She admits that she wants more time with him, even though their conversations have been good. She can see the possibility with him. But UH OH. He admits to her that his heart is “pulling in another direction.” He doesn’t want to lead her on, or lie to her. All those pity roses. What an insult. Matt sends Abigail home. She describes herself as the kind of woman who makes men realize what they want, but it’s never her. “It’s eating me alive,” she says. 

Matt’s ironic date rose

After, Matt warns the remaining ladies that at this point in the process, he’s not going to “lead anybody on.” Next, he sits down with Rachael, who is still shook over Abigail’s exit. She says all her parents care about is her happiness. Even with a black guy! (cause Rachael obvs grew up with an f ton of racism.) Matt says that when he’s not around her, he’s thinking about her. “You just make me smile.” Guess she’s sticking around. 

Kit is next. She sets some ground rules. She wants to finish school, travel, and find her career path. She’s the youngest of all the bachelorettes this season–she admits that she needs a “cheerleader.” She also admits that she’s not ready to get married and have kids right away. “I’m a long term investment.” It’s like she’s pushing him away. Maybe the truth is, “I’m only here the for more Instagram followers.”

Matt is looking for the right person. He would never put pressure on her, he says. He assures Kit that he thinks a relationship with her would be “exciting.”  She declares in a confessional, “I’m definitely falling in love.”

All the girls are desperate for that date rose. Oh noes. He gives the rose to RACIST RACHAEL. No bueno. He takes Rachael outside for a “surprise.” It’s Aloe Blacc, who continues to make the reality show rounds. In 2019, he appeared on Songland. And most recently he finished second as “Mushroom” on The Masked Singer. Tonight he performs his single “I Do” from his 2020 album All Love Everything.

Matt and Rachael dance, hug and kiss. A match made in racist heaven! As Aloe sings, the camera cuts to the devastated faces of the remaining women. Harsh.

Kit would rather be tending to her Instagram, probably

Later, Kit knocks on Matt’s door, surprising him. I HOPE THAT FUR IS FAKE. Kit explains how she let her guard down. She thought she’d have clarity going into hometowns. Oh. She’s ditching him, before he can ditch her. Goodbye Kit. Like I said before, she’s only 23 and comes from a rich and famous family. Basically, she was looking to boost her in-progress influencer career. She probably figures it’s better to leave than be rejected. Either way, she likely never planned to win. 

Matt is attracted to her confidence and self-assurance. I want you here, he says. But she’s “unwavering in this.” She’s sure it’s the right thing for them both. They hug goodbye. The end. 

Jessenia feels blindsided

Now, Jessania goes on her one-on-one with Matt. A car drops her off at a parking lot. Immediately, a red race car enters, pulling a bunch of donuts. Tony Angelo, a professional “drifter” is the driver. Jessenia is put in the driver’s seat, She pulls a few of her own donuts. Matt gets behind the wheel and promptly crashes in to a bunch of stuff. He damages the car. Tony doesn’t seem happy.

Later at dinner, Jessenia confesses that her journey with love hasn’t always been easy. She wants to be a rock for Matt. She says her family will welcome him with “open arms.” Meanwhile, the other women don’t see any connection between Matt and Jessenia. They freak out, not knowing where his head is at. Meanwhile, Jessenia admits that she is falling in love. In a confessional, he admits that she has qualities he’s looking for. But, there isn’t a connection. Matt doesn’t give Jessenia the rose. He sends her home

Later, Jessenia says she feels blindsided. “That’s not at all what I was expecting…I felt more for him than he felt for me.” 

Four gals are headed to hometowns

Matt needs to send ONE MORE bachelorette home. Time to hand out more roses. Bri and Michelle receive roses. Pieper goes home. She’s sobbing in the car. “My entire soul has been stomped on,” she cries.  No surprises there. Bri and Michelle are obviously winner material. Matt’s been into both since he first met them.

Next week, it’s hometown dates for Bri, Michelle, Serena P. and Rachael. ONE OF THESE THINGS AREN’T LIKE THE OTHERS. ONE OF THESE THINGS JUST ISN’T THE SAME. In the previews, Rachael’s mom looks like a total southern Karen. Should be…interesting. 


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