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The episode begins with teams learning they will be traveling to Split, Croatia. They must proceed to Kasjuni Beach and pick up a Travelocity gnome. We hear from some of the teams before they arrive at the airport. Tyler & Korey are happy to come in first place again. Chris & Bret are confident they’ll finally get a first place finish of their own. Christie says she and Colin are learning, growing, and evolving throughout the race. Nicole & Victor note they are one of only two teams that originated from a different show outside of The Amazing Race (they were on Big Brother; Chris & Bret were on Survivor). Victor still thinks they are a team to beat.

Teams race to the airport to book flights to Croatia. While waiting in line, Nicole is irritated how Becca & Floyd cut in front of her and Victor. However, in her confessional, Becca says there were two different lines being formed for two ticket agents. She does not believe she and Floyd cut Nicole & Victor. The other ticket agent decided to go on break before Nicole & Victor’s turn, so they have to go find another ticket agent. While Becca & Floyd get on the flight they wanted, Nicole & Victor are informed that the flight they wanted is already full. Christie says in a confessional how being on a later flight than the other teams is a “kiss of death.” Nicole & Victor decide to be on standby for another flight that arrives in Croatia before Becca & Floyd, Leo & Jamal, and Colin & Christie. Luckily for them, they manage to get on that flight. Only Tyler & Korey and Chris & Bret manage to book a flight earlier than them.

Tyler & Korey and Chris & Bret arrive in Split. They learn they have a task to complete. They must serve punch to people on the beach and receive a Travelocity gnome. Once they return their trays to the bartender, they will receive their next clue. Chris & Bret complete the task first. They receive their clue and learn they must travel to Marjan Cave Church. Tyler & Korey are right behind them, receiving their Travelocity gnome too. Nicole & Victor arrive in Croatia while the other flights are stuck in an airport in Hamburg. They will be leaving an hour later than anticipated.

Chris & Bret still have their lead as they arrive at Marjan Cave Church. They learn they have a Detour to complete: Poetry in Motion or Washed in From the Ocean. Poetry in Motion requires teams to correctly recite a poem after going for a quick and bumpy ride on a floating tube attached behind a boat. Washed In From the Ocean requires teams to go snorkeling to find a goblet and coins. Chris & Bret and Tyler & Korey choose the snorkeling Detour. Tyler & Korey spot Nicole & Victor after they delivered their drinks too. They believed Nicole & Victor would’ve been in last place, so they’re surprised to see them.

Chris & Bret begin snorkeling, but they are struggling right away. They can’t find anything in the water. By the time Tyler & Korey arrive, they still haven’t found the goblet or the coins. Meanwhile, Nicole & Victor begin the Poetry in Motion Detour. After their ride, Nicole & Victor try to recite the poem, but they fail on their first attempt. They have to go for another ride.

Chris & Bret finally find a goblet and one coin. Tyler & Korey, however, decide to switch Detours. Nicole & Victor are unable to recite the poem on their second attempt, and Tyler & Korey are unable to recite it after their first attempt. Chris & Bret finally find their third gold coin, only needing two more coins.

The other three teams finally arrive in Croatia. As they get started on the leg, Nicole & Victor and Tyler & Korey are still struggling with the poem. Chris & Bret haven’t found all their coins either. Leo & Jamal, Becca & Floyd, and Colin & Christie deliver their drinks and receive their Travelocity gnomes.

Nicole & Victor finally recite the poem correctly. They receive their next clue and learn they must proceed to Diocletian’s Palace. And Tyler & Korey are right behind them as they recite their poem correctly too. Chris & Bret, meanwhile, decide to switch Detours. As for the other teams, Leo & Jamal choose to do Poetry in Motion; Colin & Christie decide to do Washed In From The Ocean.

Chris & Bret fail on their first attempt with the Poetry in Motion Detour. They now wonder if they should switch back to the snorkeling task.

Tyler & Korey arrive at Diocletian’s Palace. They learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must watch men dressed as Roman soldiers. The racer tasked with the Roadblock must keep track of five of them that have red headbands. Once the soldiers hide themselves from view with shields, the racer must pinpoint which five are the ones with the red headbands. Korey and Nicole get started on the Roadblock and agree to work together.

Back at the Detour, Becca & Floyd and Leo & Jamal are struggling with the poem. Colin & Christie arrive at the snorkeling Detour where Chris & Bret still are. Back at the Roadblock, Korey and Nicole keep failing after six attempts. At one point, Korey had the right answer, but he changes after Nicole thought her answer was right. They have to try again. Meanwhile, Colin & Christie are also struggling to find coins. After Chris & Bret tell them that they’ve been at that Detour for over two hours, Colin & Christie decide to switch to the Poetry in Motion Detour. Chris & Bret agree to switch Detours again too.

Becca & Floyd manage to complete the Poetry in Motion Detour, but Leo & Jamal are still struggling reciting the poem. Back at the Roadblock, Korey and Nicole finally complete the task. They each get their clue and learn they can proceed to the Pit Stop: Matejuska at Split Harbor. It’s now a race between Tyler & Korey and Nicole & Victor for first place. Tyler & Korey get in a rowboat first, and they manage to land at the Pit Stop first. Tyler & Korey are Team #1! Nicole & Victor are right behind them and join them on the mat as Team #2. Phil informs Tyler & Korey that they have won a trip to Mexico.

Floyd completes the Roadblock as Colin & Christie complete the Poetry in Motion Detour. Leo & Jamal finally complete the Detour as Becca & Floyd arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #3. Chris & Bret are in last place, noting how they were the first team to arrive at the Detour. However, it’s not over for them yet as Colin & Christie realized they left their gnome behind as they were getting near the Roadblock. They have to go back and retrieve their gnome before continuing on in the race. As they go back, Chris & Bret fail their fifth attempt at reciting the poem.

Leo gets started on the Roadblock as Colin & Christie finally get their gnome. They note Chris & Bret are still there, so they know they still have a chance. However, Chris & Bret finally complete the Detour and can proceed to the Roadblock. Christie joins Leo at the Roadblock, and they agree to work together like how Korey and Nicole did. Together, they manage to successfully complete the Roadblock. They depart for the Pit Stop before Chris & Bret arrive at the Roadblock.

Colin & Christie and Leo & Jamal greet Phil as Team #4 and Team #5 respectively. Bret manages to complete the Roadblock, but he and Chris are the last team to greet Phil at the Pit Stop. Chris & Bret are eliminated from the race. They note how it was not their day, but they’re grateful to have experienced another adventure together.

Episode Summary

1st place: Tyler & Korey (Won a trip to Mexico)

2nd place: Nicole & Victor

3rd place: Becca & Floyd

4th place: Colin & Christie

5th place: Leo & Jamal

6th place: Chris & Bret (Eliminated)

And that wraps up another episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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