The Amazing Race Season 31 Recap: Week 3 Live Blog

The episode begins with Becca & Floyd learning they must make their way to Snow Town Saigon where their next clue awaits. We hear from some of the teams as they make their way there. Becca & Floyd are still Team Fun; Nicole & Victor are happy with their success. Colin & Christie feel like they are not making themselves look like a target yet. Corinne & Eliza are desperate to see a Big Brother team eliminated.

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The teams arrive at Snow Town Saigon. They all must grab a sled and ride down a snowy hill. Afterwards, a person in a polar bear costume will hand them their next clue. As Britney goes down the snowy hill, she accidentally knocks down the polar bear to the ground. They all get their clues and learn they must proceed to College Transportation Central. However, Chris & Bret must perform an additional task due to being spared from elimination in the previous leg. Their Speed Bump task requires them to transport snowballs to another person in a polar bear costume.

Corinne & Eliza try to get into Rachel & Elissa’s taxi. Rachel & Elissa come running behind them saying it’s theirs, and they get in. Corinne & Eliza get into another taxi, but they are bothered by Rachel & Elissa’s demeanor. Corinne says she has no interest being friends with them after the race. Meanwhile, Nicole & Victor and Leo & Jamal get into their own taxis too. However, Janelle & Britney, Colin & Christie, Becca & Floyd, and Tyler & Korey are trying to find a taxi for themselves. In addition, Corinne & Eliza’s taxi driver had to stop to ask directions.

Leo & Jamal arrive at the clue box first. They learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must pass a motorcycle driving test that requires them to drive in circles like a figure eight. Jamal gets started on the Roadblock as Rachel & Elissa arrive. Elissa chooses to do the Roadblock for them. Meanwhile, the other teams are still trying to get a taxi as Chris & Bret complete their Speed Bump.

Nicole & Victor arrive at the Roadblock with Victor doing the task. Jamal and Elissa have already tried numerous times, but Jamal finally passes the driving test first. He and Leo receive their next clue and can now proceed to Binh Quoi Village. Elissa finishes it shortly afterwards before any other teams other than Nicole & Victor have arrived.

Chris & Bret and Corinne & Eliza arrive at the Roadblock with Chris and Eliza performing the task. As they get started, Colin & Christie and Becca & Floyd arrive. Meanwhile, Janelle & Britney finally get a taxi, but Tyler & Korey are still struggling getting a taxi of their own. However, they finally get a taxi and can make their way to the Roadblock.

Colin quickly completes the Roadblock as Janelle & Britney arrive. Victor has also completed the Roadblock too. Eliza is struggling with the task. She tells Corinne it’s difficult, but Corinne encourages her to get the task down.

Leo & Jamal find the next clue box, and they learn they have a Detour to complete: Irritation or Irrigation. Irritation requires teams to retrieve a basket of fish in a river and deliver it to a fishmonger. Irrigation requires teams to build an irrigation wheel with natural resources. Leo & Jamal choose to do Irrigation. Right behind them are Rachel & Elissa, and they choose to do the same Detour.

Chris and Bret complete the Roadblock, allowing them to make their way to Binh Quoi Village. Eliza is still struggling with the Roadblock as Tyler & Korey arrive. Korey gets to work on the Roadblock too. Janelle has not completed the Roadblock either.

Nicole & Victor and Colin & Christie arrive at the Detour, and they choose to do Irritation. Meanwhile, Janelle finally passes the driving test. She and Britney can proceed to Binh Quoi Village too. This means Corinne & Eliza and Tyler & Korey are currently tied for last place.

Leo & Jamal and Rachel & Elissa both fail their first inspection of their irrigation wheels. Meanwhile, Colin & Christie and Nicole & Victor are still paddling in the water, working on their task. Back at the Roadblock, Korey completes the task on his fifth attempt. Eliza breaks down in tears as she realizes she and Corinne are in last place. “Don’t freak out,” Corinne tells her as she gives her a hug.

Becca & Floyd arrive at the Detour, and they choose to do the Irritation Detour too. They get into their basket boats in the water and start paddling. Colin & Christie are the first team to collect the five fishes required, but Colin leaves the basket behind. Christie asks if they need it, but Colin doesn’t think they do. Next, we see Nicole & Victor collect both the five fishes and the basket. Afterwards, Christie rereads the clue, and she tells them to go back for the basket. This mistake allows Nicole & Victor to pass them.

Back at the Roadblock, Eliza finally passes the driving test. She and Corinne can now proceed to the Detour at Binh Quoi Village.

Nicole & Victor are the first team to deliver their fish and basket, but Colin & Christie are right behind them. Both teams can now proceed to the Pit Stop: Tam Vu Park.

Janelle & Britney arrive at the Detour, and they choose to do Irritation too. Tyler & Korey are right behind them, and they choose the same Detour too. Meanwhile, Leo & Jamal finally complete the Irrigation Detour. They can make their way to the Pit Stop too. Rachel & Elissa, however, are still struggling building their wheel. Rachel wants to switch to the other Detour after seeing the other teams, but Elissa wants them to stay calm and try one more time.

Becca & Floyd and Chris & Bret complete the Irritation Detour and can also proceed to the Pit Stop. Meanwhile, it’s a footrace between Nicole & Victor and Colin & Christie for first place. Colin & Christie manage to pass Nicole & Victor and greet Phil first. Colin & Christie are Team #1! They win a trip to the Dominican Republic. Christie notes how it has been fifteen years since they’ve won a leg of The Amazing Race. Nicole & Victor arrive at the Pit Stop afterwards, and Phil tells them that they have gotten second place three times now. Victor is certain they will eventually get first place soon.

Rachel & Elissa are still struggling with their wheel. Rachel is begging to switch Detours, but Elissa wants them to try again. Tyler & Korey and Janelle & Britney finish the Irritation Detour and can make their way to the Pit Stop too.

Corinne & Eliza arrive at the Detour and are elated to see that Rachel & Elissa are still there. They realize they still have a chance. They choose to do the Irritation Detour. Meanwhile, Leo & Jamal have gotten lost on the way to the Pit Stop. This allows Chris & Bret to be the third team to arrive at the Pit Stop. Becca & Floyd are the fourth team to greet Phil at the Pit Stop.

Rachel & Elissa have finally figured out how to build their wheel properly. Corinne & Eliza are still working on the Irritation Detour, but Rachel & Elissa don’t see them. Rachel & Elissa are in low spirits as they believe they are in last place.

Tyler & Korey greet Phil at the Pit Stop as Team #5. Leo & Jamal arrive afterwards as Team #6. Leo & Jamal lament that it wasn’t their best day.

Rachel & Elissa finally complete the Detour, but Corinne & Eliza complete their task minutes afterwards. Janelle & Britney arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #8, and Britney gives credit for Janelle for doing everything today.

It’s now a footrace between Rachel & Elissa and Corinne & Eliza. Rachel & Elissa arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #8. Rachel & Elissa are very relieved. They are in tears and say they feel blessed to still be in the race. “I guess we aren’t blessed,” Corinne says as she and Eliza show up right behind them. Phil gives Corinne & Eliza the bad news: they are the last team to arrive. Corinne & Eliza have been eliminated from the race. Rachel & Elissa tell Corinne & Eliza that they respect them as competitors and as women, but Eliza just rolls her eyes. She and Corinne walk away as Eliza breaks down in tears. They start trash talking Rachel & Elissa while Rachel & Elissa are still standing on the mat, clearly hearing everything Corinne & Eliza are saying about them.

Episode Summary

1st place: Colin & Christie (Won a trip to Dominican Republic)

2nd place: Nicole & Victor

3rd place: Chris & Bret

4th place: Becca & Floyd

5th place: Tyler & Korey

6th place: Leo & Jamal

7th place: Janelle & Britney

8th place: Rachel & Elissa

9th place: Corinne & Eliza (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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