The Amazing Race 35 Recap – Week 6 Live Blog (RESULTS)

The Amazing Race
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The Amazing Race 35 Recap – Week 6 Live Blog Results

A new episode of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The episode begins with the U-Turn vote. We see the teams discuss who to vote for. The names brought up most often are Robbin & Chelsea, Steve & Anna Leigh, Rob & Corey, and Greg & John. We also see Liam & Yeremi and Morgan & Lena cast their votes for Robbin & Chelsea, and we see Greg & John vote for Steve & Anna Leigh. But which team will be U-Turned this leg? We’ll find out later.

Steve & Anna Leigh depart first, and they learn they must proceed to a shoe store to find their next clue. Their taxi drops them off at the wrong place, so they travel by foot on the way back to the shoe store. They reach the clue box and learn they must next find Hawa Mahal. Next, they must move rickshaws to clear the way for their rickshaw driver to take them to their next destination.

The U-Turn board is next, and we see Steve & Anna Leigh received the most votes and will be U-Turned. They will do both Detours: Bundles or Bricks. Bundles requires teams to collect a variety of flowers and deliver them to two different temples. Afterwards, they must take a receipt to a flower vendor. Bricks requires teams to pick up bricks, sand, and gravel, and then drop them off at a construction site. Lastly, they must take a receipt to a supplier. Steve & Anna Leigh choose to do Bundles first.

We see the rest of the teams completing the prior tasks, including finding the shoe store and moving rickshaws out of the way for their rickshaw driver. Eventually, the teams choose their Detours. Greg & John and Joel & Garrett choose Bricks. Andrea & Malaina choose Bundles.

Steve & Anna Leigh complete the Bundles Detour before any of the other teams begin their Detour. As they make their way to the Bricks Detour, Todd & Ashlie and Rob & Corey choose Bricks.

John & Greg, Rob & Corey, Steve & Anna Leigh, and Todd & Ashlie arrive at the Bricks Detour around the same time. Steve & Anna Leigh didn’t give their receipt to the flower vendor, so they must go back before they can begin the Bricks Detour. Meanwhile, Andrea & Malaina are working on the Bundles Detour.

Morgan & Lena choose Bundles and Robbin & Chelsea choose Bricks. Liam & Yeremi are lost and fall further behind in last place. Eventually, John & Greg complete the Bricks Detour first. They can now proceed to their next location: Garg Textile Wholesale Fabric Shop. Liam & Yeremi finally find the clue box and choose the Bundles Detour.

Rob & Corey and Todd & Ashlie complete the Bricks Detour next and can proceed to the fabric shop too. The other teams are still working on their chosen Detours. Morgan & Lena have a slight argument while tying the bundles of flowers. Morgan felt like Lena was being too impatient with her while Morgan was trying to watch the demonstration. Joel & Garrett get very tired from cycling through the streets with the bricks, but they feel better when they stop to drink some water.

John & Greg arrive at the fabric shop and learn they must next travel to Jaipur Mahal. Right behind them are Rob & Corey, Joel & Garrett, and Todd & Ashlie. Morgan & Lena finish the Bundles Detour just as Liam & Yeremi get started. Steve & Anna Leigh also complete the Bricks Detour.

John & Greg and Rob & Corey arrive at the Roadblock. The task requires block printing nine images of a peacock, the national bird of India. If any of their prints are not good enough, the judge will print a red x on them. Once they have nine suitable prints, then they will receive their next clue. Greg and Rob begin the Roadblock.

Robbin & Chelsea begin the Bricks Detour just as Andrea & Malaina complete the Bundles Detour. Todd & Ashlie and Joel & Garrett arrive at the Roadblock just as Greg completes it. He and John can proceed to the Pit Stop: Badi Chaupar.

More teams arrive at the Roadblock. Attempting this task are Joel, Todd, Lena, and Steve. It takes them several attempts as the judge keeps placing red x’s on the peacock prints he doesn’t think are good enough. Meanwhile, John & Greg greet Phil at the Pit Stop. John & Greg are Team #1! They win a trip to New Zealand.

Andrea & Malaina arrive at the Roadblock. Malaina gets started on block printing as Robbin & Chelsea finally complete the Bricks Detour. Joel, Rob, and Lena complete the Roadblock next. They can proceed to the Pit Stop while Liam & Yeremi finally complete the Bundles Detour.

Rob & Corey and Joel & Garrett greet Phil at the Pit Stop as Team #2 and Team #3 respectively. Meanwhile, Todd, Steve, and Maliana are the next ones to complete the Roadblock. Morgan & Lena arrive at the Pit Stop next as Team #4.

While Robbin gets started on the Roadblock, Todd & Ashlie, Andrea & Malaina, and Steve & Anna Leigh greet Phil at the Pit Stop. It’s clear it’s between Robbin & Chelsea and Liam & Yeremi, but which team will be eliminated. Robbin struggles at the Roadblock, but she manages to complete it before Liam & Yeremi arrive. Robbin & Chelsea later greet Phil as Team #8.

Liam & Yeremi know they are in last place by the time they arrive at the Roadblock. After Liam completes the Roadblock, they make their way over to the Pit Stop. Phil gives them the bad news: Liam & Yeremi have been eliminated from the race.

Episode Summary

1st place: John & Greg

2nd place: Rob & Corey

3rd place: Joel & Garrett

4th place: Morgan & Lena

5th place: Todd & Ashlie

6th place: Andrea & Malaina

7th place: Steve & Anna Leigh

8th place: Robbin & Chelsea

Eliminated: Liam & Yeremi

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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