The Amazing Race 34 Recap – Week 9 Live Blog

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A new episode of The Amazing Race 34 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

Tonight’s episode will feature another Mega Leg. There will be two Roadblocks and two Detours each team must complete, but we will likely have to wait until next week to see which team is eliminated. For this leg of the race, the remaining teams will fly to Málaga, Spain. Once there, they must proceed to Plaza de la Marced to find their next clue. Derek & Claire depart first with Luis & Michelle. They have a fifteen minute lead on the other teams, but Derek & Claire know that time will fly by. Luis’s family is from Spain, so he and Michelle are excited to be there.

Derek & Claire and Luis & Michelle find the clue box at the same time. They learn they have a Roadblock to complete. They must piece together the Picasso painting Three Musicians by correcting aligning paint panels inside a large frame. Claire and Michelle choose to do this Roadblock.

Emily & Molly, Aubrey & David, and Marcus & Michael depart in the second group. Marcus & Michael feel confident that they can win the race. Emily’s knee is still hurting, so she and Molly will have to pace themselves. Aubrey feels like she’s been holding herself back competitively, but she says the claws are slowly coming out.

Emily & Molly are still making their way to the Plaza de la Marced by the time Aubrey & David and Marcus & Michael arrive. Aubrey and Marcus choose to do the Roadblock. Emily & Molly finally arrive, and Emily chooses to do the Roadblock. Molly already did five Roadblocks, so Emily feels obligated to do this one despite her knee injury. Molly gets emotional watching from the sidelines. She knows Emily is in a lot of pain, and Emily will have to do a lot of walking back and forth for this Roadblock task. Molly doesn’t want Emily to feel like it will be her fault if they are eliminated today.

Claire is the first one to complete the Roadblock. She and Derek must now bike to El Cubo to find their next clue. Aubrey is the second person to complete the Roadblock. Michelle gets frustrated to be passed by someone who arrived at the Roadblock after her. Luis cheers her on from the sidelines. Eventually, Michelle solves the puzzle too. She and Luis can proceed to El Cubo too. Marcus and Emily are the last two left working on the Picasso Roadblock.

Derek & Claire get their next clue. They learn they have a Detour next: Fish Fry or Sailboat Supply. Fish Fry requires teams to prepare eighteen espetos, which are grilled sardines cooked over an open flame. Sailboat Supply requires teams to paddle board to deliver a large cooler and life vests to a yacht. Derek & Claire choose Fish Fry.

Emily is the next one to complete the Roadblock. She and Molly proceed to El Cubo in fourth place. As they depart, Aubrey & David arrive there. They also choose the Fish Fry Detour. Derek & Claire are already at the Fish Fry Detour. Claire has been vegan for five years, so she’s unfamiliar with grilling fish. She and Derek watch the demonstration before preparing their own espetos. Meanwhile, Luis & Michelle choose the Sailboat Supply Detour. They practiced paddle boarding before the race, so they feel prepared for this task. Back at the Roadblock, Marcus is still struggling. He and Michael are falling further behind.

Emily & Molly mistakenly bike past El Cubo while Derek & Claire are making progress on their espetos. Marcus finally realizes his mistake with the panels. He and Michael can proceed to the Detour now. After they leave, Emily & Molly turn around after they realized they biked the wrong way. Emily & Molly choose to do the Fish Fry Detour. Sailboat Supply wasn’t a feasible option due to Emily’s knee injury.

Aubrey & David get started on the Fish Fry Detour while Derek & Claire are still working on their espetos. Aubrey is grossed out by the fish, but David is used to being around fish since his dad is a fisherman. Luis & Michelle walk past them as they get started on the Sailboat Supply Detour. Emily & Molly have yet to arrive by the time Marcus & Michael arrive at El Cubo. They choose the Fish Fry Detour.

Aubrey & David forget to salt their fish, which Derek points out. Derek shows them how to correctly prepare the espetos. Aubrey & David are very appreciative for his help. Afterwards, Derek & Claire complete the Detour. They are handed a postcard and must find the landmark on it to find their next clue. Emily & Molly arrive at the Fish Fry Detour at the same time Derek & Claire leave.

Luis & Michelle struggle with the Sailboat Supply due to the strong waves, but they manage to get the task done. They complete it at the same time Aubrey & David finish preparing their espetos. Aubrey & David and Luis & Michelle leave in second place and third place respectively. Emily & Molly are still working on their espetos. Molly wonders if she’s being too much of a perfectionist to the point that it’s costing them time. They aren’t done by the time Marcus & Michael finally arrive. Emily & Molly get their fish inspected, but they are not approved. They must try again, which gives Marcus & Michael a chance to catch up. The episode ends with “To be continued” written across the screen.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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