The Amazing Race 34 Recap: Finale Winner Revealed Live Blog

The Amazing Race 34 Recap: Finale Winner Revealed Live Blog
Pictured (L-R): Jennifer Wayne and Caroline Cutbirth. Photo: CBS ©2022

Only three teams remain in the race: long-lost twins Emily & Molly, Big Brother couple Derek & Claire, and married couple Luis & Michelle. They will fly to Nashville, Tennessee to compete in the Final Leg of the race. Their first task will be just outside Nashville. They will start at Lynchburg, Tennessee inside Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Their task is to properly label and pack thirty bottles of Tennessee whiskey. Once they complete packing their bottles of whiskey, they will receive their next clue.

Emily & Molly are the first to finish packing the whiskey. They get their clue and learn they must proceed to the Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge. Derek & Claire are the next to finish packing the whiskey, and Luis & Michelle complete the task last. Emily & Molly and Derek & Claire stop at a gas station to get directions. Luis & Michelle stop at the same gas station after Emily & Molly and Derek & Claire leave.

Emily & Molly miss the turn for parking, so they lose their lead. Derek & Claire get ahead to the clue box first. They have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must rappel up the bridge to get their next clue. Luis & Michelle arrive second, but Emily & Molly aren’t too far behind. Completing this Roadblock are Derek, Michelle, and Emily. Derek completes the climb first, but Emily gets ahead of Michelle.

Derek & Claire proceed to their next location: Gibson Garage. Emily & Molly make their way there too before Michelle climbs back down. Luis estimates he and Michelle are currently five minutes behind Derek & Claire.

Derek & Claire arrive at Gibson Garage, and they get their clue from former The Amazing Race teammates Caroline & Jennifer (who are country singers). They learn they must deliver guitars to get their next clue. Emily & Molly, meanwhile, get lost trying to find Gibson Garage. They finally stop at a gas station to get directions. Their struggle allows Luis & Michelle to get ahead of Emily & Molly. Emily & Molly realized they drove the wrong way. They make their way back, knowing their mistake has put them behind.

Emily & Molly finally arrive at Gibson Garage while Derek & Claire and Luis & Michelle are already working on their deliveries. They have to drop off guitars at three different bars. Derek & Claire complete their deliveries first. They learn they must now proceed to the Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

Derek & Claire arrive at the auditorium and learn they have their final task next. They must play a giant keyboard on the floor with their feet. Each note will correspond to an image they saw on the race. They must select the correct images in chronological order to play The Amazing Race theme song. Once completed, they can make their way to the Finish Line. While Derek & Claire are making progress, Luis & Michelle arrive. They get started on the task too. Eventually, Emily & Molly arrive too. All three teams are learning the correct keys, but there’s a speed element to the challenge too. They must play the correct notes in under eleven seconds.

Derek & Claire are the first to complete the task. They can now race to the Finish Line: The Ryman. Emily & Molly complete the task second, but Derek & Claire may be too far ahead now. We see both teams getting directions from locals, but who will arrive there first?

Derek & Claire win The Amazing Race!

Derek & Claire celebrate their win. Claire says she is proud of Derek, and Derek calls Claire kindhearted. They learned so much about how they can provide together as a couple. They say the prize money is the first step to their future together. They plan to move in together.

Emily & Molly arrive afterwards in second place. Emily struggled with a knee injury for most of the race, but she says Molly pushed her to not give up. She’s so happy they found each other. Emily & Molly thank The Amazing Race for this opportunity. They say how much their connection grew is worth more than a million dollars.

Luis & Michelle arrive in third place. They wanted to do the race before starting a family. They enjoyed the time they got to spend with each other. Michelle calls Luis the life of the party, and Luis says she is his soulmate. They look forward to sharing these memories they made with their future son or daughter.

And that wraps up The Amazing Race 34. Thanks for reading, and feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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