The Amazing Race 33 Recap Week 5 Live Blog

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The episode begins with all the teams boarding the same charter flight to their next destination: Corsica, France. Once the flight lands, they will begin at the same starting point at Pont Altiani. They will leave in different groups with fifteen minutes apart. Ryan & Dusty and Lulu & Lala are the first teams to leave. They open their clue and learn they must proceed to Belvédère de Corte. Behind them are Kim & Penn, Akbar & Sheridan, and Raquel & Cayla. Arun & Natalia are the last teams to depart.

Ryan & Dusty and Lulu & Lala are the first to arrive at Belvédère de Cort. They read their next clue and learn they have a Detour to complete: “Say Cheese” or “Mule, Please.” “Say Cheese” requires teams to make three baskets of cheese the old fashioned way. “Mule, Please” requires teams to strap a canister onto a mule and make their way through a rugged trail without spilling their milk. They choose “Say Cheese.” The teams behind them arrive soon afterwards. They all choose “Say Cheese” too, but Kim & Penn switch to “Mule, Please.” Raquel & Cayla switch to “Mule, Please” too so they can work with Kim & Penn.

As Ryan & Dusty and Lulu & Lala get started on the “Say Cheese” Detour, Dusty wants to switch Detours. He’s concerned that making cheese will take too long. Ryan would rather stay at the “Say Cheese” Detour. Meanwhile, Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla get started on the “Mule, Please” Detour. They must first tie the straps onto the mules before they can get moving. Akbar & Sheridan eventually join Ryan & Dusty and Lulu & Lala at the “Say Cheese” Detour.

Kim & Penn properly put their straps together, so they can begin going down the trail. Raquel & Cayla still have difficulties with the straps. Kim & Penn quickly completed the Detour. They are currently in first and can now proceed to Verghellu Canyon. Ryan & Dusty are getting concerned with another team passing them. As Ryan & Dusty, Lulu & Lala, and Akbar & Sheridan are still working on making their cheese, Raquel & Cayla can finally make their way down the trail with their mule.

Lulu & Lala are the first team to make their cheese. They are in second place as they make their way to Verghellu Canyon. Around the same time, Raquel & Cayla complete the “Mule, Please” Detour. Both teams are especially happy to pass Ryan & Dusty. Ryan & Dusty are struggling with the task and have no baskets of cheese yet. They don’t know what they’re doing wrong. Eventually, Akbar & Sheridan and Arun & Natalia pass them. After winning the last two legs, Ryan & Dusty are now in last place. They decide to finally switch Detours after spending forty minutes on the “Say Cheese” Detour.

Kim & Penn reach the Roadblock next. One team member must go through a course on a river. The task involves jumping into the river and going though caves. Penn chooses to do the Roadblock. More teams arrive one after the other. Lulu, Raquel, Akbar, and Arun do the Roadblock for their teams. Meanwhile, Ryan & Dusty finally complete the “Mule, Please” Detour.

Penn finishes the Roadblock. He and Kim can proceed to the Pit Stop: Calacuccia Dam. They must pump a kayak and paddle their way to the mat. Lulu and Raquel work together on the Roadblock, and they are already making their way through the course. Arun and Akbar begin some time later, but Ryan & Dusty arrive soon afterwards. Ryan chooses to do the Roadblock. Raquel is the second person to complete the Roadblock. Lulu is annoyed Raquel didn’t wait for her at the end since she waited for Raquel throughout the course. Lulu eventually finishes the Roadblock. Meanwhile, Ryan is closing in on Arun and Akbar. Ryan is more physically fit and can go through the course a lot quicker. Arun finishes the Roadblock, but Ryan finishes the Roadblock before Akbar. Akbar & Sheridan are now in last place.

Kim & Penn reach the Pit Stop first. Kim & Penn are Team #1! They each win $5,000. Raquel & Cayla and Lulu & Lala are the next teams to inflate their kayaks. However, Lulu & Lala must go back to their vans and leave their bags as the clue instructed. By the time they return, Raquel & Cayla are gone and Ryan & Dusty and Arun & Natalia are already there. Ryan & Dusty manage to get onto their kayaks before them too. Akbar & Sheridan finally arrive, but all the teams are already finished inflating their kayaks. All the teams reach the water, and Lulu & Lala and Akbar & Sheridan are struggling with paddling.

Raquel & Cayla greet Phil as Team #2. While they are still on the mat, Ryan & Dusty join them on the mat. Ryan & Dusty are Team #3. Eventually, Arun & Natalia join them on the mat as Team #4. All teams are still there as Lulu & Lala arrive as Team #5. All the other teams are gone by the time Akbar & Sheridan reach the Pit Stop. They are in last place, and Phil gives them the bad news. Akbar & Sheridan have been eliminated from the race.

Leg Summary

1st place: Kim & Penn

2nd place: Raquel & Cayla

3rd place: Ryan & Dusty

4th place: Arun & Natalia

5th place: Lulu & Lala

Eliminated: Akbar & Sheridan

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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