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The two-hour season finale of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The penultimate leg of the race will take place in Lisbon, Portugal. The Final 4 teams board a charter flight from Thessaloniki, Greece to their next location. Once there, they must find a statue of Jesus Christ to find their next clue. The statue is a replica of Christ the Redeemer found in Brazil. Once they find their next clue, they will be instructed to go to Fortaleza de São Filipe. The clue also informs them they will have two Roadblocks this leg, so they must choose wisely.

Raquel & Cayla came in first place in the previous leg, so they are the first to depart. Their spirits are high after winning the last leg. Kim & Penn and Arun & Natalia are the second group to depart. Kim & Penn want to show their kids they finish what they start. Arun & Natalia are super fans of the show, and they want to race every leg of the race. Ryan & Dusty came in last place in the prior leg, but they were spared by a non-elimination leg. They are the last to depart, but they are confident they will make it to the Final 3.

Raquel & Cayla get lost, and they even spot Arun & Natalia on the street as they make their way back. Kim & Penn surpassed them as they are the first team to reach Fortaleza de São Filipe. They look for a sign of their next clue, and they spot a red and yellow flag by the water. They make their way there as Raquel & Cayla finally arrive at Fortaleza de São Filipe. Ryan & Dusty are right behind them as they reach the fortress at the same time. Arun & Natalia are minutes behind them too. Ryan & Dusty compare themselves to lions hunting their prey. They managed to catch up very fast. However, they ended up driving the wrong way and have to turn around.

Kim & Penn reach the marina first. They learn they have their first Roadblock to complete. One team member must choose a boat named after a Portuguese explorer. There are decoys among the boats with celebrity names instead. The team member must row to the other side of the marina. If they chose a correct boat, then they will receive their next clue. Kim chooses to do the Roadblock, and she admits she doesn’t recognize most of the names. She chooses one at random. Raquel & Cayla and Arun & Natalia arrive afterwards. Raquel and Arun choose to do the Roadblock.

Kim is the first to complete the Roadblock. “Lucky guess!” Kim exclaims. She and Penn can now make their way to Mercearia Confiança de Troino. As Kim & Penn depart, Ryan & Dusty arrive. Ryan chooses to do the Roadblock. Raquel makes her way across the marina and she gets her next clue. She and Raquel can depart to their next location too. As Ryan gets on a boat, he manages to pass Arun. Arun is struggling to row the boat. “I should’ve done this,” Natalia says to their cameraman. Ryan reaches the other side of the marina, but he chose a boat with the name of a Portuguese poet. He must try again. Meanwhile, Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla are asking locals for directions.

Arun notices a boat with the name Vasco da Gama. He knows that’s a Portuguese explorer, so he wants to switch. He paddles his way over, but he is still struggling with rowing his boat. Ryan returns to the marina, and he reads the names on the boats. He also recognizes Vasco da Gama’s name. He gets on that boat, confident he’s correct. “He took my boat!” Arun laments.

Kim & Penn arrive at the mercearia. They must choose a can of sardines with artwork on the container. They must go to a designated location and replicate the artwork on a door. As Kim & Penn get started, Ryan completes the Roadblock. He and Dusty can depart to the mercearia too, but Arun is finally getting the hang of rowing. He and Natalia won’t be too far behind them if he chose a correct boat. However, he chose a boat with the name of a Portuguese U.N. member. He must try again.

Raquel & Cayla and Ryan & Dusty arrive at Mercearia Confiança de Troino. They get started on painting their doors. Meanwhile, Arun chooses another boat. Since Vasco da Gama was already chosen, he must pick a different boat. He chooses one at random. All the other teams are still painting by the time Arun finally completes the Roadblock on his second attempt. Arun & Natalia can proceed to Mercearia Confiança de Troino.

Kim & Penn get their door checked twice, but they don’t realize they need to fill in black paint inside the letters of their artwork. Overlooking this detail allows Raquel & Cayla to pass them. Raquel & Cayla are the first team to finish the painting task. They get their next clue and learn they must make their way to Santuário do Cabo Espichel. Kim & Penn finally realize their mistake. They fix it and get their next clue. Ryan & Dusty are still working on their door by the time Arun & Natalia finally arrive. However, Raquel & Cayla realize they lost their map. They left it behind at the painting task. They are stressed as they find a gas station to purchase another map.

Ryan & Dusty need to paint their doorknob, but they don’t realize their mistake. They have their door checked eight times without realizing they need to paint the doorknob. They touch up their paint, but it’s already fine. They just need to paint their doorknob black. Their mistake is allowing Arun & Natalia a chance to catch up.

Kim & Penn arrive at Santuário do Cabo Espichel. This is the location of the next Roadblock. The other team member must perform this task. This Roadblock requires teams to count the number of columns on each side while standing within the stone boundary. Once completed, they can make their way to the Pit Stop by the lighthouse: Farol do Cabo Espichel. Penn gets started on the Roadblock.

Ryan finally realizes they had to paint their doorknob. He and Dusty complete the task and can make their way to Santuário do Cabo Espichel. Arun & Natalia are still painting, and Penn is still counting the columns. Penn gave two incorrect answers so far, but no one else is at the Roadblock with Penn yet.

Arun & Natalia complete the painting task without any mistakes. They can proceed to Santuário do Cabo Espichel. Penn gives a third incorrect answer by the time Raquel & Cayla arrive. Cayla gets started on the Roadblock. She and Penn go give their answers at the same time. Cayla is correct on her fist guess. The answer is 106 columns. She and Raquel can proceed to the Pit Stop. Penn gives another incorrect answer. He tries again. Before Ryan & Dusty or Arun & Natalia arrive, Penn is finally correct.

While Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla try to find Phil, Ryan & Dusty arrive. Dusty gets started on the Roadblock as it becomes a footrace to the Pit Stop. Raquel & Cayla land on the Pit Stop mat first. Raquel & Cayla are Team #1! They also win a trip to St. Lucia. Kim & Penn arrive shortly afterwards as Team #2.

There’s one spot left in the Final 3. It’s down between Ryan & Dusty and Arun & Natalia. Ryan & Dusty are ahead, but Dusty gives an incorrect answer. His second answer is incorrect too. This is giving Arun & Natalia a chance to catch up. However, he is finally correct before Arun & Natalia. They make their way to the lighthouse and greet Phil as Team #3.

Natalia completes the Roadblock, but it’s bad news when she and Arun greet Phil as the fourth team. Arun & Natalia know they are eliminated, but they are thankful for the experience.

Leg Summary

1st place: Raquel & Cayla

2nd place: Kim & Penn

3rd place: Ryan & Dusty

Eliminated: Arun & Natalia


The final leg will take place in Los Angeles, California. They are all on the same charter flight back to the United States. Their first task is to unlock their next clue atop the Westin Hotel. They must look at the elevators going up and down to figure out the combination. There is only one clue atop each tower. Raquel & Cayla and Kim & Penn manage to figure out the combination is written on the elevator visible from the tower. Ryan & Dusty are confused, and they even board an elevator. This mistake is putting them further behind Raquel & Cayla and Kim & Penn. The two teams in the lead can make their way to El Pueblo de Los Angeles.

Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla arrive at their next task. They must smash their way through piñatas and collect three pieces of a clue. One team member will be blindfolded while his or her partner directs them. Penn and Raquel are the blindfolded team members.

Dusty finally figures out their mistake. He and Ryan can now proceed to El Pueblo de Los Angeles, but they could be too far behind to catch up at this point. Raquel & Cayla are the first team to complete the task. They read their clues and learn they must proceed to S.I.R. Hollywood. Kim & Penn are struggling with the task. They can’t find their third clue. However, they finally finish the task before Ryan & Dusty arrive. Both Raquel & Cayla and Kim & Penn are driving themselves to their next location by the time Ryan & Dusty arrive. Dusty is the blindfolded team member for the piñata task.

Raquel & Cayla arrive at S.I.R. Hollywood. For their next task, they must create foley sounds to some of the most memorable The Amazing Race moments. They’ll use the items provided to recreate sound effects of the scenes on television screens above them. While Raquel & Cayla are still working, Kim & Penn arrive. Kim & Penn are confident they’ll do well. Kim is fascinated by foley, and Penn spends a lot of his time video editing. Both teams struggle with the task, but it’s Raquel & Cayla who complete it first. They can now proceed to Dignity Health Sports Park. Kim & Penn are right behind them as they finish the task too. They even walk outside the building at the same time. It’s now a much closer race between Raquel & Cayla and Kim & Penn. Ryan & Dusty are most likely out of the running already.

Ryan & Dusty complete the piñata task and get started on the foley task. Meanwhile, Raquel & Cayla arrive at Dignity Health Sports Park. They begin on their final task, which is at a tennis court. They must solve a memory quiz about their experience on the race. Their answers on are tennis rackets they must hang on a wall with riddles before them. While they are still working, Kim & Penn arrive.

Ryan & Dusty complete the foley task, but it’s unlikely they have a chance to catch up. Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla are making progress with the final task. It’s very close between both teams as they place their answers on the wall, but they both struggle with a question about the golden coin from last week’s episode. Their answers are in images, but Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla are incorrect over and over again. After repeated trial and error, Kim & Penn are the first team to complete the task. They can run through the tunnel where the Finish Line awaits.


Penn says they won the race due to hard work and studying. Kim hopes she shows their kids that good things can come from going outside your comfort zone. A little while later, Raquel & Cayla finish the final task and make their way to the Finish Line as Team #2. They are proud of themselves, especially after a hard year due to the pandemic. They are glad to have had this amazing experience together. Ryan & Dusty finally arrive at the park and complete the final task. They reach the Finish Line as Team #3. They wanted to win the race, but they are grateful for the experience. After Ryan’s wrongful conviction, Dusty is glad he and Ryan were able to make up for lost time by traveling the world together. The racers also give kudos to the production team of The Amazing Race for how hard they worked while keeping the racers safe during the pandemic.

Leg Summary

Winners: Kim & Penn

Runners-up: Raquel & Cayla

3rd place: Ryan & Dusty

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