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The episode begins with the teams learning their next destination: Manila, Philippines. Once they land, they must proceed to Lapu Lapu Circle to find their next clue. By the end of this leg, the Final 3 teams racing for the $1 million grand prize will be established. All four teams are determined to make it to the final leg. The alliance of Riley & Maddison, Will & James, and Hung & Chee are rooting for DeAngelo & Gary to be eliminated. All teams are on the same flight to Manila, so they be will on equal footing for the upcoming leg.

They land in Manila and are greeted by Phil. He tells them that today’s leg will be unlike any other leg. They will have to race around the city and return to this starting point. There won’t be typical Roadblocks or Detours either. Phil also advises against helping out another team. The leg begins as they get on their jeepneys and receive their first clue. They must find a traffic cop, and he will hand them their next clue. Riley & Maddison find him first, and they get their next clue. They must now proceed to Mall of Asia. DeAngelo & Gary get the clue from the traffic cop too, but Will & James and Hung & Chee were unable to grab the clue from him. Their driver must turn around for another attempt, but traffic is heavy. Will & James are already visibly frustrated, but they get the clue on their second attempt. Hung & Chee are the last to grab the clue.

The next task is for the teams to participate in a 500-meter dash while wearing high-heeled shoes. Riley & Maddison and DeAngelo & Gary call the task absurd and ridiculous, but they get the task done. They must now proceed to the Arch of Goodwill at Binondo and find their next clue in a lion’s mouth. Will & James and Hung & Chee are still behind, but they reach the footrace area. Will owns a pair of high-heeled shoes, so he is confident he’ll do well. They run at the same time as Hung & Chee, and they manage to surpass them too.

Riley & Maddison, DeAngelo & Gary, and Will & James find the clues from the person in a lion dance costume. There are multiple lions, but they manage to find the one with the clue in the lion’s mouth. Hung & Chee mistakenly believe they need to find lion statues instead of costumed individuals, so they are falling further behind the other three teams. Hung & Chee asks locals for statues, but they tell them there aren’t any statues like that around.

DeAngelo & Gary are currently in the lead. They get their next clue, and they learn they must prepare food for a horse and feed it. They must find the ingredients at various stalls and mix them in a bucket. Will & James begin the horse feeding task as Hung & Chee finally figure out their mistake. They find the lion with the clue, and they can now proceed to the next task the other three teams are working on.

Will & James find all their ingredients first, so they jump ahead of the other three teams. Their next task is to identify four pieces of music they have heard throughout the race. They must present instrument cases with country flags to the band playing the songs. After they identify the correct flags and the order they heard them throughout the race, they will receive their next clue. The correct order is Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Paraguay, and France. However, the band will be playing the songs out of order. Will & James, DeAngelo & Gary, and Riley & Maddison begin the task, but they mistakenly believe the flags need to be in the order the band is playing the songs. They need to instead place them in the order they visited the countries. None of the teams complete the task by the time Hung & Chee arrive. DeAngelo & Gary suggest working together, but Will & James turn them down. DeAngelo & Gary ask Hung & Chee if they want to work together too, but they don’t accept the offer. All four teams are struggling with the task after numerous failed attempts. James asserts that nobody is going to get this right, and Riley & Maddison kick their instrument cases after another failed attempt. Eventually, the alliance of Will & James, Riley & Maddison, and Hung & Chee agree to work together. They will share their answers and try to solve the answer with trial and error. They don’t want DeAngelo & Gary to know they are working together, but DeAngelo & Gary notice the whispering among them. They’re frustrated as they know the other three have banded together to eliminate them. The teams are still struggling, but Hung & Chee and Will & James reread their clue. They realize they need to put the songs in the order they heard them throughout the race. Hung & Chee share this information with Riley & Maddison, and Riley & Maddison are the first to get the correct answer after their next attempt. Riley & Maddison share the answer with Will & James and Hung & Chee, and all three teams can now proceed to the Pit Stop. DeAngelo & Gary know they are done now. Instead of trying to solve the answer themselves, they take a 2-hour penalty.

Riley & Maddison greet Phil at the Pit Stop. Riley & Maddison are Team #1! While they are still standing with Phil, Will & James come running up behind them. Will & James break down in tears as they are happy to be in the final leg. Later, Hung & Chee join them, and the three teams celebrate making it to the final leg. Phil also informs them that the final leg will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Two hours later, DeAngelo & Gary greet Phil at the Pit Stop. He gives them the bad news. DeAngelo & Gary have been eliminated from the race. DeAngelo said the money wouldn’t have been life-changing for him anyway, and he regrets participating in the race. He said the bad outweighed the good. Gary, however, said he had a good experience, and he believes he wouldn’t have visited some of these countries if it wasn’t for the race.

Episode Summary

1st place: Riley & Maddison

2nd place: Will & James

3rd place: Hung & Chee

Eliminated: DeAngelo & Gary

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, vote in the polls below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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