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The episode begins with all the teams together on a boat after the end of the previous leg. Leo & Alana are talking with other teams about being U-Turned while Will & James are concerned Leo & Alana will hate them. Leo & Alana are planning on using a Yield against Will & James in an upcoming leg.

Next the teams learn their destination: Paraguay. They must fly to Asunción, Paraguay and find their next clue. Will & James go to the computers and print out maps of Paraguay to hand out to their alliance members (which includes Riley & Maddison, Hung & Chee, DeAngelo & Gary, and Eswar & Aparna). We also hear from some teams. Hung & Chee feel like their communication is getting better. Riley & Maddison say the race is about “surviving and advancing.” DeAngelo & Gary are hoping for physical challenges that play to their strengths. Kaylynn & Haley say they always land on their feet, and they mention leaving home at ages 15 and 16. Leo & Alana are glad all the teams will be on the same flight to Paraguay since it puts them all on an even playing field.

The teams land in Paraguay and there is a scramble for taxis. As teams make their way to orquesto de reciclados, Michelle & Victoria and Will & James get out of their taxis to find a new one. Their drivers don’t know where to go. Leo & Alana see Will & James switching taxis, and they are pleased they are struggling. Eventually, Riley & Maddison and Eswar & Aparna are the first teams to arrive at orquesto de reciclados. They learn there is a Roadblock to complete. The orchestra uses trash to make musical instruments. For this Roadblock, one team member must repurpose items from a landfill to assemble a cello. Maddison and Eswar are the first to begin. More teams arrive, and performing the Roadblock for their teams are Leo, DeAngelo, Chee, and James. Leo knows how to play string instruments, so he is confident he will do well. Eswar is hoping his engineering background will help him. DeAngelo claims he can put together IKEA furniture without reading the instructions, so he’s confident too. As they all work on the Roadblock, Kaylynn & Haley and Michelle & Victoria are still in their taxis. They fear their drivers are lost and don’t know where to go. Kaylynn & Haley’s driver say they are still far away.

Michelle & Victoria finally arrive at the Roadblock (with Michelle assembling the cello) while Kaylynn & Haley’s taxi driver is on the phone asking for directions. Meanwhile, the alliance is helping each other out during the Roadblock. James asks questions to DeAngelo and Chee on what to do, which helps him build his cello too. DeAngelo is the first to assemble his cello. He gets his next clue, and he and Gary can proceed to Paseo de los Yuyos. They must find a marked vendor for their next clue. In addition, there is a Yield up ahead. As DeAngelo & Gary leave, Kaylynn & Haley finally arrive. Kaylynn chooses to do the Roadblock.

DeAngelo & Gary find the marked vendor, and they choose to not use the Yield. They learn they must prepare tereré and fill it in a termos to receive their next clue. They prepare the tereré easily, and they get the next clue informing them there is a Detour next: Stack Your Melons or Use Your Melon. Stack Your Melons requires teams to stack watermelons. Use Your Melon requires teams to do a dance routine with a bottle on their heads. Both Detour tasks are from Season 20 of The Amazing Race. DeAngelo & Gary choose Stack Your Melons.

More teams complete the Roadblock. James is the next to pass while Maddison continues to struggle. Riley is getting impatient as Chee and Leo are the next two to complete the Roadblock. Will & James prepare their tereré and choose the Use Your Melon Detour (they don’t use the Yield). They recently watched Season 20, and they even practiced balancing bottles on their heads in case the challenge came up again. They are confident they can excel in this task.

Maddison finally successfully assembles his cello, and he and Riley can leave now. Michelle is the next to finish assembling her cello, leaving behind Eswar and Kaylynn. They are both struggling assembling their cellos, and Eswar says it’s tough stringing the instrument. Aparna is frustrated as she waits for Eswar. She and Eswar were one of the first teams to arrive at the Roadblock, but now they are competing not to be last.

Hung & Chee don’t use their Yield and prepare their tereré. They choose the Use Your Head Detour. Leo & Alana make the same decisions, explaining there is no point using the Yield since Will & James are already ahead of them. Will & James, Hung & Chee, and Leo & Alana are practicing the dance routine, but they each keep dropping their bottles. DeAngelo & Gary are the only team working on the Stack Your Melons Detour, but they will soon be joined by Riley & Maddison. So far, no teams have chosen to use the Yield as Michelle & Victoria make their way to the Use Your Head Detour.

After Michelle & Victoria arrive at the Use Your Head Detour, Hung & Chee decide to switch to the Stack Your Melons Detour. All teams are still struggling balancing the bottles on their heads. Despite their struggles, Kaylynn and Eswar are still at the back of the pack assembling their cellos.

Riley & Maddison and Hung & Chee arrive at the Stack Your Melons Detour around the same time. DeAngelo & Gary are still working on it, but they are still struggling as watermelons keep toppling from their stack. Back at the Use Your Head Detour, no teams have managed to complete the choreography without dropping their bottles. However, after numerous attempts, Will & James finally complete the routine without dropping their bottles. They can now proceed to the Pit Stop: Plaza Italia. Eswar finally completes the Roadblock as Will & James arrive at the Pit Stop. Will & James are Team #1! They each win $5,000.

Hung is getting frustrated with the stacking task. She says there is a lack of communication and wants Chee to talk to her. Meanwhile, Michelle & Victoria complete the dance routine and can now proceed to the Pit Stop as Team #2. Michelle & Victoria are stunned to be in second place after being second to last at the beginning of the day.

Eswar & Aparna arrive at the Use Your Head Detour at the same time Leo & Alana finally complete the task themselves and leave. Eswar & Aparna ask them if there are any teams left inside, but Leo & Alana say there is no one else there and wish them luck. Meanwhile, Riley & Maddison are the first team to complete the watermelon stacking task. Leo & Alana and Riley & Maddison greet Phil at the Pit Stop at the same time, taking third place and fourth place respectively.

Kaylynn finally completes the Roadblock as Eswar & Aparna successfully complete their dance routine. They are in fifth place as they make their way to the Pit Stop, surpassing DeAngelo & Gary and Hung & Chee. They are shocked when Phil tells them they are Team #5. Hung & Chee finally complete the watermelon stacking task, and they greet Phil as Team #6. Chee admits he needs to work on his communication with Chee.

It’s now down between two teams: DeAngelo & Gary and Kaylynn & Haley. It’s already nighttime as Kaylynn & Haley practice dancing and DeAngelo & Gary try to finally stack all their watermelons. The football players are finally successful, and they can depart for the Pit Stop. Kaylynn & Haley finish dancing too, and they can proceed to the Pit Stop as well. But which team will greet Phil as Team #7? It looks like a footrace, but it could be creative editing. Greeting Phil next is DeAngelo & Gary. DeAngelo is certain he and Gary are in last place, and he’s already telling Phil how the race was a great experience. Therefore, he and Gary are shocked when Phil tells them that they are not the last team to arrive. Afterwards, Kaylynn & Haley greet Phil in last place. He tells them they are the last team to arrive, but he gives them some good news: this is a non-elimination leg. Kaylynn & Haley are happy for a second chance.


1st place: Will & James

2nd place: Michelle & Victoria

3rd place: Leo & Alana

4th place: Riley & Maddison

5th place: Eswar & Aparna

6th place: Hung & Chee

7th place: DeAngelo & Gary

8th place: Kaylynn & Haley

Eliminated: No one

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, vote in the polls below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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