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Lucas & Brittany learn they must fly to Prague, Czechia where a Double U-Turn awaits them. Lucas &Brittany are excited about their engagement, but they’re still determined to be successful in the race. They are worried about being a target since they just won the most recent leg. Kristi & Jen say there is no room for error with an upcoming Double U-Turn and fewer people in the race.

At the airport, the teams on the first flight are Lucas & Brittany, Henry & Evan, Kristi & Jen, and Eric & Daniel. Cody & Jessica, Trevor & Chris, and Alex & Conor are on the second flight. The teams on the second flight are worried about this U-Turn hurting their chances. Evan predicts that whichever team from the second flight gets to the U-Turn board first will definitely use it. “Drama!” Henry says.

The first teams arrive in Prague, and they find the U-Turn board. They all choose to not use the U-Turn. They’re given a choice between “This” or “That” without any more detail. They each randomly choose one and make their way to their chosen task.

Kristi & Jen arrive at Staropramen Brewery where the “This” Detour is located. They must restack empty kegs and search for a full keg of beer. They must then pour a drink and then deliver a keg to a party boat captain. Meanwhile, at the “That” Detour, they must listen to a university lecture about Copernicus and then pass an oral exam. Lucas & Brittany and Eric & Daniel get started on the “That” Detour. Henry & Evan are at the “This” Detour with Kristi & Jen.

Lucas & Brittany quit the “That” Detour in the middle of the lecture, but Eric & Daniel stay there. Kristi & Jen try to pour a perfect beer, but they are told there is not enough foam. However, they pass it on their next attempt as the teams from the second flight arrive in Prague. Meanwhile, Eric & Daniel are making progress with the “That” Detour as Henry & Evan and Lucas & Brittany are still working on the first part of the “This” Detour.

Alex & Conor choose to not U-Turn anyone, but Cody & Jessica choose to U-Turn Trevor & Chris. Trevor & Chris must now complete both Detour tasks. Alex & Conor begin the “This” Detour as Eric & Daniel complete the “That” Detour. As Eric & Daniel leave the university lecture, Cody & Jessica arrive. However, they walk into the incorrect lecture hall. They are confused where to go, so they decide to switch to the other Detour.

Trevor & Chris begin the “That” Detour and begin listening to the lecture. Meanwhile, Kristi & Jen were lost, but they finally find the party boat captain and deliver the keg. They arrive at a spa and get their next clue, instructing them to go to Stará Cistírna Odpadních Vod. They are currently in first place, but Eric & Daniel arrive shortly afterwards. Meanwhile, Lucas & Brittany are bickering as they are lost trying to find the party boat.

Cody & Jessica get started on the “This” Detour as Henry & Evan arrive at the spa. In addition, Trevor & Chris begin the quiz and get several answers correct. However, they failed due to getting a few questions wrong.

At the next Route Info task, one team member must answer ringing telephones and find the ones with a recorded message. There are only eight phones with the right message, and they must use the words to unscramble a quote. Jen gets started on the task. Meanwhile, Trevor & Chris pass the “That” Detour, but they are still in last place as they must go do the “This” Detour too.

Alex & Conor and Cody & Jessica are making progress with the “This” Detour. They both pour a perfect beer, but they must now deliver the keg. Lucas & Brittany are still lost on the way delivering their keg as Eric & Daniel arrive at the telephone task. Daniel begins the task where Jen is still working on it.

Lucas & Brittany, Alex & Conor, and Cody & Jessica are still trying to find the party boat to deliver the keg as Trevor & Chris get started on the “This” Detour. Meanwhile, Henry & Evan arrive at the telephone task; Evan chooses to do the task.

Lucas & Brittany finally find the boat, and Cody & Jessica are right behind them. Both teams can now make their way to the spa to find their next clue. Back at the telephone task, as Jen is trying her first attempt at unscrambling the words, Evan chooses to work with Daniel.

Lucas & Brittany and Cody & Jessica get their clue from the spa, so now they can make their way to the telephone task. Meanwhile, Jen successfully completes the task. She and Kristi can now make their way to the Pit Stop: Letenské Park. As they depart, Evan and Daniel are still working together. They get all the words, and they successfully figure out the correct order.

As Eric & Daniel and Henry & Evan leave, Kristi & Jen arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #1! They won a trip to Australia. Kristi & Jen have finished in the Top 3 of every leg so far, and they are determined to stay successful.

Lucas & Brittany, Cody & Jessica, and Alex & Conor arrive at the telephone task. Performing the task are Jessica, Brittany, and Alex. As they get working on it, Eric & Daniel and Henry & Evan arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #2 and Team #3 respectively.

Jessica, Alex, and Brittany get all the words and they go to have it checked. However, Jessica gave Alex and Brittany the wrong info at first, but she tells them the right answer after she is the first to pass the task. Alex and Brittany realize she lied to them, and Brittany says Jessica cannot be trusted. The three teams now try to get a taxi to the Pit Stop. The lifeguards and the IndyCar drivers get a taxi, but Cody & Jessica are struggling getting a taxi.

Trevor completes the telephone task, and he and Chris can now make their way to the Pit Stop. As they ask for directions, Alex & Conor and Lucas & Brittany arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #4 and Team #5 respectively.

Cody & Jessica get very lost on the way to the Pit Stop, but they manage to get there as Team #6. They admit to making a strategic decision with the U-Turn and did what they needed to do. Later, Trevor & Chris arrive at the Pit Stop last, and Phil gives them the bad news. Trevor & Chris have been eliminated from the race. They’re disappointed, but Chris admits he’d rather have been eliminated due to a U-Turn instead of him or Trevor making a bad mistake.

Episode Summary

1st place: Kristi & Jen (Won a trip to Australia)

2nd place: Eric & Daniel

3rd place: Henry & Evan

4th place: Alex & Conor

5th place: Lucas & Brittany

6th place: Cody & Jessica

7th place: Trevor & Chris (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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