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Henry & Evan won the last leg of the race and they’re the first to depart. They learn their next destination: Saint-Tropez, France. We see the teams depart for the airport. Henry & Evan feel like they proved they can compete on a physical level; they’re not solely a brainy team. Kristi & Jen believe they perform well under pressure, and Trevor & Chris feel okay about their French speaking skills. Lucas and Brittany bicker a bit in the cab, but Lucas believes this race will show her family how much he loves her.

At Saint-Tropez, France, the teams rush into rental cars to get to their next location. We hear from the twins, who are having car trouble. Daniel tells us how his wife gave birth to a new baby before he departed for the leg. Alex has been to Saint-Tropez before, so he’s familiar with the roads. Jessica jokingly asks Cody if he’ll like to move to Saint-Tropez, but he quickly says no. He’s only interested in living in the United States.

It’s time for the Roadblock. One team member must sail on a small dinghy and retrieve two halves of a clue attached to a buoy. Once they get the two halves and return to their partner, they can make their way to the Detour. Kristi & Jen are the first to arrive at the Roadblock, followed by Alex & Conor. Kristi and Alex choose to do the Roadblock for their respective teams. Cody & Jessica arrive third, and Cody chooses to do the Roadblock.

While the first three participants are working on the Roadblock, Henry & Evan are the fourth to arrive at the Roadblock, but can’t seem to find the clue box. Elsewhere, Trevor & Chris are nearly there, but the other teams are lost as they’re trying to find the Roadblock. Lucas is especially frustrated, and he calls Brittany annoying for not doing her job as the navigator.

Evan gets started on the Roadblock as Cody is struggling with it. Alex is also having trouble too, but Kristi is doing a great job. She is the first to finish, putting her and Jen in first place. They learn they have a Detour next: Bread or Tread. Bread requires teams to use 30 pounds of dough to make 50 traditional baguettes. Tread requires teams to make sandals. Kristi & Jen choose Tread. As they make their way to the Detour, Alex is returning to shore without getting the second half of his clue. Conor is especially frustrated by Alex’s mistake. Alex goes back out for the second half as Trevor & Chris and Joey & Tim arrive. Meanwhile, Cedric & Shawn, Eric & Daniel, and Lucas & Brittany are still lost. Brittany is crying as Lucas continues to voice his frustration. He even snaps at Brittany to stop crying. However, he apologizes to her after they get directions from a local.

Evan, Trevor, and Joey are struggling with the Roadblock, but Cody and Alex are having success navigating the dinghy. Meanwhile, Cedric & Shawn arrive at the Roadblock, but they have a Speed Bump to begin. They must correctly stack fifteen dinghy boats in numerical order. Cody & Jessica and Alex & Conor finish the Roadblock, and they make their way to the Bread Detour.

Trevor and Joey finally figure out how to navigate the dinghy, but Evan is still struggling. “I guess there’s no sailing class in Yale,” Tim remarks to his cameraman. Afterwards, we see the boom of the dinghy hit Evan in the mouth, resulting in a chipped tooth.

Kristi & Jen are still assembling sandals at the Tread Detour as Cody & Jessica and Alex & Conor arrive at the Bread Detour. They get started making baguettes as Cedric & Shawn finish their Speed Bump. Cedric chooses to do the Roadblock as Lucas & Brittany finally arrive at the Roadblock. Lucas chooses to do the Roadblock.

Evan is finally figuring out how to sail the dinghy as Cedric and Lucas get started. Cedric’s boat keeps capsizing, and he’s worried he’s too big and heavy for the boat. As Brittany tries to tell Shawn that Cedric will be fine, Shawn keeps asserting the task is impossible due to Cedric’s size. Eventually, Eric & Daniel finally arrive at the Roadblock too.

Meanwhile, Conor is struggling making the baguettes, voicing his frustration to Alex. Cody & Jessica and Kristi & Jen are still working too, but without any issues. Back at the Roadblock, Cedric is still struggling, and Daniel isn’t doing any better either. The other teams are finished, making them the last two teams left at the Roadblock.

Kristi & Jen are the first to finish the Detour, putting them in first place. They learn Place Des Lices is the Pit Stop for the leg, but they also have another Head-to-Head to compete. They’ll compete in a game of Pétanque until the team unable to win a game is eliminated from the race.

Alex & Conor and Cody & Jessica finish the Detour as Trevor & Chris arrive at the Tread Detour. The violinists are later joined by Joey & Tim. As Trevor & Chris complete the Detour and make their way to the Head-to-Head, Lucas & Brittany arrive.

It’s time for the first round of the Head-to-Head. It’s the skiers versus the IndyCar drivers. In the first round, Alex & Conor take the lead and they keep it too. However, Kristi & Jen manage to catch up, but Alex & Conor take back the lead. By the end of the game, Alex & Conor win the game and make their way to the mat. Alex & Conor are Team #1! They each win $5,000.

Joey & Tim depart the Detour as Henry & Evan arrive at the Tread Detour. Meanwhile, in the second Head-to-Head against the skiers and Jody, Cody & Jessica win. It’s the second loss for Kristi & Jen as Cody and Jessica greet Phil as Team #2.

Kristi & Jen win the third Head-to-Head against Trevor & Chris, making them Team #3. The next Head-to-Head is the violinists against the competitive eaters, and Joey & Tim are the ones to win. Joey & Tim are Team #4.

In Trevor & Chris’s third try at the Head-to-Head, they win against Lucas & Brittany. The violinists are Team #5.  The next Head-to-Head is Lucas & Brittany against Henry & Evan. The Yale debaters win against the lifeguards, making them Team #6.

Meanwhile, Eric & Daniel and Cedric & Shawn are still at the Tread Detour. Cedric & Shawn manage to surpass the firefighters, but Eric & Daniel complete the Detour shortly afterwards. They make their way to the Head-to-Head.

The next Head-to-Head is between the lifeguards and the firefighters. Eric & Daniel win the match, making them Team #7. The twins call the Head-to-Head their golden key as it’s managed to save them from elimination yet again.

Lucas is consoling a crying Brittany as they realize they only have one more chance to stay in the race. Cedric & Shawn finally arrive, and they get ready to compete in the final match of the Head-to-Head. The winning team stays in the race; the losing team will be eliminated.

The final game of Pétanque begins, and it is Lucas & Brittany who are victorious. Brittany & Lucas are Team #8. Cedric & Shawn are eliminated from the race. Cedric is especially disappointed, especially since he’s been watching The Amazing Race since it premiered. Shawn says they have to keep their heads up high and be proud to have competed.

Leg Summary

1st place: Alex & Conor (Each won $5,000)

2nd place: Cody & Jessica

3rd place: Kristi & Jen

4th place: Joey & Tim

5th place: Trevor & Chris

6th place: Henry & Evan

7th place: Eric & Daniel

8th place: Lucas & Brittany

9th place: Cedric & Shawn (Eliminated)

It’s a two-hour episode tonight, meaning it’s already time for the next leg of the race. Alex & Conor learn they must depart to Les Baux, France. All the teams arrive at the location, but the place doesn’t open until 8:30am in the morning. We also learn that Evan’s tooth was fixed overnight, which she is pleased about.

The next morning, the teams go inside the building designated in Les Baux and learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must assemble a giant catapult. Taking part in this Roadblock are Conor, Cody, Lucas, Kristi, Henry, Eric, Chris, and Tim. While they work on the Roadblock, their partner will be waiting trapped in a stockade.

Lucas and Cody are the first to have their catapults inspected, but neither pass on their first try. Lucas quickly realizes his mistake, and he passes on his second attempt. He and Brittany are in first place as they learn they must now go to Café de la Fontaine. Cody passes on his second attempt too, and hes’s followed by Kristi. Jody and the skiers are the next two teams on their way to Café de la Fontaine. Afterwards, we see Eric finish the Roadblock next, and he’s followed by Henry. The firefighters and the debaters can make their way to the next location too.

Lucas & Brittany arrive at Café de la Fontaine and learn they have a Detour next: Full of Bull or Colorful. Full of Bull requires teams to pick up a red, white, or blue ribbon from replicas bulls scattered around a stadium. Colorful requires teams to unlock a Van Gogh painting to find their next clue. Lucas & Brittany and Kristi & Jen choose Full of Bull.

Back at the Roadblock, Chris, Conor, and Tim are still working on the task. Chris is the next to finish, allowing him and Trevor to leave for Café de la Fontaine. Conor and Tim ask for their catapults to be inspected, but they both fail. However, Tim fixes his mistake, making the IndyCar drivers the last team there. Nonetheless, Conor finally passes it too, and he and Alex can now depart for Café de la Fontaine.

Cody & Jessica and Eric & Daniel arrive at Café de la Fontaine, and they choose to do Full of Bull. Henry & Evan arrive there too, but they choose to do Colorful.

Kristi & Jen are the first to arrive at the Full of Bull Detour, and they are soon joined by Lucas & Brittany. They get started searching for red, white, and blue ribbons. Meanwhile, Trevor & Chris, Alex & Conor, and Joey & Tim arrive at Café de la Fontaine too. The violinists and the IndyCar drivers choose Full of Bull, but the competitive eaters choose Colorful.

Cody & Jessica are lost driving to the Detour as Kristi & Jen and Lucas & Brittany are nearly done with the task. The lifeguards have the lead, but the skiers are very close behind. Lucas & Brittany open their clue, and they learn the location for the Pit Stop: Hotel Benvengudo. Both teams quickly make their way there as Eric & Daniel arrive at the Full of Bull Detour. They even manage to complete it before another team arrives.

Alex & Conor, Cody & Jessica, and Henry & Evan are the next three teams to arrive at the Full of Bull Detour (Henry & Evan apparently changed their minds about which Detour to do), and they all get started at the same time. The debaters are the first of these three teams to get all the necessary colors, putting them in fourth place at the moment. They are soon followed by Alex & Conor and Cody & Jessica in fifth place and sixth place respectively.

It’s a very close race for first place between the lifeguards and the skiers, and it is Lucas & Brittany who greet Phil first. Lucas & Brittany are Team #1! They have won a trip to Bali. While they’re still on the mat, Kristi & Jen arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #2. At this moment, Lucas decides to propose to Brittany. While Lucas is getting down on one knee, Eric & Daniel arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #3. Lucas says it was the perfect place to propose, and Brittany is crying tears of joy. They both say “I love you” to each other.

While they are all still on the mat, Henry & Evan arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #4. Evan is very excited and happy for Brittany when she learns about the engagement. They are soon later joined by Alex & Conor, the fifth team to arrive at the Pit Stop.

Joey & Tim arrive at the Colorful Detour and get started trying to solve the puzzle. While they are still working on it, Cody & Jessica arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #6 (all the earlier teams have already left the Pit Stop by this point). Joey & Tim are nearly done solving the puzzle, but they can’t seem to figure out the last step to open the painting. Meanwhile, Trevor & Chris are lost on the way to their chosen Detour.

Trevor & Chris finally arrive at the Full of Bull Detour, and they manage to get all the colors before Joey & Tim solve the puzzle. Even though Joey & Tim were able to move the pieces to the right spots, they are unable to figure out how to open it. Trevor & Chris are in seventh place as they make their way to the Pit Stop, but Joey & Tim finally open the painting. In the car on the way to the Pit Stop, Tim believes they solved the puzzle ten times before they figured out how to open the painting. Which team will be the next to arrive at the Pit Stop?

Trevor & Chris are Team #7 as they greet Phil at the Pit Stop. Later, Joey & Tim arrive at the Pit Stop in last place. Joey & Tim have been eliminated from the race. Joey says they succeeded and failed together. Tim says it was a privilege to get to run the race.

Leg Summary

1st place: Lucas & Brittany (Won a trip to Bali)

2nd place: Kristi & Jen

3rd place: Eric & Daniel

4th place: Henry & Evan

5th place: Alex & Conor

6th place: Cody & Jessica

7th place: Trevor & Chris

8th place: Joey & Tim (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s two-hour episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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