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The episode begins with Matt and Redmond learning their next destination: Greece. They’re glad they finally won a leg of the race. As the other teams learn they’re going to Greece too, we hear confessionals from them too. Becca and Floyd call themselves the dream team since they get along and work together well. Scott says his dysfunctional relationship with Brooke is unlike any other in his life. London and Logan say they have no drama since they both have managed to stay calm throughout the entire race thus far. Liz and Michael are determined to listen and communicate. Michael says they’re not going home anytime soon, even with an upcoming Speed Bump.

The teams travel by plane to Patras, Greece where they will then have to drive to a traditional Greek wedding at the village of Arahova where a Double U-Turn awaits. On the way there, Becca and Floyd and Liz and Michael get lost. Michael gets frustrated with Liz after they missed a turn where three other teams went, and he angrily tells her that she doesn’t know how to read a map. Becca and Floyd, on the other hand, are unable to make their way to a bridge they need to get across.

London and Logan have car trouble; Logan can’t get the car to reverse. However, they manage to get the car to reverse after London gets out and pushes the car out a bit. Meanwhile, Tara and Joey, Brooke and Scott, and Matt and Redmond arrive at the wedding area where the clue box and the Double U-Turn awaits. Brooke and Scott choose to U-Turn Liz and Michael, and Tara and Joey choose to U-Turn Becca and Floyd. Afterwards, they get started on the Detour. For The Bride requires teams to use a donkey to pick up milk and cheese, and then deliver the items to the bride. For The Groom requires teams to race up 252 steps to get goats to bring back to the groom. All the teams choose For The Bride.

London and Logan arrive soon afterwards, and they choose For The Bride as well. All the teams manage to complete the Detour with no issues. They next learn they must proceed to Athens and go to the Panathenaic Stadium. Tara and Joey are the first team there, and they learn they must take a victory lap around the stadium. Afterwards, they must proceed to the Zappeion. Tara and Joey are the first team to complete the victory lap, and Brooke and Scott and Matt and Redmond are the next two teams to arrive at the stadium.

Liz and Michael and Becca and Floyd finally arrive at Arahova, and both teams learn they have been U-Turned. Liz and Michael are especially frustrated since they helped Brooke and Scott throughout the race, especially when Brooke was feeling very overwhelmed and crying when she had to pound metal at that Roadblock earlier on in the race. Becca and Floyd handle the news better, but they’re still disappointed. Both teams get started on the For The Bride Detour first, and Liz and Michael is the first team to complete it.

Other teams have arrived at the Zappeion. They learn they have a Roadblock to complete, which requires one team member to master a small part of a traditional military marching ceremony. They must match the steps so they look identical to the soldiers. Tara, Matt, and Brooke choose to do the Roadblock. As they get started on learning the steps, Liz and Michael begin the For The Groom Detour. Michael is struggling making his way up the stairs, but they manage to get to the top of the steps. Liz gets a goat to carry back down and deliver it to the groom. However, Michael didn’t get a goat, so they must go back and get another goat. Liz and Michael are unhappy knowing they must do the task again.

As Liz and Michael go back for another goat, Becca and Floyd begin the For The Groom Detour. They’re still racing up the steps as Michael finally gets the goat he forgot and makes his way back down the stairs. However, Becca and Floyd are still close behind as they each get a goat to deliver to the groom.

Liz and Michael finally complete the For The Groom Detour as London and Logan finish their victory lap at the Panathenaic Stadium. They can proceed to the Zappeion. Becca and Floyd have finished both Detours too and can make their way to the stadium as well.

Tara is the first to attempt the Roadblock. She has a military background, so she’s confident she can do this task well. However, she made a mistake on her first attempt. Nonetheless, she passes on her second attempt. She gets the clue, and she and Joey can now proceed to the Pit Stop: the Acropolis.

Brooke attempts the Roadblock next, but she makes a mistake. However, she passes on her second attempt. She and Scott can now proceed to the Pit Stop too. Matt is the next to attempt the Roadblock, and he passes on his first attempt. As Brooke and Scott and Matt and Redmond leave at the same time, London and Logan finally arrive at the Zappeion.

Tara and Joey arrive at the Pit Stop, and they learn the good news: Tara and Joey are Team #1! They each win $7,500. Matt and Redmond arrive later as Team #2.

As London successfully completes the Roadblock, Brooke and Scott finally arrive at the Pit Stop as night has already fallen. They are Team #3. Scott explains U-Turning Liz and Michael. He says in order to give him and Brooke a shot to stay in the game, they had to push another team down.

Becca and Floyd and Liz and Michael arrive at the Panathenaic Stadium. As Becca and Floyd start their lap around the stadium, Liz and Michael have their Speed Bump to complete. They must prepare kokoretsi to the satisfaction of a chef. They manage to complete the Speed Bump without difficulty, but Becca and Floyd have already completed their lap around the stadium and made their way to the Zappeion.

Logan and London have arrived at the Pit Stop as Team #4 as Becca and Floyd and Liz and Michael are both at the Zappeion. Becca did not successfully complete the task on her first attempt, but she passes it on her second attempt. She and Floyd can now proceed to the Pit Stop. However, Liz and Michael aren’t too far behind as Liz passes the Roadblock. Both teams are now making their way to the Pit Stop.

Becca and Floyd arrive there first, and Phil tells them they are Team #5. They’re grateful to still be in the race. Liz and Michael arrive there later, and Phil gives them the bad news. Liz and Michael have been eliminated from the race. They take the news rather well, and they both say their relationship has been like a brother and a sister.

Episode Summary

1st place: Tara & Joey (Each won $7,500)

2nd place: Matt & Redmond

3rd place: Brooke & Scott

4th place: London & Logan

5th place: Becca & Floyd

6th place: Liz & Michael (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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