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The episode begins with the teams waking up on the boat they boarded on last week’s episode. Tyler and Korey are the first team to learn their next destination: Nusa Lembongan. They will arrive there by boats and dive into the water to retrieve their clue inside a canister. They also learn there is a U-Turn ahead. Burnie and Ashley depart second, and they believe the U-Turn is simply a game move and it should not be taken personally. Sheri and Cole depart third, and they consider themselves the underdogs. Brodie and Kurt are in last, and they are concerned about the U-Turn. They think they have a target on their backs.

Tyler and Korey dive into the water to retrieve their next clue. The learn their next destination is Pura Puseh Stairway. A dancing person in a monkey costume will hand them their next clue. The other teams dive into the water too, but there is confusion about the clue. Cole was looking for a laminated clue before realizing the canister was the clue. Matt and Kurt find a canister too, but did not believe that was the actual clue as well. Kurt realized it was in fact the clue before Matt, and he and Brodie leave before Dana and Matt. Dana and Matt are now in last place, despite getting their canister before Brodie and Kurt did. It’s not until all the other teams have left that Matt finally opened the canister and realized it was the clue.

Tyler and Korey and Burnie and Ashley are ahead. Tyler and Korey get their clue from the dancing monkey first and learn they have a Detour to complete: Harvest or Haul. Harvest requires teams to propel themselves by canoe and then harvest seaweed for a tarp. Haul requires teams to deliver fifty coconuts and four chickens while dodging traffic on a rickety bridge. Tyler and Korey and Burnie and Ashley both choose Haul. They get started on delivering the coconuts and chickens. They have to go back and forth across the bridge to make several trips to deliver the coconuts and chickens. Meanwhile, Sheri and Cole are the next to get their clue from the dancing monkey, followed by Brodie and Kurt. Both teams choose Haul too. Dana and Matt are the last team to get the Detour clue, and they join all the other teams at Haul.

Dana gets frustrated dealing with the chickens and decides to only deliver one at a time. Brodie and Kurt are trying to get the task done as fast as possible since they know they are targets for the U-Turn, but it causes them to drop coconuts along the way. Matt also drops some of his coconuts as teams are running behind him on the bridge, causing it to shake. Sheri and Cole and Burnie and Ashley are doing a good job delivering the coconuts and chickens, but Tyler and Korey stay ahead and complete the Detour first. They can now make their way to Warung Sunrise where the Double U-Turn board awaits. Tyler and Korey choose to U-Turn Brodie and Kurt. Tyler and Korey can now go to a paddle board shop as Burnie and Ashley are the second team to complete the Detour. Korey seems to have reservations about using the U-Turn, but Tyler snaps at Korey and says to not make him regret using the U-Turn. He’s certain it was the right game move.

Burnie and Ashley arrive at the U-Turn board. To make sure Brodie and Kurt will not be able to save themselves, Burnie and Ashley choose to U-Turn Tyler and Korey. And it just so happens that Brodie and Kurt are the next team to complete the Detour. They arrive at the U-Turn board and see what happened. They had a feeling Tyler and Korey would U-Turn them, but they did not expect Burnie and Ashley to do that to them. They are unhappy as they rush to the other Detour. As they get started on harvesting seaweed, Sheri and Cole are the next team to complete the Haul Detour. As Sheri and Cole make their way to the Roadblock, Dana and Matt are nearly done with the Haul Detour.

Dana and Matt complete the Haul Detour while Brodie and Kurt seem to be halfway through the Harvest Detour. Dana and Matt are thankful that they have not been U-Turned and are glad Burnie and Ashley wasted the U-Turn since it saved them. They can now make their way to the Roadblock as Sheri and Cole arrive there. Cole chooses to do the Roadblock before learning that it requires scaling a cliff and then jumping into the water. Cole has a fear of heights, so he’s nervous about having to do the task. Sheri says they had an agreement that she would do all the height tasks, so she feels bad for Cole having to do this.

Before Tyler climbs up the cliff, he worries that Cole won’t jump off the cliff due to his fear. If Cole doesn’t jump, then this could save Brodie and Kurt. As Tyler and Ashley begin scaling the cliff, Brodie and Kurt have finished the Harvest Detour. As they make their way to the Roadblock, Tyler jumps off the cliff. He and Korey can now make their way to the Pit Stop: Bajra Bandhi. As they go to check-in as Team #1, Ashley gets ready to jump off the cliff. She and Burnie can now go to the Pit Stop too. Before they leave, they are also worried about whether or not Cole will jump off the cliff.

As Cole gets started on going up the cliff, Dana and Matt arrive. And the other teams’ fears about Cole was for naught. Cole jumps off the cliff without much hesitation. Sheri cheers for Cole and Dana seems surprised that Cole actually jumped. Matt jumps off the cliff next as Tyler and Korey and Burnie and Ashley go look for the Pit Stop. Before we see anyone greet Phil, we see Brodie jump off the cliff.

It’s another footrace, but Tyler and Korey land on the Pit Stop mat first. Tyler and Korey are Team #1. Seconds later, Burnie and Ashley land on the mat as Team #2. This is Burnie and Ashley’s fifth second place finish in a row.

The other teams are making their way to the Pit Stop, and Sheri and Cole got lost along the way. Dana and Matt manage to get ahead and greet Phil as Team #3. Minutes later, Sheri and Cole arrive as Team #4. All these teams are on the mat at the same time, but Ashley and Korey ask if they could leave before Brodie and Kurt arrive. When Brodie and Kurt do arrive, all the other teams have in fact left the mat. Phil gives them the bad news that they are the last team to arrive. Brodie and Kurt have been eliminated from the race. They are understandably disappointed, but they handle their elimination well. Also, Brodie is looking forward to his date with Blair.

Episode Summary

1st place: Tyler and Korey (Won a trip to Alaska)

2nd place: Burnie and Ashley

3rd place: Dana and Matt

4th place: Sheri and Cole

5th place: Brodie and Kurt (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts of the episode in the comments section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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