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Last week’s episode ended in a cliffhanger. All the teams (except Denise and James Earl) greeted Phil at the Pit Stop, but the leg was not over as they were told to continue racing. Will Denise finally manage to complete the Detour successfully to allow her and James Earl a chance to catch up? And how will the other teams fare? Let’s find out!

All the teams have been booked for a train to Rotterdam later in the evening, but Justin and Diana manage to get on a different train three hours earlier. Kelsey and Joey get on an earlier train too, but later than Justin and Diana’s. Tiffany and Krista and Rick and Cindy get on the same train that’s earlier than the train booked for them too. Tanner and Josh, however, choose to do some sightseeing instead of looking for an earlier train. Meanwhile, Denise finally raps successfully and she and James Earl complete the Detour. They check-in at the Pit Stop, but are told to keep racing. They are thrilled to learn they have not been eliminated.

Justin and Diana arrive at Rotterdam, but they have to wait until the morning to begin the leg. They claim the first spot, which is at 5:00am. Tanner and Josh board the evening train with Logan and Chris and Denise and James Earl. After seeing there are no other teams around, Tanner and Josh regret choosing to go sightseeing around Paris instead of trying to get on an earlier train. Rick and Cindy miss their train stop after thinking Rotterdam and Amsterdam are the same city. However, only Tiffany and Krista get ahead of them with a 5:10am spot. Cindy and Rick claim the 5:30am spot. Kelsey and Joey get the 5:45am spot, Tanner and Josh get the 6:00am spot, Logan and Chris get the 6:15am spot, and Denise and James Earl get the 6:30am spot.

Justin and Diana leave first, but they get lost on the way to the water taxis that will take them to the windmill where their next clue awaits. Their mistake allows Tiffany and Krista and Cindy and Rick to get ahead of them. Justin and Diana bicker at one another and are upset about losing their lead. They are still arguing as they are the third team to get on a water taxi. Kelsey and Joey and Tanner and Josh get on water taxis in fourth place and fifth place respectively.

A Roadblock awaits at the windmill. One team member must look at a painting of sunflowers by Van Gogh and run to a windmill and find the painting that matches it exactly. Krista, Rick, and Diana do the Roadblock for their respective teams. They are all wrong on their first attempts. Kelsey and Joey arrive at the windmill, and Joey is correct at his first attempt at the Roadblock. He and Kelsey are now in first place. They must now find the difference between their highest heart rate in the last leg and current heart rate. They will use that number to deliver tulips to a lady that will hand them their next clue. After numerous failed attempts, Rick and Krista finally find the correct painting of sunflowers.

Justin and Diana get even angrier as they watch other teams surpass them. Tanner and Josh arrive too; Tanner does the Roadblock for them and his first attempt is incorrect. Logan and Chris arrive too as Kelsey and Joey deliver the tulips. They receive their next clue and learn they must take a water taxi to the Nolet Distillery. Cindy and Rick and Tiffany and Krista are right behind them. Meanwhile, Diana finally completes the Roadblock on her fourth attempt as Denise and James Earl finally arrive. Tanner finally completes the Roadblock too, leaving Denise and Logan as the last two trying to match the painting. Justin and Diana deliver their tulips and make their way to the Nolet Distillery.

It’s time for the Detour. Teams will have to decide between Ship or Skip. Ship requires teams to navigate a vessel through a storm in a simulator in under five minutes. Skip requires teams to jump rope while clapping for the duration of a rhyme. Kelsey and Joey and Cindy and Rick choose Ship; Tiffany and Krista choose Skip. Tanner and Josh deliver their tulips as Denise and Logan finally complete the Roadblock and can deliver tulips too.

Justin and Diana and Tanner and Josh arrive at the distillery and choose to do Ship. They make their way to the Millennium Tower where Kelsey and Joey already are. They begin practicing while Cindy and Rick wait for a bus to take them to the Millennium Tower. Tanner and Josh and Tiffany and Krista get ahead of Cindy and Rick by getting on the same tram to take them to the Detour.

Kelsey and Joey fail two missions of the Ship Detour, allowing Justin and Diana a chance to catch up. Cindy and Rick finally board the bus to take them to their Detour as Tiffany and Krista begin the Skip Detour. Joey and Kelsey fail their third attempt as Tiffany and Krista complete the Skip Detour on their second attempt. The cheerleaders are now in first place and can travel to the Peace Palace where the Pit Stop awaits.

Justin and Diana pass the Ship Detour on their second attempt and can make their way to the Pit Stop too. Tanner and Josh and Cindy and Rick begin practicing for the Ship Detour as Kelsey and Joey finally pass it on their fourth attempt. They can now make their way to the Pit Stop too.

The rest of the teams are now at the Ship Detour. They all fail numerous times, making it anyone’s game at this point to survive elimination. However, none of them will be getting first place as Justin and Diana manage to get ahead of Tiffany and Krista. They board an earlier train and arrive at the Pit Stop first; Justin and Diana are Team #1. For their prize, fitbit will match in dollars how far they’ve traveled according to the tracker on their wrists. The total is over $30,000.

It’s a footrace as Kelsey and Joey and Tiffany and Krista sprint to the Pit Stop simultaneously, but the news reporters get on the mat before the cheerleaders. Kelsey and Joey are Team #2 and Tiffany and Krista are Team #3.

From the remaining four teams at the Ship Detour, Tanner and Josh are the first to pass and can go to the Pit Stop. Logan and Chris pass it next. Cindy and Rick and Denise and James Earl are the last two to remain, and the mother and son duo complete the Detour before the husband and wife do.

As Tanner and Josh greet Phil as Team #4, Cindy and Rick and Denise and James Earl arrive at the train station together. However, they do not board the same train. Cindy and Rick get on train that has two stops; Denise and James Earl wait for a train with a direct stop. After Cindy and Rick’s train leaves, Denise and James Earl learn their train has been delayed for ten minutes. They now fear they will be eliminated.

Logan and Chris greet Phil as Team #5 as Cindy and Rick realize they got on a wrong train. They must get off and board the right one. Denise and James Earl believe they will be the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop, but they are the sixth team to greet Phil. In addition, Cindy and Rick arrive minutes afterwards with Denise and James Earl still on the mat. Phil then informs Cindy and Rick that they are the last team to arrive. Cindy and Rick have been eliminated from the race. They are disappointed, but will treat the race as a learning experience. They are also looking forward to starting a family together.

Episode Summary

1st place: Justin and Diana (Won over $30,000)

2nd place: Kelsey and Joey

3rd place: Tiffany and Krista

4th place: Tanner and Josh

5th place: Logan and Chris

6th place: Denise and James Earl

7th place: Cindy and Rick (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race! Thanks for reading! So what are your thoughts on the episode? Post in the comment section below and come back next week for another live recap!

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