The Amazing Race 26 Recap – Episode 4 Live Blog

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Last week was a non-elimination leg, so nine teams still remain in the race. But which team will be eliminated tonight? Let’s find out.

Before we begin the next leg of the race, we see Matt and Ashley on their date night. They watch fire dancers on the beach while enjoying a meal. But it’s time to start the race again. Mike and Rochelle came in first place in the last leg of the race, so they’re the first to depart. They learn their new destination is Bangkok. Hayley and Blair leave next, and Hayley is once again telling Blair that he needs to focus more on what they’re doing and not rush ahead without thinking. In a confessional, we hear Blair’s frustrations with Hayley and how annoyed he is by her. He says today he’ll just let her take control so he won’t be blamed for everything anymore. Next we see all the teams (except Harley and Jonathan) get on the same flight to Bangkok.

It’s a rush for taxis once they land in Bangkok. Jelani and Jenny get in a bit of an argument about letting Jeff and Jackie take the taxi they were about to get into. We next see Harley and Jonathan finally booking tickets for a flight to Bangkok.

Laura and Tyler find the clue box and are in first place. They learn they have a Detour to complete: “Wheel” or “Water.” They must make their way to their next destination by either land or water. They choose “Water,” as do Matt and Ashley, Aly and Steve, Mike and Rochelle, and Bergen and Kurt. Jeff and Jackie choose “Wheel.” Haley and Blair are in seventh place and they choose “Water” too, but they miss out on getting a spot on one of the boats. They were lost for a while and arrived at the dock too late. Blair and Hayley are visibly frustrated with each other. Hayley continues to blame Blair for their mistakes, and Blair is tired of being blamed. They now try to find their way to the “Wheel” Detour, which they do. Meanwhile, Jelani and Jenny find the clue box informing them of the Detour and they choose the “Wheel” Detour too.

During the Detours, there are two stops along the way. The first stop for the “Water” Detour is to stop at a market and eat a thousand year old egg. Jeff and Jackie and Hayley and Blair have their first stop at the “Wheel” Detour, which requires them to play as game of snooker, which is very similar to pool. Laura and Tyler finish the egg-eating task and get their next clue.

Matt and Ashley stop at a random stand and eat two eggs, but not thousand year old eggs. They made a mistake and realized it later as Bergen and Kurt have already started on eating their eggs. Aly and Steve arrive at the market as Matt and Ashley finished eating the right eggs too. Aly and Steve get started on the task and finish before Mike and Rochelle do. Meanwhile, Jeff and Jackie and Hayley and Blair finish their snooker task and can make their way to their next stop.

Laura and Tyler are already at their second stop, which is to take part in a traditional Thai prayer. They get their clue and can make their way to the next location. Bergen and Kurt, Matt and Ashley, and Aly and Steve do the Thai prayer task too. They complete it as Jonathan and Harley are working on their speed bump, which is to build a grasshopper made out of leaves. Meanwhile, Jelani and Jenny are still lost, but they do finally arrive at the place to do the snookers task.

Mike and Rochelle finish the Thai prayer task as Hayley and Blair and Jeff and Jackie arrive at the second task of the “Wheel” Detour, which requires them to feed cats. They finish, with them being in sixth and seventh place now. Jonathan and Harley finally finish their speed bump and they choose the “Wheel” Detour.

Laura and Tyler find the next clue and learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must remove the transmission from a faulty car and then search for a missing screwdriver. The screwdriver has the next clue inside it.  Tyler is the first to start the Roadblock, and he finished it quickly. He and Laura can now make their way to the Pit Stop: Loha Prasat. As they leave for the Pit Stop, Matt and Ashley, Bergen and Kurt, Aly and Steve, and Hayley and Blair arrive at the Roadblock. All the men do the Roadblock (Bergen being the one to do it between him and Kurt). Jeff and Jackie arrive later as other teams are finishing and making their way to the Pit Stop. However, all the teams are confused where to go, so it’s unclear which team will greet Phil first.

As the other teams are trying to find the Pit Stop, Harley and Jonathan finally finish the snookers task. The other teams are working on the Roadblock, with Rochelle being the only woman to do it. She also finishes before Jelani and Jeff. Besides Harley and Jonathan, all the other teams are searching for the Pit Stop.

Bergen and Kurt arrive at the Pit Stop and are Team #1. Hayley and Blair and Aly and Steve arrive right after them as Teams #2 and #3 respectively. Meanwhile, Harley and Jonathan are feeding the cats as Laura and Tyler greet Phil as Team #4.

Other teams are finishing up the Roadblock and trying to find the Pit Stop as Harley and Jonathan arrive at the Roadblock (with Jonathan doing the task). Matt and Ashley and Jelani and Jenny agree to walk to the Pit Stop together, but Jelani and Jenny quickly get into a taxi and leave Matt and Ashley behind. Jelani thinks it was not a classy move to ditch Matt and Ashley, but Jenny is adamant it was the right thing to do.

Afterwards, Jeff and Jackie, Mike and Rochelle, and Jelani and Jenny arrive at the Pit Stop as Teams #5, #6, and #7 respectively. Jelani and Jenny comment on the tension and that an argument was bound to happen between them due to the stress of the race. Later on, Matt and Ashley greet Phil as Team #8.

Jonathan and Harley arrive last and are eliminated from the race. They handle their elimination well and are just grateful for the experience.

Episode Summary

1st place: Bergen and Kurt (Won a trip to Mexico)

2nd place: Hayley and Blair

3rd place: Aly and Steve

4th place: Laura and Tyler

5th place: Jeff and Jackie

6th place: Mike and Rochelle

7th place: Jelani and Jenny

8th place: Matt and Ashley

9th place: Harley and Jonathan (Eliminated)

Thanks for reading! The show will go on a two week break before returning on April 3rd. Come back then for another live recap of The Amazing Race!

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