Terry Crews Smashes AGT Golden Buzzer for Youth Drumline

Pictured: (l-r) Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy, Terry Crews — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2023: Terry Crews pushes his golden buzzer for Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy

America’s Got Talent 2023 week 3 auditions kicked off Tuesday night (June 13) with a theme about elevated talent from across the world. The panel told many acts that they did it either “better” or “different” than similar acts in the past. One act that wowed featured a young star with a dream of getting a golden buzzer. Host Terry Crews was able to honor that dream. (Read our Recap)

8-year-old Chioma, the star of Atlanta Drum Academy started drumming at 1 years old when his grandma gave him a drum, and he started classes at the academy at the age of 3. James Riles III, the founder explains he started the academy, as he “wanted to have something that little kids could do that they wouldn’t have to wait.” Chioma shares he had a dream that he earned the golden buzzer.

Chioma starts out on the stage by himself and has an adorable yet awkward exchange with the judges where he doesn’t use the mic and then freezes a bit. He recovers by telling the panel his name and where he is from, and that he believes he can win. His drumline then joins him onstage. Chioma opens the number before they break into Usher and Will.I.Am’s “OMG” mashed with a few other songs.  

Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy Have Terry Going “OMG”

The drumming is good and energetic. The act isn’t earth shattering. For instance, the drumming isn’t necessarily better than last season’s The Pack, but the youth factor should help them succeed on the show. One thing I do like about Atlanta Drum Academy is that even with the backtrack, the drumming is very audible and easy to pick out. The fun choreography and the blindfolded part were nice touches. Do I see the act competing with golden buzzers on the level of Putri Ariani for the possible title? Probably not, but they still have a shot at making it far.

Terry exclaims, “Oh My Gosh” at the end of the act as the judging panel stands. Howie Mandel says, “whoop there it is!” He continues by saying, “I think everyone in this room loved you and I loved you.” Heidi Klum appreciates that they “do something with their extra time besides being on their computers.” Sofia Vergara declares, “you guys might have a very big chance to win this competition because I think everyone is going to go crazy.” Simon Cowell pulls the classic, “I didn’t like it. I absolutely loved it” before calling it one of his favorite auditions.

Terry Crews interrupts the judges’ voting to push his golden buzzer

America's Got Talent 2023
Pictured: Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Before the judges’ vote, Terry comes out on stage saying “there is no need to vote. Chioma you told me backstage that you dreamed about being on AGT and getting a golden buzzer.” He then pushes the golden buzzer, fulfilling Chioma’s dream. The group is thrilled! Chioma excitedly says, “it is amazing”.

Tonight, was another strong night, like last week. I enjoyed 8 out of the 10 acts that the judges put through. The golden buzzer was a nice moment, but this week I would have chosen someone else as I found the drumming good, but the act didn’t necessarily seem better than what I’ve seen before.

The two acts that truly wowed me were multimedia dancer Alexandr Leschenko who danced around multimedia imagery in a box, and hula-hooping acrobat Grace Good. Both elevated their acts to the next level. Other acts that shined were the youth of Brynn Cu mmings (ventriloquist magician) and Alfie Andrews (singer) as well as non-verbal comedian Ahren Belisle. Overall, it was a very strong Tuesday night. The judges will have some tough decisions once all the auditions air.

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