Last Night’s Show


That’s pretty much my reaction to last night’s show.   The episode didn’t come alive until Taylor Hicks arrived to shake things up. :).   Simon made the argument that Taylor wasn’t right for the show.   Though I didn’t agree with his statement that Taylor is “a background singer” I agree that he may not be right for Idol.   He’s too quirky, idiosyncratic and ADULT for the show.   I’m having  a hard time picturing him competing against contestants who will appear so much younger and greener.   Taylor has a world-weariness, and  dare I say, a bit of an arrogant  edge that I believe will ultimately clash with the vanilla tone of the show.   We know that he probably made the Top 24, but I predict a rather swift demise after that.   If he manages to make the Top 12, he’ll be done in by theme nights and the rigid confines of the competition.   I think Taylor will resist any attempts by the producers to mold him, or put him into a box.   Contestants who don’t fit in, attempt to be original or buck the system usually meet an early demise.   See: Maroulis, Constantine, Turner, Nadia, and even Lewis, Jon Peter.

I know, I’m talking like he’s already lost.   I’m such a pessimist.   Seriously, though, best of luck to Taylor, I hope he does well in the competition, and at the very least, I hope that Idol provides the exposure that his talent deserves.   Sidenote:   Thanks to one of my homeboard homegurls for digging up this article  on Taylor.

Only 11 contestants made it through to Hollywood.   Uhhhm, well only 10 ’cause even though Tora was featured in the “Going to Hollywood” montage, she didn’t actually go.   In fact, I hear  from sources that her bags were packed and that she had dropped quite a few dollars on audition clothes and vocal lessons.   Four days before the rounds started, the producers called to say she’d been cut, and refused to say why.   Background checks were concluded 6 weeks beforehand and any issues Tora had were discussed with the producers after she got her Golden Ticket in Las Vegas. So, at this point, her early dismissal continues to be a great mystery.   In the meantime, she’s lead singer for a band called Heartfelt Confessions  and is moving on…

Anybody else out there a victim of a pre-Hollywood telephone cut?   I’d love to hear about it…

Some Hollywood contestants identified.   These folks auditioned in Greensboro.    Thanks to Jennifer for these. :).

A picture named HollywoodNC1.jpg


Cory Sellers.   Here’s his website.   Corey is a Christian singer/songwriter.






A picture named HollywoodNC13.jpg


Laura Wright.   I mentioned her previously here.









A picture named HollywoodNC12.jpg


I believe this is actually Kinnik, rather than Kaneik Tune    

Thanks anyway C…yer more often right than wrong…






I’ll be posting a full re-cap of the Las Vegas auditions tonight.