Phone Cuts and Other Stuff


I’ve heard from  a few  sources that several contestants who made it through to Hollywood received phone calls a week before the rounds began and were told “never mind.”   These were done after background checks were completed and were considered “telephone cuts.”  Tora, who was mentioned as a possible Top 24 contestant, was apparently one of the contestants dismissed right before the Hollywood rounds.   I have no idea why the producers changed their minds.   I know she’d been spotted in Las Vegas  receiving her  “Golden Ticket” and I’ve heard from several people  who were in Hollywood, that she definitely was not there.   I’ve also heard that she was posting on  some internet boards and after she’d been  dismissed in Denver,  she called the producers out.   She stopped posting after she  finally made it in Las Vegas.   I’d love to hear Tora’s side of the story…

Here’s an article about Hollywood contestant    Jordan Southerland, who auditioned in Greensboro in his Dad’s fire-fighter’s uniform.   What we didn’t hear on TV was that Jordan told the producers that he wore the suit to represent all the brave firemen who helped with the hurricane victims.    Apparently, he auditioned in  Chicago but was told there he was “too polished” for the show.  

Last but not least:

New potential Top 24 contestant to report!  This comes courtesy of Stephanie who saw his  name on an AI message board and did a little digging around.   Thanks, Stephanie!

His name is Nick Whitten,   and his Idol domain registration is  I don’t know where he auditioned.  Here’s a picture of him from a local radio station appearance.  I believe he’s the dude in red.  He’s got an EP  for sale and some tunes you can download here, which I will listen to as soon as I get a minute…

ETA:   Just found out…Nick auditioned in Greensboro, NC