Taylor Hicks – Celebrity Ghost Stories

Taylor Hicks’ segment that aired on tonight’s Celebrity Ghost Stories from the Bio Channel was just full of lulz.

‘The Elevator Incident’
‘The Elevator Incident’

The story Taylor tells, of ghostly apparitions appearing to help him sort his life out was pretty entertaining.   If it wasn’t for this helpful spirit, Taylor might not have auditioned for American Idol. Seriously. He says that.

But never mind that!  What I loved were the Dramatic Reenactments.  What’s a ghost story without a thoroughly cheesy dramatic reenactment–with some random actor playing the younger Taylor encountering the unknown.

I love cheesy dramatic reenactments almost as much as I love the pointy pose!  Guilty pleasures for the win!

Watch Taylor tell his ghost story after the jump.

Video After the JUMP…

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Glad you posted this as I don’t get the channel. I thought Taylor looked and sounded great. He seemed very much at ease. Hope to see more Taylor on TV as he still one of my favorite Idols.

  2. Longtime Taylor Hicks fan, here. He looked fantastic and as always was charming and sincere. Thanks for posting this, MJ!

  3. Interesting first steps into the film world for Taylor Hicks. I’m happy he is still finding his own unique way to keep his name and face out there. As Taylor himself has said — you have to keep re-inventing yourself to bring your current fans with you AND to introduce yourself to new fans. Kudos for trying another venue to find new fans. As usual, Taylor looked fantastic — handsome and relaxed. Can’t wait to see what Taylor will do next.

    Thanks for the videos and the thread, MJ.

  4. He’s a great story teller. He also extremely telegenic, good for him. Thanks for posting MJ. I don’t think I would have ever gotten around to watching Celebrity Ghost Stories on my own!

  5. I watched the program on TV, but it’s a pleasure to be able to watch again. Thanks for posting it MJ. As always, Taylor is fun to watch and easy on the eyes!

  6. That Taylor Hicks is one good looking man. Great to see him on my tv. Would love to see a whole lot more of him.

  7. I watched that tonight, it was pretty good, nice to see Taylor on TV again. Those ghost stories were creeping me out a little though.

  8. This was kinda random for him to do but I guess you have to do what you have to do to get on TV. LOL. I’m sorry but I just think it’s so funny especially for the reenactments. Still not a fan but at least I don’t hate as much as I use to. Maybe old age has soften me a bit :)

  9. They say we all have a guardian angel, but if I ever see mine, I hope he/she doesn’t have on white pancake makeup and blackened zombie eyes! lol. Liked this, probably because I like about everything Taylor does (am a fan and like to keep up with what he’s doing), but 2 a.m. is not a good time to watch something like this, lol. Taylor was his handsome self. The actor portraying him did a good job. The music was creeeepy.

  10. It’s always good to read cool news about Taylor! Judy, I thought you were going to say something like, “They say we all have a guardian angel, but if I ever see mine, I hope he looks like Taylor Hicks!” LOL!

    Taylor has said he would like to play a “bad” guy in a movie role. Getting acting experience is a good start. I wish him the best!

  11. I watch this all of the time, it was fun to see Taylor on the show. I have seen & spoken to ghosts, but, not my Guardian Angels, though, I know I have two. The re-enactments are cheezy, but, help tell the story. One of my favorite episodes was Maks from DWTS.

  12. They say we all have a guardian angel, but if I ever see mine, I hope he/she doesn’t have on white pancake makeup and blackened zombie eyes!

    LOL! my thoughts exactly. Love Taylor and I believe his story. Angels and demons do exist.

  13. Fun to see! I watched his season, but don’t remember this story before. Nice to hear it now. I think this experience would help all idol contestants: help them prepare for those fans that pop up at random places!

    Seeing this made me remember a very good cover of Superstition that Taylor did with his band before Idol. That would have been better background music for this.

  14. Thanks MJ for posting. I don’t like demons or whatever. But Love Taylor Hicks. He sure is handsome. Now for a movie.

  15. Thank you, MJ! I sincerely believe in Guardian Angels. Or events called miracles!

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