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Two more dancers dance into that big bright light in the sky.

That’s right. SYTYCD adds a Hunger Games aspect this week, in an effort to boost ratings.


Just kidding.

Top 6 Group Routine – Hide- Choreographed- Nick Dumora
They’re futuristing DJ’s. It’s a cool routine.

Everyone dances 3 times tonight. Once with an All-Star, once with one in the Top 6, and a solo. So… 15 routines?

Philip Chbeeb in the audience!

Christina Appelgate returns to the judging panel.

1) Ricky and Valerie- Broadway with Spencer Liff- I’ve Got The World On A String
Spencer wants them to ooze charm. Ricky’s SHOES… and SOCKS… wow. They make them in those colors? They’re just character shoes painted blue I think. The paint is chipping off. Now, the routine, it’s adorable. The swing is cute. Not every routine has to be deep emotionally. Some can just be cute, and Ricky and Valerie have a ton of chemistry to help the routine. The swing was a problem for her in rehearsal. Nigel loved it. Nigel thinks Spencer captured the mood. I think this might be the best broadway routine we’ve seen this season. Christina says America loves Valerie because of her soul not being fake. She also tells Ricky to shut his face, and calls him an enigma. Mary says the chemistry was honest.

Sasha Alexander (Rizzoli and Isles) is in the audience!

2) Jessica and Casey- Disco with Doriana Sanchez- Dim All The Lights
Clearly, in an effort to torpedo their chances of winning, Dance has given Jessica and Casey a Disco routine. MAN CASEY CAN SPIN. Holy hell. That was the fastest spinning I’ve ever seen. It looked like it was in fast forward. I’ll even forgive his face pulling for that. Jessica is basically being used as a prop, but she looks good doing it. Props to her too. Christina tells Jessica it looked like she was holding in snot… but she liked it. Mary compliments Jessica’s legs, calling them samurai swords. She also says Casey got down. Nigel says it was a tremendous routine, and he’s never seen that many turns in a routine before.

3) Ricky’s Solo- My Tears Are becoming A Sea
His mom and grandma talk before about how proud they are of Ricky. Ricky always has memorable solos, and this one was crazy. That move where he looked like he was swimming was sick.

4) Zack and Jacque- Fox Trot with Jean Marc- Anything Goes
They are Fred and Ginger. Is Zack crushing on Jacque now? I love this version of the song. Most people don’t know Lady Gaga is incredibly versatile. Zack looks comfortable in the style, moreso than Jacque, who is making up for it with more personality than she’s ever really had in any routine. She’s all smiles this week. Cat reminds us that Rudy is in the audience. Are they actually dating? Is this really a thing? Mary knocks them on technique, saying they were missing the slide. Nigel agrees. He says he wasn’t thrilled with it. Christina says the faces felt put on, and not genuine, and didn’t feel their chemistry. Christina reminds them that they’re dancing from their soul first.

Was that Tim Tebow in the audience?

5) Jessica’s Solo-
Jessica’s mom and dad talk about her having the it factor. Jessica definitely looked like she was about to cry after that. She does a lot of spinning, finishes the routine, and starts to cry. Nothing special. Sorry.

Some flash in the pan (Rixton) sings a rip off of Lonely No More.” Don’t believe me? Rob Thomas is actually credited as a writer on “Me And My Broken Heart.” They’re just giving him credit for ripping off his song.

6) Twitch and Valerie- Hip Hop by Wildabeast- Yeah
Twitch says Valerie is super funky for a tapper. It’s a hip hop wedding dance. She’s too cartoonish for me to take seriously. After she takes the dress off, she becomes a new Valerie, and the second half of the number is SICK. I’ve used that a lot tonight, but the moves are great, Twitch is great, and Valerie really kills the moves and dances in the pocket perfectly, even if she’s a little too cute for hip hop. Nigel congratulates NappyTabs on winning an Emmy this week. Nigel calls Valerie a great performer. Christina says Valerie was amazing, and orders the crotch roll with a side of fries. Mary says people will copy this routine at their weddings. Valerie has had a good week.

7) Casey’s Solo- Lay Me Down
Casey’s parents say watching him dance gives them great pride. It’s OK. Slightly better than Jessica’s, but just an average contemporary solo. Casey has done better.

8) Valerie’s Solo- What I Like About You
Valerie’s parents cheer her on. Her brothers ham it up. Valerie takes a page from the Zack book and uses more of the stage. It’s a better routine than last time. She’s had a really good week.

9) Jacque and Will Wingfield- Jazz with Shaun Cheeseman- 99 Red Balloons
There’s a ball. The ball makes for a few cool moves before it is thrown from the stage. Will is tremendous. Jacque is alright. It’s better than her first routine. Red balloons fall from the sky. It’s a beautiful routine for many reasons that are not necessarily Jacque, though she did an OK job. Christina praises Shaun, says it was beautiful and joyous, and put a smile on her face. Mary says the entrance was beautiful and effective. Mary can’t wait to watch the number again. Nigel said it was beautiful and made him forget the fox trot. Jacque compliments Will and Shaun. Cat says it’ll be one of the most memorable routines. Drop a bunch of red balloons, and people will remember. It looked really cool.

10) Zack’s Solo- Butterfly
Zack’s parents say he started dancing because he had a problem with his legs. Zack is an incredible tap soloist. He really entertains. He might be the best tap soloist we’ve ever had on the show, and I LOVED Aaron last year, so that’s big for me to say, but I love Zack’s solo. So much showmanship.

11) Jessica and Ade- Jazz by Ray Lieper- Boneless
Points for bizarrely awesome costumes. The choreo? Not memorable. Kinda easy. It’s hard for Jessica to be sexy wearing that ridiculous outfit. She looks like she could be doing Sesame Street On Ice or something. It’s not a sexy club outfit, that’s for sure. Honestly? My least favorite routine of the night, but not because of Jessica. Christina loved it, and loves Jessica. Mary wants to know what club Ray goes to, and says it was fun. Mary predicts she’s in the finale. Nigel says it was OK, an he wasn’t thrilled with it. He didn’t connect with it or Jessica. Nigel reminds her not to just spin in her solos. SEE? I’M NOT CRAZY. He’s disappointed. I think this routine let Jessica down. I don’t think Jessica had a good week.

12) Jacque’s Solo- Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Jacque has three brothers, which makes her a strong girl. They’re proud. Jacque goes for personality in her routine this week, and it’s cute. Also, better than Jessica’s solo.

13) Ricky and Anya-Samba by Jean Marc- Dare
Ricky says he’s trying to match Anya’s sexy level. A good effort, but not Ricky’s best work, Anya is incredible though. It’s not a bad job, it’s just obvious he’s out of his style, and Anya just walks all over him. Nigel says he looked like he’s been doing it for years. Christina wants to be Anya when she grows up. She says you can’t keep your eyes off of Anya, but thought Ricky was sensational. Christina says he controlled “that beast”. Mary reminds us that Anya is the originator of hot tamale, and says Ricky brought it. Mary says he was solid on his feet. I think Anya danced all over him, and they just praise everything Ricky does.

As I’m reminded of Mackenzie coming up, I thought I’d share some All-Star hopes for next season, if there is one:

Sasha, Marko, Aaron, Eliana, Jakob, Evan. Specifically, now that Newsies is closing, Evan should be the go-to all star for the Broadway All-Star routines. Aaron should be brought back next week to do a Tap routine with either Valerie or Zack. Crossing my fingers.

14) Casey and Mackenzie- Contemporary with Stacey Tookey- Over You
The routine is about having only one day left with the person you love. I take back everything I just said about Mackenzie. This is the best she’s ever danced. She’s so committed. Casey is committed. Beautiful routine. My favorite of the night. Great choreography, beautiful performance. I’m surprised it didn’t get a standing O. Christina asks Casey how he feels, and he can’t describe it. Mary says they were a beautiful couple, and Casey made Mary feel it, and calls it the performance of a lifetime, and Casey’s best of the season. Nigel says the choreographers have been great storytellers this season.

Nigel takes on the ice bucket challenge by writing out a check, because he has a heart condition.

15) Zack and Fik-Shun- Hip Hop by Philip Chbeeb- Sail
Now we know why Phillip was in the audience. I’m glad they had him come back. Synchronization is key. Zack can’t fake this. The formations these two make together are awesome. Zack killed it. This is my NEW favorite routine of the night. We closed it out with the two best routines. This might be my favorite thing that Zack did. Great choreo from Phillip. Not every dance needs a story. Mary praises Phillip. She screams, and calls it fabulous. Mary says Zack is the biggest surprise of the season. She loved every second of it. Nigel is proud that he’s a tapper. “We cannot become who we need to be, by remaining who we are.” Nigel says he’ll be shocked if he makes the finale… and then adds that he’ll be thrilled, because it sounded awful when he said that. Christina says America fell in love with Fik-Shun for letting us into his world. Christina was worried, and says Zack came up to Fik-Shun’s level. Christina says he transcended being a tapper, and says he’s a great performer. A lot of this praise sounded like they were saying goodbye to Zack. That would be such a shame after this routine.

Results after the break!

Based on tonight, the only dancer I’d send home is Jessica. I thought Zack, Casey, and Ricky all had an up and a down. Casey was probably the strongest overall, Zack had the best routine, so I’d probably say Ricky (JUST BASED ON TONIGHT). I think Ricky was outperformed by the other two, but he didn’t have a great second routine. Ricky had the best first routine and solo, but Casey and Zack’s second routines were the best two routines of the night, and Zack’s solo was pretty damn great, and Casey’s first routine wasn’t bad.


The names Cat reads off are safe.


Casey and Jacque are eliminated. Casey left on a very strong note. Jacque even finished pretty strong. They should both be proud. Casey and Jacque are just so grateful, and not sobbing like Rudy. Standing O from the judges.

Join me next week for the finale! This weeks votes combine with next weeks votes. No one goes home next week. In the voting info, we aren’t shown the first three routines. Just the solo and All-Star routine. That’s odd…

Who will win? Jessica, Ricky, Valerie, or Zack? Sound off in the comments.

Robert, Katherine, and Aaron are announced as All-Stars next week. Only three announecd? Is Aaron dancing twice?

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  1. Always great to see Will.

    Surprise to me that I really liked the ball dance. And the swing dance. And the wedding dance. Fun stuff.

    Love having a tapper girl at this stage.

  2. Beyond a doubt, Valerie is my favorite girl and I believe she’ll be in the TOP 2. Picking a favorite guy is more difficult.

  3. My goodness, Valerie looks like her Mom. She seems very sweet. Now, we know why Valerie is so much fun. Look at her brothers. LOL! I didn’t like Jessica’s father’s comment about what the other parents thought when they saw Jessica dance. A bit conceited for me.

  4. Did anybody see or hear about a Tweet that came out after voting stopped last week that said something to the effect of “You’re not going to believe who’s going home next week”….what does THAT mean? Is that why they’re not telling dancers if they’re safe or in jeopardy tonight?

  5. Yeah, me, too. As he said, i just didn’t feel any connection to her or attraction to what she was doing.

  6. Also surprising to me that I, too, found myself watching Ricky — when he was dancing the chacha with ANYA. Same as (my beloved) Christina A. …. Pretty unprecedented. He got the persona.

  7. Since this is the top 6, I expected them to wait until the end for them to announce who goes home. Otherwise, they kill the suspense early on and the last thing they want is people turning out once they know their favorite is going home.

    The tweet was mentioned on another thread, but I don’t know what it means. I will be shocked and not happy if Rickey goes home. Since he and Valerie have never hit bottom before, one of them (or maybe both) might go home. If that happens I’ll throw all my votes to Zack. If Rickey goes home and Valerie stays I’ll split between Zach and Valerie. I know, she isn’t as good technically, but I like watching her dance.

  8. And Valerie is talented in other genres. I think Twitch enjoyed dancing with her!

  9. I agree. I can also see him on Broadway. He seems quite funny, and that will work in his favor.

  10. WOW! I thought it was because people complained about the pressure it put on the dancers. It was nasty.

  11. I wouldn’t mind saving 3 guys and losing 2 girls based on tonight’s performances . I would save Valerie.

  12. That’d be my choice, too.

    Nigel is getting his eternal dream — two tappers in the finale. I like both of them a lot. Hope Nige doesn’t have a coronary from the excitement.

  13. Well, I’m happy and that wasn’t the least bit shocking to me. I mean I might like Jacque a scootch more than Jessica, but not by much. Going to throw votes at my favs.

  14. Robert will be on next week?! I can’t wait. I didn’t think we’d see him this year since he’s currently filming a movie.

  15. Yes! First time since season 3 that I get to watch a finale with my preferred top 4. Team Contemporary versus Team Tap, woohoo! That said, everyone was so good tonight. I really enjoy this top 6. Pleasantly surprised by Zack and Fikshun clicking, Val keeping up with Twitch and Ricky not getting eaten alive by Anya, as Anya is want to do. But my favorite was the Rickerie Broadway. Now that is the Spencer Liff that I love.

    Val, Jess, and Zack had great solo efforts, but Ricky’s solo was just on a whole other level. Damn son. Sometimes the praise is warranted, peeps. It just is…

    I don’t think Jessica will win, and I’d be perfectly content with a Val or Zack win, but I’m pulling for Ricky.

  16. What a great show… loved it from beginning to end. Great dancing, some humor, some emotion, very little of the yakking judges….good job! Almost didn’t mind the singing interlude.

    Been a Zack fan most of the season but Valerie owned tonight. Both routines were just great… her personality … off the charts.

    I’m not one for solos athough I get the need. All these years and the only solo I remember was Melanie’s at Top 6. But, Ricky and Zack were really good followed closely by Valerie and Jacque.

    The routines I’ll watch again….Rickey and Valerie Broadway, Valerie and Twitch Hip Hop, Zack and Fik-Shun and Casey and MacKenzie.

    Changing my voting for this week. Throwing a couple to Zack and Ricky but Valerie is getting a whole bunch. Just loved her tonight.

  17. He did despite them trying to torpedo him with disco. He was far and away better than Jessica. Those types of contemporary pieces he nails…he’s so cute!

  18. I am hoping its Robert/Ricky and we get a great male contemp duet like the Neil/Kent/Travis piece. Really bummed to see Kathryn back at all tbh, but she’s a terribly match for Ricky. Should have been Melanie.

  19. This was a really good night. I think Ray’s jazz was the only clunker but I honestly feel that it was the lighting, camerawork, and costuming that did it in.

    Okay Ricky jumped through a moving swing, people. I am annoyed that he got Anya, and annoyed at the praise since his footwork wasn’t great, but he did pull off the feel of the dance. So points to him.

    I am enjoying Wildebeast’s choreo and thought that was Valerie’s strongest dance to date. Casey is so cute I want to eat him up, AND he is a really good dancer! Easily all-star material. On another season I think he would have made the finale. I thought Will and Jacque’s dance was sweet but it would have been better either with a different all-star (like Kent Boyd anyone) or Valerie instead of Jacque. The fox trot was nothing special but Zack made up for it in spades with Fik-shun.

    I agree with whomever said that Valerie, Casey, Zack, and Ricky should have been top four. I think many of the strongest dances have been same sex partnerships. It forces the choreographers out of the “first love” and “hook-up” routines….

  20. Robert/Ricky would be awesome. I do like Kathryn a lot but she needs a strong personality to balance her. I think she would put Jessica to shame. I think actually a Kathryn/Valerie would be awesome just to lighten Kathryn up. But I think Aaron will be with Valerie. They would be cute together (I guess I am not an Aaron fan, like at all)

  21. I’m not an Aaron fan either. I actually think Jess LaProtto was a better tapper than Aaron even though he was labeled Broadway. Jess and Val would have been adorbs.

  22. I thought her hair was great in both routines (but those boots were awful!) Also loved Phillip’s choreo…completely unexpected. (On a side note does anyone else think JaJa wasn’t cast because she would have outshown Valerie’s personality?)

  23. I know it does not win shows, but I could watch Zack tap all day long

  24. I loved Jaja, and agree that she was the only other female dancer we saw this year who has a distinctive and engaging personality besides Valerie. I suspect that they didn’t put her into the top 20 less because she would be competition for Valerie but because they were planning to take Emilio, who was also part of Phillip Chbeeb’s iAmMe crew. Since Emilio had to withdraw from SYTYCD last year because of an injury, I’m sure they wanted to give him another shot. Plus, I think Emilio has trained more in other styles, whereas Jaja is a hip hop specialist and might have struggled with some of the contemporary and jazz routines. Of the two, he was a better fit for the format of the show.

  25. I know everyone hates disco, but I thought Casey had the best one since Brandon. I bet Dorianna was in heaven when she saw she got the king of spins for her routine. I, too, was a little offended by Jessica’s father’s conceited comment. Not necessary. Kind of wish it was the three guys and Val in the finale. All that said, one of the best nights of dancing all season!

  26. I agree with you that of the six left, it should be the three guys and Valerie in the finale. If there is only going to be one winner, why do they continue to eliminate a guy and a girl each week? That only made sense when we had both a guy and a girl winner.

  27. It’s hard to feel a connection with anyone when they’re dressed liked Jessica. She’s not a favorite but the fail of this routine goes to the choreographer and wardrobe.

  28. I think that Zack did the best tonight. I loved his tap solo and his dance with Fik-shun. I’d still be happy with Ricky winning too, but I don’t think this was Ricky’s night. I thought it was odd that they made a contemporary dancer perform two ballroom dances (did they confuse him with Rudy?) I really hoped that we would get a Jessica/Ricky contemporary together (which would have definitely helped both of them), but instead, he got an incredibly mundane swing with Valerie that looked almost too simple (and easy). Hopefully, he can recover with next week’s performances.

    This is one of those rare seasons, when I’m actually disappointed in the girls, especially with Tanesha gone. If there were any lingering suspicions about Jessica being the chosen one, they were immediately erased after watching those two ridiculous choreographies thrown her way. She and Casey made the most of that dizzying disco, but I really don’t think they had much to work with. And WTFWUW that cannon fodder routine given to her and Ade??? The only thing memorable was the fact that they were both dressed in the most hideous costumes ever to grace the SYTYCD stage. Valerie, on the other hand had one of her better performances, thanks to Twitch (and a great choreography). However, her swing routine was uninspiring and stff, and her solo tap routine was a mess….Did they accidentally play the wrong music during her tap dance, or did she just smile and tune out the music completely?. Anyway, because Jessica was at her worst tonight, I’d say they both tied. Jacque was actually the best of the three, IMO.

  29. Exactly…I’d be surprised if anyone could pull off that number any better. I really don’t think she’s been getting the best choreographies. Not a fair number to give someone at this point in the competition.

  30. Would pay for a Melanie/Ricky pairing on a contemporary routine.

  31. Ricky’s solo is right up there with the awesomeness that was Brandon Bryant’s solo. Also for someone who received like NO visibility before the top 20, Jaque made it really far. That’s saying something, she should be proud.

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