America’s Got Talent 9 – Top 48 Week 4 Results Liveblog and Discussion

America’s Got Talent 9 Results

America’s Got Talent 9 Results – Top 48 Week 4 Recap

I’ll be liveblogging tonight’s America’s Got Talent result show. Last night was disappointing-plain and simple. Even my favorites going into the show didn’t deliver as much as they should have. Therefore, I am not too anxious to see tonight’s results, more curious than nervous. But hey, at least we have Taylor Williamson performing again. I didn’t watch last season but looking at his youtube clips I didn’t find him to be very funny. Let’s see if he can change my mind tonight. The show starts at 9 PM EST. Even if you don’t like Taylor and/or don’t care about the results tonight, please join me in the comments anyway-it’s my last liveblog of the season and I’ll be lonely without you all.

Here we go-the city that never sleeps got a wake up call. Live from Radio City, it’s Nick Cannon wearing purp…wait, BLUE! Finally something different. Three magicians will be performing from The Illusionist, Taylor Williamson will be here, and there will be something shocking for the acts (Wildcards probably!)

Recap of last night. We see Heidi singing again. We see Dom The Bom’s screwing up their trick and Howie feeling bad about being even remotely critical. We see Smoothini who doesn’t think he did enough. We see Kelli Glover being emotional. This is totally out of order. Quintaveous is shown last, and we see Nick saying he was better than J-Hud again. And we see Mel B’s ice bucket challenge. Heidi and Nick are going to do it tonight after the show. First result after the break.

Taylor Williamson is backstage. Nick jokes about his loss while encouraging people to audition. Extreme’s coach got engaged, we see footage. Reddi Wip after party / blatant product placement time!

Yay, finally the first result. Emil and Dariel, Dom The Bom, and Extreme are stepping forward. The first act safe is…Emil and Dariel. No surprise, but I’m disappointed about Extreme. Mel B’s advice is to keep on doing what they do.

Next result is between Bad Boys of Ballet and Jonah Smith. Heidi is torn-I’m not. Jonah is obviously safe. Yep. Jonah Smith is the next act through. He introduces his band. Howard’s advice is to stick with classic rock.

Next result without a break: Quintavious Johnson and Mothmen Dance are up next. Quintavious Johnson is through. Wow, that’s not surprising at all. He is very excited. I like this kid-he is talented but not arrogant. Heidi thinks he could win the whole thing.

Taylor Williamson is up. He jokes that he was one japanese dancer away from winning a million dollars. I really liked his set tonight-much funnier than I thought he’d be. He asks Kinichi if he can borrow some money, and fakes us out by saying he signed a deal for an NBC sitcom (spoiler alert, he didn’t).

Next week we will have the ability to save an act on results night-sort of like what The Voice has.

The Illusionists perform magic-2 of them were on this show in past seasons. I must say it’s pretty cool if not slightly creepy. A guy is cut in half then is reassembled at the end. Nick comes out halfway through the act for some reason. Frankly its hard to describe this act. The show is going to broadway at the Marquee Theater, then its going on tour nationwide.

I just followed Taylor on twitter during the commercial break. He made a fan out of me tonight.

Last result before the judges make their choice. It’s between Jonathan Riquelme and Smoothini. Howard tells both they need to do better and then wishes them luck. The act going through to the semifinals is: Smoothini! Yay! He gets a second chance. I was totally expecting him to go home. Glad he gets to redeem himself. Howie says from his angle, it was spectacular, but he needs everyone else to see the act too.

One more act needs to go before the judges decide. That act is…Nina Burri. The judges look stunned. I’m not entirely. Kelli Glover and One Voice Children’s Choir got fifth and sixth place. I really hope Kelli makes it but last night was not her best.

Mel B does not like this part of the show. After struggling she puts through Kelli. Howard struggles too and puts through Kelli. Howie disagrees with Howard, but puts through Kelli anyway. Kelli Glover is safe.

On that note, I want to thank everyone who has read my liveblogs this summer. As I said last night, you’ll still see me around here on the blog but I won’t be able to keep liveblogging this show due to night classes. Thank you to mj for the amazing opportunity, and I hope I did a good job covering Simon Cowell’s last original American show left. Follow me on twitter (@eric_ascher) if you want more of my opinions, or just keep reading the comments. The semifinals start next week!


Emil and Dariel

Jonah Smith

Quintavious Johnson


Kelli Glover


Dom The Bom’s Triple Threat

Extreme Dance

Bad Boys of Ballet

Mothmen Dance

Jonathan Riquelme

Nina Burri

One Voice Children’s Choir

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