SYTYCD11- Atlanta Auditions- Live Blog and Discussion

Welcome back to what I believe is our final audition episode. Let’s DANCE!

Getting down in the dirty south.

Lil Buck joins Mary and Nigel. I guess Lil C wasn’t around.

Mariah Reives- Jazz
Has been dancing since 3. She’s got personality and legs for days. I just know Nigel is going to say something about her legs. I’m interested to see how she does in the next round. Standing O from all three judges. Lil Buck says he didn’t want to blink. Nigel says she’s a star. She’s got a ticket.

Eric “Silky” Moore- Hip Hop
He auditioned before as a tapper, and he says he studied the show since his last time, and studied what it takes to advance. Nigel remembers him. He’s entertaining before he even starts dancing. Nigel stops his dance after Eric screams like a crazy person, and they fight about it. Silky calls out cue music before Nigel, and I actually LOL’d. I think it’s awesome that he’s now a proficient hip hop dancer, even with some breaking in there, and some contemporary moves as well. If he can do other styles, he’ll go far. All the judges loved him, and he gets a ticket.

Coming up, an angry man says “I’M A WINNER”. Mmmmhmmm.

Kelly MacCoy- Contemporary
Her parents were entertainers back in the 70s and 80s. Her parents get an annoying edit. She’s not a bad dancer, but I can’t imagine she can make the Top 20. She gets told she pulls face a lot, and her back is curved, but she gets a ticket anyway.

Christopher “Mister Strange” Griffin
He represents Dragon House after Cyrus and Bluprint. Can they get a third member to the Top 20? I think Cyrus might be a better animator. He’s good though. He gets a ticket to the next round, with really no feedback.

Conrad Dechabert- Contemporary
Was told last year he danced too feminine, so this year he’s butched it up, he’s got a ton of tattoos, he’s wearing more masculine clothing, and he changed his hair. He basically de-gayed himself to satisfy Nigel. So much for embracing individuality. Nigel didn’t like his smiling face, but I thought he was a good strong dancer. I didn’t think he was smiling, I saw it as smirking, like he was stalking his prey. He’s got a ticket.

Dynamic- Hip Hop
His best friend is Fik-Shun, and hes been taught by him. I like him better than Mister Strange, if I’m being honest. I think his moves are stronger, and he’s got a more instant likeability factor. The question is… can he do other styles? Lil Buck says he could clean up his glide a bit, but he liked the rest of it. Nigel says yes to choreo, and he gets a yes from the other two as well. He’s on to choreo.

Coming up… the crazy guy!

Uh oh. The crazy guy is in Dragon House.

Sideshow– True PopNLock
He shouts to his mom in the audience, he gets really emotional and he sasses Nigel before he even dances. Bluprint is smirking. He’s honestly also better than Mister Strange. They said he didn’t pop n lock, and he mimed. They argue back back and forth. They keep cutting to Bluprint, who isn’t happy. Sideshow keeps mouthing off to Nigel, even as he gets compliments. He gets a No, because of his attitude. Dragon House apologizes to Nigel. Bluprint goes and apologizes to Nigel. SYTYCD has been very good to Dragon House. I’d be surprised if he was still in the crew.

Kathryn and Marko do choreo, and Dynamic is trying to keep up. He can’t. He can’t even really lift his partner. He’s so cut. Some other random dancers make it through.

Day 2. Jenna Dewan joins the panel.

Ricky Ubeda- Contemporary
His preview was leaked onto the internet. He’s kind of one of the chosen ones of the season, if you will. He jokes around about dabbling with the judges. He’s good. I think he could be a contender. Mary screams for him. They joke around about whether or not to send him to choreo, after going crazy over his dancing. Duh, he’s got a ticket.

A montage of other dancers making it to the next round.

Marissa Miller- Contemporary
Made it to the Green Mile last year. Can she go all the way this season? She’s a strong dancer. Most women aren’t this strong. She reminds me of Jasmine. Everyone loves her strength and her power moves. She gets a ticket.

A montage of more dancers getting tickets.

Elaine Kimble- Contemporary
Her mom was a dancer but had a stroke, due to a hole in her heart, and is paralyzed, and she takes care of her mom. She took a test, and found out that she has the same hole in her heart. That’s heavy. Her mom doesn’t know she went to audition, in case it didn’t work out. She’s a solid contemporary dancer. Mary says she has beautiful lines, but can dig deeper, saying she played it safe.

ATL Crankers!

Brandon “Crazy Legs” Jacobs- Cranking
He moves well. As with all street dancers, I immediately wonder how they’d look doing ballroom, and broadway, and I’m not sure how Brandon would do in those styles. I’d be willing to see him try. Mary liked it, but isn’t sure if he can do anything else. Nigel says he’s got the best smile, and he brought great energy. He gets a yes to choreo.

Angelina Granitz- Contemporary
She was nervous, so Nigel just talks to her, and she reveals that her brother was a dancer, and inspired her to dance. She’s so awkward, it’s awesome. I’ll remember her as the awkward girl who is a beautiful dancer. Mary said she was beautiful. Jenna says she was memorized. They all say no to choreo… BUT SHE GETS A TICKET!!!!

Dance Crews coming up…in case you need a bathroom break.

Justin Bieber is doing his best Ellen Degeneres look-alike and introduces the crews. Jungle Boogie Crew. Why do I recognize the first guy who speaks? #SYTYCDboogie. Control Freakz. #SYTYCDfreakz. A PopNLock crew. I also recognize the main guy in this crew. I liked both of the crews.

Christina Moya-Palacios- Contemporary
Her brother had a lot of illnesses. He had a 3% chance of living, but Nigel compares himself because he has a pacemaker. Not the same thing. Yeah, she’s a pretty dancer, but way overhyped. I think I would have liked her more if the show hadn’t just told us they’d saved the best for last. Cause… they didn’t. They saved a good dancer for last, for sure. She’s missing that star quality spark. She gets a ticket, with no feedback.

Jerrod Swain- Animator
He’s really energetic… and he’s here for Mary. He wants to get on Mary’s hot tamale train. He’s got a his son with him. And his girlfriend… awkward. He’s friends with one of the dragon house members. Is he dragon house? His 4 year old son dances a bit. It’s cute. Jerrod dances, and he’s entertaining. He’s lacking in the bbig powermoves, but he’s fun. I doubt he can do choreo, but they’ll probably put him through to choreo. Nigel wanted to see more. Mary thought it was a lot of fun, but she wanted more. He actually got a No from Mary to do choreo.

Jerrod does choreo with Elaine and Brandon. Jerrod says it’s tough. Jerrod and Brandon look awful, Jerrod a bit better than Brandon. We’re not even shown Elaine. Nigel cuts Jerrod and Brandon. Elaine is through.

Looks like the voting is really close, but Jungle Boogie is slightly ahead.

Callbacks is next week. Sonya wants them to be on fire. Probably literally.

Also, from my research, it looks like Sideshow is no longer in Dragon House.. or at least, none of their recent group pics, or group events.

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