SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 4 – New York City Auditions

Mr Hollywood (Thomas Condello)- 20- Staten Island, NY- Team Street – This has to be a joke contestant. He can’t be good, right? His dancing in the package is awful. He says he loves to entertain. He’s here to be “the top dancer in the United States of America.” His mom’s friend gave him his nickname. He shreds paper for a living. This is bizarre. He’s awful. Seems like a nice guy, but not a dancer. His moms friend should have stopped him from auditioning. Parents, stop letting your untalented children audition for reality competition series. Now he says he does Jason Derulo impersonations. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have autotune, but he gets a standing O from the judges for his impersonation anyway. I don’t know what’s happening anymore. Jason says “I don’t know what style that was” and adds he’s not right for the show. Paula says he’s an entertainer, but she doesn’t know what for yet. Jason says he can’t. Neither can the others. He’s cut. Balance has been restored.

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