SYTYCD Season 12 Premiere

The power goes out during day 2. Nigel makes an announcement to the group. There was an underground fire. He says he doesn’t know if they’ll be able to audition them. Really bro? You can’t find a plan B? Have them dance outside… IN THE STREET. CAUSE IT’S STAGE VS STREET. This is awful. Contestants are crying. I hope this has a happy ending after the break.

After the break, the production crew has a generator, and they can only light the stage. The theatre is haunted, apparently. They’re auditioning in groups. If they’re good enough, they get to do a solo. Then we get a montage of the dancers who got to do their solos. 8 more dancers made Team Stage, 10 more made Team Street. We are now done with Memphis, and their lack of power. Godspeed Memphis. Godspeed.

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