SYTYCD Season 12 Premiere

Kiosh Monroe- 22- Pleasant Grove, TX- Street Team – Our next dancer is sure to make Jason feel extra uncomfortable. He’s a character. It’s basically what Courtney did, just not as entertaining. Not that he’s not entertaining, but it’s just a notch below Courtney. I say take the crazy train and let’s send him through and make Vegas absurdly entertaining this year. Paula says he’s fun to watch, but isn’t sure he’s right for the competition. Jason is uncomfortable again. It wasn’t for him. Jason says he should be a workout video person…. so because this show is insane, they ask ladies to get on stage and dance with Kiosh, and make Jason get on stage with him. Kiosh choreographs his madness into the group. Jason can’t even do Kiosh’s choreo, but at least he looks like he’s having fun finally. Paula takes a phone call. Paula calls Richard Simmons, supposedly, who knows. Probably faked. Nigel says No. It’s a No for Kiosh.

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