SYTYCD Season 12 Premiere

Jordan Hilgenberg-19- Clermont, FL- Stage Team – Her mom and stepfather gave up their honeymoon so she could audition. Producers of SYTYCD can’t bother to spell Clermont, FL correctly… anyway… she’s a fabulous contemporary dancer, and her song is beautiful. She’s giving a ton of emotion, her parents are crying. I like this girl. She’s got room to grow, but she’s already so accomplished. Nigel loves her control, and wanted her to use the stage more. He still thinks it was beautiful, even if she was a bit like a bird in a cage. I felt the same way about Andre, and they said nothing about it. To each his own I suppose. Paula tells her mom she has a lot to be proud of. Jason says she was a beautiful dancer, and said she had stunning lines. She’s through to Vegas.

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