SYTYCD Season 12 Premiere

Courtney Barnes- 23- Jackson MS- Street Team – From last season. The guy who did the Wendy Williams impression. I would have put him through for entertainment value, I don’t know how I’ll feel another time around. I’m kinda glad to see him. He’s entertaining. If he just gave a sliver of his personality to some of the other dancers, this show would explode in the ratings. He tries to showcase different styles in his dance. Honestly? I don’t hate it. Obviously, he’d be a no if there wasn’t a Street Team where everyone is SUPPOSED to not be a trained dancer. Jason says it was interesting, and he had never seen a mashup before. He thought it was too many hair whips. Paula says he adds tremendous life to everything and wants to take him everywhere. Nigel says he’s difficult place. Courtney begs, and offers to do Paula’s makeup. Paula is a yes. Jason says no. Nigel gets on the crazy train and says Yes. Jason looks terrified when Courtney hugs him. Jason… you went to AMDA. Calm down.

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