SYTYCD Season 12 Premiere

Andre Rucker- 24- Atlanta, GA- Street Team – He’s a part of Dragon House, and I know I’ve seen Andre before. He auditioned in Season 9 with Cyrus. He had a hard time picking up choreography, and he dropped out. Cyrus’s success has inspired him to return. Lets be honest, we all knew Dragon House would send a few people this season. He’s a sick street dancer. I think he’s gotten better since Season 9, and has a bit more charisma in his performance, which is what we loved about Cyrus. He’s not as stiff as Bluprint. He could do well. My only critique would be to use more of the stage. Jason says he added “wave and tutting”, and he’s never seen it before. Paula applauds his musicality, and his enhancements of certain instrumentations. Nigel calls it really creative. He’s through to Vegas.

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