SYTYCD 16 – Week 4 (Top 6) – POLLS! Vote For Your Favorites

So You Think You Can Dance 2019 Top 6

Last night, So You Think You Can Dance continued to head toward the end of season sixteen. After another two-hour show featuring three group routines, nine duets, and six solos, another two dancers were sent packing. That left us with our final four– the final four that will compete for the title of America’s favorite dancer.

As always, I turn it over to you guys now. What did you think of the top six show? Did you enjoy the addition of All-Stars that danced with the contestants? Did you have a favorite routine or group number? And as we race toward the end, are you solidly behind any one dancer in particular? Lots of polls this week and many choices. Feel free to vote and comment.

We only have two episodes left this season. Next Monday, the final four compete for the last time for your votes, which will be combined with the voting results from this week. In two weeks time, the entire top ten will return to celebrate this past season by dancing some of your favorite routines as Cat counts down the placements and announces our victor. I’ll see you all on Monday night. :)