SYTYCD 14 Academy #3 – Live Blog and Performance VIDEOS

We’re back as the Top 30 are whittled down to a Top 20. They’re learning choreo by Sonya Tayeh first today.

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Sonya gives them a pep talk about EXPLODING. “It’s not fast, it’s stylized.” “Don’t look around. No one is going to make you better but you.” Dassy Lee is terrified. Havoc is one of the few street dancers left, so he has to hold it down. Kevin Davis JR has a struggle with the dance. She tries to pull him back in. He still looks defeated.

And because we need drama, a girl got kicked in the head.
First on stage. Team Gaby.

1) Tapper Evan, Lex, and Natalie- TEAM GABY
Lex was having connection issues. He was super serious in rehearsal. Based on what I’m seeing Natalie is the weakest. Lex is SLAYING THE CHOREO. It was a pretty strong group, but I still think Natalie got outdanced. Natalie is eliminated. 

2) Ramita, Christina, and Sydney- TEAM PAUL
The girl in the front was killing it. I think Ramita was the weakest in this group. Ramita is eliminated.

Abby, Peyton, and Chris Andrews were all listed as cut by their respective All-Stars. We get to see a lot of top 2’s. A lot of them are predictable. In an emotional moment, Comfort cuts Frankie. – Click to Watch Performances VIDEO

Coming up, the fragile child who was kicked in the head needs stitches.

After the break, we resume the drama on Jennifer. She has to go get stitches. Robert tells his final two that he still needs more, but because Jennifer left the competition, they’re both safe.

3) Riley, Kiki, and Kevin Davis- TEAM JENNA
Kevin addresses the moment where he almost broke. Kevin is by far the weakest so he makes up for it by throwing his own style into Sonya’s choreography. Jenna told Kiki that Jazz was his breakout moment. Jenna was disappointed with Kevin’s behavior in rehearsal. She wasn’t connected to Riley,a nd it wasn’t enough. Riley is eliminated.

Now we’re at the Top 20. Cat preps the top 20 by talking about chemistry. The top 20 get to each dance a duet with their all-star. The all-star will pick which one they want to take to the live shows “the Top 10”. – Click to Watch Performances VIDEO

Team Marko
1st- Sofia – She feels gratitude for where she’s at. Paul says Sofia came to life for him. I agree.
2nd- Koine – Koine talks about being ashamed of her Japanese culture while growing up. I feel like she’s the favorite going into this. Honestly, I think Koine connected more with the choreography, and was more open emotionally to it. I think Marko should pick Koine. – Click to Watch Performances VIDEO

Team Gaby
1st- Lex – Gaby wants Lex to smile more. He’s SO SERIOUS. Lex is obviously not a tapper, but he brings some personlaity to the stage. Is it enough?
2nd- Evan – Gaby says that she was pleasantly surprised at how well Evan has done in every round, despite being a tapper. Honestly? Gaby looked better with Evan, but I know Lex is the better dancer. This is really a tough decision.

Then we have a montage of Team Paul (Sydney, Kristina), Team Robert (Jonathan, Taylor), and Team Allison (Zachary, Logan) going through their Top 2 dances. – Click to Watch Performances VIDEO

Team Cyrus
1st- Kaylee – Cyrus notes Kaylee struggles with emoting. I think Kaylee is the better pick for Cyrus, because she’s more versatile in the other styles. They can really do more. She doesn’t struggle so much learning the choreo. Comfort says she looked exposed.
2nd- Havoc – Cyrus notes that Havoc struggles with the choreo, but brings passion. I think Havoc is too much like Cyrus, and when they do other styles it won’t seem as special. They worked well together though.

Another montage- Team Comfort (Mark/Deja), Team Jasmine (Howard, Robert), and Team Fik-Shun-(Dassy/Kyle) I’m going to predict Mark, Robert, and Dassy. – Click to Watch Performances VIDEO

We’re not actually going to get the Top 10 tonight. The Top 10 reveal happens next Monday in a TWO HOUR episode. So next week, we’ll be together twice as long.

Team Jenna
Jenna decided to choreograph two different routines.
1st- Kiki – Kiki got lassoed into the competition. He’s worried he won’t be able to keep up with Jenna. It’s going to be hard for Jenna to not pick the ballroom guy. Kiki and Jenna kiss at the end of the dance.
2nd- Kevin Davis – His son will be watching the show, and he wants his son to know he can follow his dreams. Well… Kevin just stole that spot. That was incredible. It got a standing O from all the All-Stars. They were floored. I thought it was definitely something special. Kevin really committed to the routine 100%. – Click to Watch Performances VIDEO

And like I just said… next week is live. The Top 10 is revealed. Join me for the two hour extravaganza next Monday!

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