SYTYCD 11- Top 14 Perform, 4 Go Home- Live Blog and Discussion

Join us here tonight for the live blog of SYTYCD’s Top 14. Or you can watch Sharknado 2.

Group Number – Last Moment by Christoph Filippi- By Stacey Tookey
What a surprise. A group number… featuring Ricky. Who then wipes poo on his shirt at the end. Odd choice.

Jessica and Casey are our new couple.

Christina Applegate joins the judging panel this week. Nigel and Mary are, of course, also judging.

The Bottom 6 will dance solos.

The SAFE Dancers Are:

Bridget Whitman
Emilio Dosal
Jacque LeWarne
Ricky Ubeda
Tanisha Belnap
Rudy Abreu
Valerie Rockey
Zack Everhart

Your Bottom 6:

Carly Blaney, Jessica Richens, Emily James,
Serge Onik, Teddy Coffey, Casey Askew

I’m still predicting Carly and Serge are saved. Jessica vs Carly is interesting, but I can’t see the judges saving Teddy or Casey.

1) Emilio and Bridget- Jazz with Ray- Long Road To Hell by Avicii
They are demons coming to take your souls. Cool costumes. I’m glad America is finally on baord with Bridget. Emilio also has worked really hard for his Top 10 spot. This dance isn’t doing much for them. Bridget looks awkward in it. Emilio looks OK, and is committing more to it than Bridget. Christina talks about the distinctions of face, and just to make the intentions clear. Christina has turned into a good judge. I can’t put my finger on this piece, but I didn’t love it.

2) Tanisha and Rudy- Contemporary with Mandy Moore- Seduces Me by Celine Dion
Mandy wants to take our breath away. Compared to the last dance? This is a lot better. We’ve seen better contemporary routines this season, but perhaps not from Rudy and Tanisha. I forget sometimes that Tanisha is not a contemporary dancer, because she didn’t struggle so much like the other ballroom girls. Rudy, in his style, is good. This is like a B+. Christina gives it a standing O. Christina says Rudy was never not connected. She’s almost speechless. Mary screams. Mary looks exhausted having to be “loud and energetic” still after 11 seasons. She tells Tanisha she’s sexy, and killing it. Nigel calls it tremendous.

3) Serge’s Solo- Wicked Games
It’s a ballroom solo, so of course it’ll be hard. He’s got fast footwoork. Mary loves Serge, and he’s the last Ballroom male. They started with 3, and the other two went home. I still believe Serge, even though he’s been in the bottom more than the others, will be declared safe so a ballroom male can crack the top 10.

4) Jacque and Zack- Paso Doble by Jean-Marc- Dragula by Rob Zombie
Zack raps a bit. Zack is a Vampire bringing Jacque back to life. What a VERY different Paso Doble. I wonder what Mary will say. It almost feels too slow though, compared to the rock track they’re using. Neither dancer is in their style this week, and you can tell. They both did an adequate job, and the novelty of the act could cause people to vote. The costumes were incredible. Cat make a Hannibal Lecter reference for some reason. The judges are wearing vampire teeth, and Cat makes a rabies joke. Does Cat not know what a vampire is? Mary loved that Zack was in character. Mary loved it, even though it went a little off the rails at the end. Nigel was glad the concept didn’t overshadow the routine. Christina thought it was wonderful, and says Zack has a ton of presence.

5) Carly’s Solo- Not About Angels
It’s a pretty average contemporary solo, to be honest. I’m not blown away.

Cyrus and Twitch promote Step Up All In.

6) Emily and Teddy- Broadway with Warren Carlyle- From This Moment On from Kiss Me Kate
Emily will be back to her business degree in no time. I promise. I could see Teddy on Broadway in the right show. He’s committing 100% to this. He could give Serge a run for his money this week. Emily’s not bad either, but her competition is just too strong, and honestly Teddy is out doing her. His smugness works here. Nigel was disappointed with the end. He wanted more elevation. Nigel thinks they needed it to be stronger. Christina schools them on music theatre history. Christina praises Teddy for his arms, and being out of his style. Mary says it went in and out. Some heavy bussing for Emily and Teddy.

7) Casey’s solo- Kiss Me
We rarely get to see Casey go full out. He’s a stronger soloist than Carly was in the same style.

8) Emily’s solo- Infra 8
There’s something different about her solo. It’s better than Carly’s. More emotion, more unique movement. A little less unpredictable.

9) Jessica and Casey- Contemporary with Travis Wall- Like Real People Do by Hozier
Both Jessica and Casey drew the luck of the heap an got Travis Wall. They’re both in they’re style. They could have a moment. Jessica SO needs to have a moment. Cool lighting. Cool song. I’m barely into the song, and this is the best routine of the night so far. Jessica might have saved herself. But has Casey? Do these two deserve to be saved off of one routine? Standing O from all three judges. A long standing O. Jessica cries. Chrsitina tells Travis to shut his face. Christina thinks Jessica can win, and praises their intention. Christina says that dance changes lives. Christina says they never should be in the bottom again. Mary seconds it. Mary says she could watch the routine over and over. Mary thought Jessica was perfection. I think Jessica is safe. Nigel jokes about how Jessica’s partner is always eliminated. LOL. Not yet Nigel. Too soon.

10) Teddy’s Solo- If I ever Fall In Love
He’s a much better soloist than when he does hip hop choreo in a partnering. I enjoyed it. All three boys had good solos.

11) Serge and Carly – Quickstep by Jean Marc- A Cool Cat In Town by tape Five
Serge is now in his style. This might be in an effort to save Serge. I liked it. It was a bit slow for me, again. Mary thought they did really well. Mary says the Quickstep is out of Serge’s latin style. Not quite the love that Jessica and Casey had, but a solid amount of praise. Nigel says the dancers have been great every week. He looks like he knows he’s sending them home though. Christina says they should have watched some videos from some classic dancers.

12) Jessica’s Solo- Fever by Beyonce
I’m disappointed with all three girls solos tonight. I don’t know if I’d pick Emily or Jessica, just based on the solo alone. Probably Emily, honestly, but I wouldn’t pick her based on the routines tonight.

Based on everything, I’ve got a feeling they’re gonna save Jessica. She got the dance of the night, and danced in her style. It was the redemption that she was looking for, that I assumed she’d never get. Touche, Nigel. Touche. As far as the guys, I think Mary’s gonna fight hard for Serge. Jessica has lost her partner every week, and this week may not be any different. Teddy’s solo was strong, but his routine wasn’t. I can’t see them keeping Teddy.

13) Valerie and Ricky- Hip Hop by Farside and Phoenix- Turn Down For What
He’s a witch doctor. She’s a doll. Finally someone used this song this season. There really isn’t a style that Ricky can’t do. This is sick. Valerie is also doing a really solid job. This is why they are frontrunners. First routine where I can say Valerie wasn’t carried by Ricky. She held her own. Nigel says they were great in character, and reminds us that Ricky is one of the best dancers ever on the show. He thought they were both outstanding, and reminds us they are a power couple. Christina just wanted to meet them. Christina says she could watch it all night. Mary says it was the best number of the night.

National Dance Day Pimp Spot
Fik-Shun and Jenna Elfman danced together

Top 7 Girls- Contemporary by Mandy Moore- My Immortal
Girl Power! Very lovely dresses. Carly killed it. Tanisha and Jessica were strong. I kind of noticed Bridget and Valerie. I lost Emily and Jacque in that routine. Standing O from all three judges. Bridget is sobbing. Christina says they were all beautiful, and calls it a gift from Mandy Moore. Christina references Spinal Tap. Mary says they were beautiful, strong girls. She starts crying, and passes it to Nigel. Nigel says it’s a work of art. Nigel tells Misty she’s wrong for saying the boys are better this year. It’s not that they’re better, the girls are just more evenly matched because there isn’t a Ricky.

The Academy Of Villains- What You Waiting For?
One of the winning dance crews perform. They’ve got cool costumes and makeup. That was really cool.

Top 7 Boys-Contemporary by Travis Wall- Wave
Lost Souls In The Sea. Ricky had a moment. That wave thing was really cool. Zack had a cool scream. Emilio’s toss was cool. Falling off the stage at the end looked cool. Solid routine. The judges give a standing O. Nigel says it felt like they were a coral reef. Nigel says that maybe Misty was a little right. Christina tells Travis to shut his face again. Christina says she comes here because she gets to have this, and she cries a little. She tells them their boobs are showing.

Results Time. I’m saying they save Jessica and Serge. I’m sticking with that.

Also, just read the comments… and thanks so much for throwing me all that love guys. I love doing this. It’s better when you have readers. :)

Nigel says this isn’t easier. Nigel says to treat tonight as a bump in the road. The judges were in agreement. Jessica and Casey step forward. They’ve earned the save.

EliminatedSerge OnikTeddy CoffeyCarly Blaney, and Emily James.

I went in tonight thinking Carly was safe. Then Jessica was given a Travis Wall routine. I had no idea that would happen. Next week, the top 10 dance with All-Stars, I believe. Join me again next week!

Sad to see these guys go? So am I. Sound off in the comments!

Actually, next week’s partnerings are revealed!

Rudy will dance with Jenna Johnson
Jacque will dance with Chehon
Zack will dance with Amy Yakima
Bridget will dance with Brandon Bryant
Ricky will dance with Lauren Froderman
Tanisha will dance with Ryan Dilello
Emilo will dance with Jasmine Harper
Valerie will dance with Ade
Casey will dance with Katherine
Jessica will dance with Twitch

Jacque (Ballet) gets Chehon (Ballet). Are we getting another Ballet routine?
There are a LOT of contemporary dancers there. Amy, Brandon, Lauren, Jasmine, Ade, and Katherine. Some of those must be “jazz” routines. We might even get a Broadway routine out of one of them.

Jessica and Twitch is interesting. Tanisha and Ryan will put Tanisha in her own style.

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