SYTYCD 11- Top 14 Perform, 4 Go Home- Live Blog and Discussion

Join us here tonight for the live blog of SYTYCD’s Top 14. Or you can watch Sharknado 2.

Group Number – Last Moment by Christoph Filippi- By Stacey Tookey
What a surprise. A group number… featuring Ricky. Who then wipes poo on his shirt at the end. Odd choice.

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Jessica and Casey are our new couple.

Christina Applegate joins the judging panel this week. Nigel and Mary are, of course, also judging.

The Bottom 6 will dance solos.

The SAFE Dancers Are:

Bridget Whitman
Emilio Dosal
Jacque LeWarne
Ricky Ubeda
Tanisha Belnap
Rudy Abreu
Valerie Rockey
Zack Everhart

Your Bottom 6:

Carly Blaney, Jessica Richens, Emily James,
Serge Onik, Teddy Coffey, Casey Askew

I’m still predicting Carly and Serge are saved. Jessica vs Carly is interesting, but I can’t see the judges saving Teddy or Casey.

1) Emilio and Bridget- Jazz with Ray- Long Road To Hell by Avicii
They are demons coming to take your souls. Cool costumes. I’m glad America is finally on baord with Bridget. Emilio also has worked really hard for his Top 10 spot. This dance isn’t doing much for them. Bridget looks awkward in it. Emilio looks OK, and is committing more to it than Bridget. Christina talks about the distinctions of face, and just to make the intentions clear. Christina has turned into a good judge. I can’t put my finger on this piece, but I didn’t love it.

2) Tanisha and Rudy- Contemporary with Mandy Moore- Seduces Me by Celine Dion
Mandy wants to take our breath away. Compared to the last dance? This is a lot better. We’ve seen better contemporary routines this season, but perhaps not from Rudy and Tanisha. I forget sometimes that Tanisha is not a contemporary dancer, because she didn’t struggle so much like the other ballroom girls. Rudy, in his style, is good. This is like a B+. Christina gives it a standing O. Christina says Rudy was never not connected. She’s almost speechless. Mary screams. Mary looks exhausted having to be “loud and energetic” still after 11 seasons. She tells Tanisha she’s sexy, and killing it. Nigel calls it tremendous.

3) Serge’s Solo- Wicked Games
It’s a ballroom solo, so of course it’ll be hard. He’s got fast footwoork. Mary loves Serge, and he’s the last Ballroom male. They started with 3, and the other two went home. I still believe Serge, even though he’s been in the bottom more than the others, will be declared safe so a ballroom male can crack the top 10.

4) Jacque and Zack- Paso Doble by Jean-Marc- Dragula by Rob Zombie
Zack raps a bit. Zack is a Vampire bringing Jacque back to life. What a VERY different Paso Doble. I wonder what Mary will say. It almost feels too slow though, compared to the rock track they’re using. Neither dancer is in their style this week, and you can tell. They both did an adequate job, and the novelty of the act could cause people to vote. The costumes were incredible. Cat make a Hannibal Lecter reference for some reason. The judges are wearing vampire teeth, and Cat makes a rabies joke. Does Cat not know what a vampire is? Mary loved that Zack was in character. Mary loved it, even though it went a little off the rails at the end. Nigel was glad the concept didn’t overshadow the routine. Christina thought it was wonderful, and says Zack has a ton of presence.

5) Carly’s Solo- Not About Angels
It’s a pretty average contemporary solo, to be honest. I’m not blown away.

Cyrus and Twitch promote Step Up All In.

6) Emily and Teddy- Broadway with Warren Carlyle- From This Moment On from Kiss Me Kate
Emily will be back to her business degree in no time. I promise. I could see Teddy on Broadway in the right show. He’s committing 100% to this. He could give Serge a run for his money this week. Emily’s not bad either, but her competition is just too strong, and honestly Teddy is out doing her. His smugness works here. Nigel was disappointed with the end. He wanted more elevation. Nigel thinks they needed it to be stronger. Christina schools them on music theatre history. Christina praises Teddy for his arms, and being out of his style. Mary says it went in and out. Some heavy bussing for Emily and Teddy.

7) Casey’s solo- Kiss Me
We rarely get to see Casey go full out. He’s a stronger soloist than Carly was in the same style.

8) Emily’s solo- Infra 8
There’s something different about her solo. It’s better than Carly’s. More emotion, more unique movement. A little less unpredictable.

9) Jessica and Casey- Contemporary with Travis Wall- Like Real People Do by Hozier
Both Jessica and Casey drew the luck of the heap an got Travis Wall. They’re both in they’re style. They could have a moment. Jessica SO needs to have a moment. Cool lighting. Cool song. I’m barely into the song, and this is the best routine of the night so far. Jessica might have saved herself. But has Casey? Do these two deserve to be saved off of one routine? Standing O from all three judges. A long standing O. Jessica cries. Chrsitina tells Travis to shut his face. Christina thinks Jessica can win, and praises their intention. Christina says that dance changes lives. Christina says they never should be in the bottom again. Mary seconds it. Mary says she could watch the routine over and over. Mary thought Jessica was perfection. I think Jessica is safe. Nigel jokes about how Jessica’s partner is always eliminated. LOL. Not yet Nigel. Too soon.

10) Teddy’s Solo- If I ever Fall In Love
He’s a much better soloist than when he does hip hop choreo in a partnering. I enjoyed it. All three boys had good solos.

11) Serge and Carly – Quickstep by Jean Marc- A Cool Cat In Town by tape Five
Serge is now in his style. This might be in an effort to save Serge. I liked it. It was a bit slow for me, again. Mary thought they did really well. Mary says the Quickstep is out of Serge’s latin style. Not quite the love that Jessica and Casey had, but a solid amount of praise. Nigel says the dancers have been great every week. He looks like he knows he’s sending them home though. Christina says they should have watched some videos from some classic dancers.

12) Jessica’s Solo- Fever by Beyonce
I’m disappointed with all three girls solos tonight. I don’t know if I’d pick Emily or Jessica, just based on the solo alone. Probably Emily, honestly, but I wouldn’t pick her based on the routines tonight.

Based on everything, I’ve got a feeling they’re gonna save Jessica. She got the dance of the night, and danced in her style. It was the redemption that she was looking for, that I assumed she’d never get. Touche, Nigel. Touche. As far as the guys, I think Mary’s gonna fight hard for Serge. Jessica has lost her partner every week, and this week may not be any different. Teddy’s solo was strong, but his routine wasn’t. I can’t see them keeping Teddy.

13) Valerie and Ricky- Hip Hop by Farside and Phoenix- Turn Down For What
He’s a witch doctor. She’s a doll. Finally someone used this song this season. There really isn’t a style that Ricky can’t do. This is sick. Valerie is also doing a really solid job. This is why they are frontrunners. First routine where I can say Valerie wasn’t carried by Ricky. She held her own. Nigel says they were great in character, and reminds us that Ricky is one of the best dancers ever on the show. He thought they were both outstanding, and reminds us they are a power couple. Christina just wanted to meet them. Christina says she could watch it all night. Mary says it was the best number of the night.

National Dance Day Pimp Spot
Fik-Shun and Jenna Elfman danced together

Top 7 Girls- Contemporary by Mandy Moore- My Immortal
Girl Power! Very lovely dresses. Carly killed it. Tanisha and Jessica were strong. I kind of noticed Bridget and Valerie. I lost Emily and Jacque in that routine. Standing O from all three judges. Bridget is sobbing. Christina says they were all beautiful, and calls it a gift from Mandy Moore. Christina references Spinal Tap. Mary says they were beautiful, strong girls. She starts crying, and passes it to Nigel. Nigel says it’s a work of art. Nigel tells Misty she’s wrong for saying the boys are better this year. It’s not that they’re better, the girls are just more evenly matched because there isn’t a Ricky.

The Academy Of Villains- What You Waiting For?
One of the winning dance crews perform. They’ve got cool costumes and makeup. That was really cool.

Top 7 Boys-Contemporary by Travis Wall- Wave
Lost Souls In The Sea. Ricky had a moment. That wave thing was really cool. Zack had a cool scream. Emilio’s toss was cool. Falling off the stage at the end looked cool. Solid routine. The judges give a standing O. Nigel says it felt like they were a coral reef. Nigel says that maybe Misty was a little right. Christina tells Travis to shut his face again. Christina says she comes here because she gets to have this, and she cries a little. She tells them their boobs are showing.

Results Time. I’m saying they save Jessica and Serge. I’m sticking with that.

Also, just read the comments… and thanks so much for throwing me all that love guys. I love doing this. It’s better when you have readers. :)

Nigel says this isn’t easier. Nigel says to treat tonight as a bump in the road. The judges were in agreement. Jessica and Casey step forward. They’ve earned the save.

EliminatedSerge OnikTeddy CoffeyCarly Blaney, and Emily James.

I went in tonight thinking Carly was safe. Then Jessica was given a Travis Wall routine. I had no idea that would happen. Next week, the top 10 dance with All-Stars, I believe. Join me again next week!

Sad to see these guys go? So am I. Sound off in the comments!

Actually, next week’s partnerings are revealed!

Rudy will dance with Jenna Johnson
Jacque will dance with Chehon
Zack will dance with Amy Yakima
Bridget will dance with Brandon Bryant
Ricky will dance with Lauren Froderman
Tanisha will dance with Ryan Dilello
Emilo will dance with Jasmine Harper
Valerie will dance with Ade
Casey will dance with Katherine
Jessica will dance with Twitch

Jacque (Ballet) gets Chehon (Ballet). Are we getting another Ballet routine?
There are a LOT of contemporary dancers there. Amy, Brandon, Lauren, Jasmine, Ade, and Katherine. Some of those must be “jazz” routines. We might even get a Broadway routine out of one of them.

Jessica and Twitch is interesting. Tanisha and Ryan will put Tanisha in her own style.

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  1. I think Teddy is gone. Toss up between Casey and Serge. Jessica is in.

  2. SIRMAC-Normally I don’t comment but I am today because I see there aren’t any and I want you to know how much my friends and I (who also do not comment) appreciate your liveblogging the show. In fact, we count on your liveblogging because we are on the west coast and because we are all huge fans of the show. So please know that your efforts are VERY much appreciated and your comments are always interesting. I am a ballroom person (took private lessons for 4 years and I still dance terribly but I LOVE it more than any kind of dance) and will be SO SAD if Serge leaves tonight. He is an amazing ballroom dancer and it is just unfortunate that ballroom (especially international standard which is what quickstep is) rarely translates on television. I am certain that the folks who watch SYTYCD who may never have seen a professional ballroom competition in person, would be blown away by the passion and the energy of it. It is as compelling as any other form of dance. But, I digress. I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for all of your hard work. THANK YOU!

  3. I thought that earlier, but then they were so complimentary toward Casey and they gave Serge the quickstep, so I’m leaning toward Casey staying. Jessica is great in her solos, but has not connected in her partner routines, so I think Carly may slip in.

  4. I actually quite liked the quickstep. Teddy had the best sole but his routine wasn’t that strong imho.

  5. I agree with every word you’ve written. Love these recaps and love Serge. I’ve voted for him every week but I guess not too many others are joining me in that, lol.

  6. Thank YOU for taking the words out of my mouth. I never comment here, but was disappointed to see nobody else did either. My older daughter did stick with dance since she was 3 ( she is now 21) and since she is in College and doesn’t have tv there I love your recaps. She does look up the videos here though after they are posted, so thanks for that too

  7. Yep, count me in on the sirmac thanks and the “seldom post” side. I’m on the west coast, work odd schedules (flight attendant) and don’t have a tv at home. Always, read recap and count on the videos for my dance fix. And Serge has my 40 votes again. Since Maxim isn’t coming back to dwts, maybe Serge can take his place.

  8. I actually like Teddy a lot, and think he is one of the most well-rounded performers, but I’m afraid, compared to the other two, he will be the one sent home tonight.

  9. I agree with Nigel saying the girls are all so evenly matched this year. It’s been very hard to choose which one to vote for, based only on their dancing.

  10. Umm okay I can’t wait to get that boys routine on youtube that was awesome. I mean from start to finish perfection favorite routine of the season, no question.

  11. Welp. Very disappointed to see Serge leave but I am happy Jessica was saved.

  12. Casey really needs to kiss Travis’s feet. No Robert! Sads. Rickey gets Lauren. REALLY!?!?!?!?!? grrrr Glad to see Ryan again!

  13. What a joke. Carly has been the best girl if consistency counts for anything. In my opinion, jessica has only been good when given great routines. With that said, Lauren is back!! Hell yes! I’ll trade all these kids to see Lauren again.

  14. I really thought Jessica had doomed Casey like all of her other partners. tWitch better watch out…that girl is the Black Widow. But she was great tonight. I hope she’s able to shine next week, but next to tWitch? I just don’t know.
    I can’t wait to see Emilio dance with Jasmine…she’s almost a foot taller than him.

  15. THANK YOU! Casey was reaaaaal lucky, when Serge and many of the boys have outperformed him. Casey is so damn bland, but then again, so is most of this cast.

  16. I find that they’re equally matched in their anonymity. I really can’t tell most of those girls apart. With the exception of Tanisha and Jessica, I feel like there’s one girl named Jacque/Bridget/Carly/Emily who keeps coming out to dance with different clothes on. Maybe now they’ll be able to stand out.

  17. +1000. This season’s contestants, compared to last year are so bland. No Amy, Jasmine, Aaron or Fik Shun level dancers. Up until this week, I felt like I couldn’t pick most of them out of a lineup.

  18. Hmmm, I actually like this year’s contestants better. I was a happy with last year’s, but no-one really stood out to me.

  19. I can’t wait for the All-Stars next week. So far, I think that Ricky and Jessica are the strongest male and female dancers, respectively, but with the exception of their dance together, I don’t think they’ve been paired with the best partners. The other cool thing is that they’re both dancing with two of my favorite All-stars: Lauren and Twitch. It doesn’t get much better than that! I also really like Tanisha, Jacque and Zack

    I think the right females were eliminated. but I felt bad for Serge…he’s a great dancer, but getting the quickstep basically sealed his fate. Teddy should have been eliminated a long time ago. However, I also agree with MIsty’s comment about the guys all being terrific.

  20. Really strong show tonight. I don’t usually like Ray Leeper but it was good routine. Stronger dancers would have made it a stand out. I have a love/hate relationship with Jean-Marc but tonight he delivered two strong routines. I was pleasantly surprised with Rudy and Tanisha. Valerie really did hold her own tonight. That leg wave was awesome. Wasn’t impressed with Academy of Villains. Travis…shut your face. Mandy’s routine looked a lot like Stacey Tookey’s routine…but maybe it was the costumes.

  21. So Jessica has hip hop next week? LOL I think Emilio and Jasmine could have a moment with the right choreographer.

  22. So glad Jasmine is an all star. I hope they bring back Aaron too. Can’t wait to see Ade…I loved him in Season 5. I thought he and Brandon should’ve been the Top 2 guys.

  23. I think the show is hitting it’s stride this year. I remember not thinking much of last years crop til top ten anyway. Choreography level is picking up as well. (Oh and I really disliked Aaron…*ducks*)

  24. It’s very likely Emilio and Jasmine are also getting hip-hop. But Jessica’s going to get the lyrical hip-hop routine.

  25. Isn’t Brandon the token disco guy now? So, Bridget and Brandon get the disco. Jacque + Chehon = pas de deux. And Bollywood might make an appearance too.

    And OMG that Travis group routine!

  26. Rudy and Jenna-The Cha Cha
    Jacque and Chehon-Pas de Deux
    Zack and Amy-Jazz
    Bridget and Brandon-Disco
    Ricky and Lauren-Contemporary
    Tanisha and Ryan-Viennese Waltz
    Emilio and Jasmine-Hip Hop
    Valerie and Ade-Contemporary
    Casey and Kathryn-Jazz
    Jessica and Twitch-Hip Hop

  27. Jessica got a prize getting Twitch as her partner. He should bring out another dimension in her dancing. I’m anxious to see this partnership.

  28. Tonight was very strange; I’m generally against someone being saved off of one routine (which is what happened with Jessica tonight) and sent Carly who has probably been the strongest female dancer home. I think Casey was a fair pick as Serge and Teddy have both struggled.

  29. Putting Lauren with Ricky is really an advantage he most certainly doesn’t need. She is wonderful, popular, and him being the front-runner already just seems like his win is already pre-ordained.

  30. I have a feeling that Bridget has been handicapped a bit by Emilio in most routines, and hasn’t allowed herself to shine as much as she could have. Disco with Brandon will show if this has been true or not!

  31. Rudy and Jenna-The Cha Cha I agree (Jenna will chew him up and spit him out, though)

    Jacque and Chehon-Pas de Deux I don’t think so. (Chehon was great at contemporary, too, so I’m going with contemporary)

    Zack and Amy-Jazz I agree

    Bridget and Brandon-Disco I agree

    Ricky and Lauren-Contemporary I disagree. (Lauren was great at Broadway, too, so I’m going with Broadway.)

    Tanisha and Ryan-Viennese Waltz I disagree (Two latin ballroom dancers? They are going to light things up. I predict the Mambo.)

    Emilio and Jasmine-Hip Hop I agree

    Valerie and Ade-Contemporary I agree

    Casey and Kathryn-Jazz I agree (and I hope it’s a dark dirty Sonya piece. Casey needs to ditch the sweet boy next door thing for a night)

    Jessica and Twitch-Hip Hop I agree (and I think it’s going to be hilarious…in a good way.)

  32. Brandon is going to throw her around and I love the thought of it. Doriana Sanchez will be in her element.

  33. Really good show tonight. The new standard of great group routines continued tonight. I think they have hit on something there or maybe it’s just a run of quality choreography.

    Not to much argument with who stayed and who left. I’m surprised Carly was sent home but the choreographers seemed to love her so she should be okay. Would not have kept Rudy but based on what we saw tonight no argument to speak of.

    Casey and Jessica both flirted with being great and were largely consistent all season. They both highlight the importance of drawing the right partner from the get go. Jessica is a gorgeous contemporary dancer.

    The All-Stars look promising. Would have liked to see a Melanie-Ricky-Travis routine. Maybe that will come. The Twitch Jessica seems odd at first glance so that should be interesting.

    Still think it’s going to come down to Ricky and Zach but Jessica or Bridget could edge in there.

  34. They’re probably going to use Jasmine for hip-hop, Brandon for disco and maybe Kathryn for Bollywood.

  35. Poor Brandon. A phenomenal contemporary dancer turned into Nigel’s regular Disco victim. Lol

  36. I agree with you about Ricky and Jessica. Have you noticed that Jessica is out front in most of the group dances? I have a feeling that the choreographers love working with her. And what they think counts for a lot when the judges are making their decisions.

  37. Thank you, SirMac. We went to a baseball game tonight (our team won), so your review was very helpful Thank you for all you do!

  38. For me, it was the best night of dancing so far. Travis Wall is a genius. I look forward to his routines just like I looked forward to Mia’s. I still miss her.

    And I wish Christina Applegate was a permanent member of the panel. She’s the perfect mix of expertise and humor.

    I’m happy with the top 10. I would have liked to see Serge in Rudy’s place. He seems like a nice kid but I’d rather see just about anyone else dance. Casey is lucky he is dancing with Kathryn next week because that girl is amazing at everything she does.

  39. The disco will only show how brave she is. It will not show how great of a dancer she is because Doriana’s disco’s are not dance worthy.

  40. Really didn’t see so much struggling with Teddy, unless you’re talking about the salsa? Anyone would’ve struggled especially if you’re not ballroom. Hopefully, Jonathan will learn to trim his routines. Too trick heavy. They are headed for the all star round like disco.

  41. I think Twitch will look too old. Besides, at this stage you either can or you can’t. There’s no time to foster partnerships. We never got to see her hip hop abilities. She’s supposedly more jazz than contemp, so she may be good.

  42. The men’s group number was out of this world fantastic! This show is really amazing re dancers, choreography and costumes. Really has peaked my interest and enjoyment of dance.

  43. Kathryn is still my favorite female dancer from this show. I’m so glad they keep bringing her back as an all-star. Now where is Jakob Carr?! I’d love to see him with Jessica.

  44. Didn’t think 2 contemp dancers performing a good contemp routine is enough to save the contestants. I just assumed any 2 contemp dancers would be able to perform a good contemp routine. I thought the more deserving person was Teddy. Serge even hit bottom behind latin ballroom. I think most people agree that Carly was the better female contestant. I guess Nigel just loves Jessica

  45. Great improvements on the judging format this year, now the judges aren’t involved anymore like they were last year when they saved Jenna 14 times in a row or whatever.

    This season really needs the all starts. Great dancers but very little charisma. If you long for the old format and glory days of this show, as well as dancers with more personality and stage presence, download sytycd Canada season 3. Best season in the whole world if you ask me.

  46. Is Tanisha easy to spot for her dancing or her… lets say unique look? And Jessica has been pimped so that’s why I think she stands out.

  47. They are certainly doing what they can to push Jessica to the top. Travis routine when she lands in the bottom and Twitch next week. She is a great dancer, but there is something in her style the rubs me the wrong way. She seems to only be able to make it work when the emotion is dependent on sex appear, she doesn’t pull off other emotions well. My fav females since the auditions are Tanisha and Valerie and that hasn’t changed. I agree most of the females blend together. Guys I’ll go with Rickey and Zach. I think last season had far better contestants. Can’t wait for Jasmine!

  48. I’m sorry is everyone missing the obvious? This is reality TV….nothing happens by chance. Carly and Serge were sacrificial lambs for Jessica and Casey to make Top 10. The judges/producers did what they needed to make Jessica shine last night – and she did! The judges made their decisions based on last night’s dances – poof the rest of the season did not matter. Understand – I do not believe Jessica deserved to be in the bottom any more than Carly as neither appeared in bottom 6 but Jessica had a tough run with partners and when she landed in the bottom it was time to lend a helping hand. Did anyone notice the bottom 6 were all paired couples – just saying America’s vote or choreographed save by SYTYCD Judges and producers?

  49. Eh, Kathryn has kinda brought her partner down and pulled focus every time she’s come back as an All Star. I just don’t think she’s a very giving partner dancer. Not a fan.

    I’m most intrigued by Chehon/Jacque, Ricky/LFro and Valerie/Ade. Amy I’m guessing will be Travis’s All Star so that could be a good thing for Zack.

    I hope we get to see Neil, Allison, Melanie, Ellenore, and Jakob at some point. Especially Neil, who has been slaying as an All Star. I also really hope they do that All Star dancing their own choreo thing again with Mark and Travis and Comfort. Benji and Dmitry would be awesome in that regard too I bet.

    Would also like to see Paul again, but I feel like his stand out routines were jazz and contemporary and hip hop rather than in ballroom, which was supposed to be his style, so I’m not sure how that would work.

    Does anyone know if the Bad Boys of Ballet with Jakob are still in the competition on AGT?

  50. That Travis group routine was EVERYTHING. That, and Ricky doing the nae nae lol.

  51. Would it not have been wiser to have a bottom 8 in this week? So “America’s” top 3 of each gender would be guaranteed and then the judges could save 2 of 4 for each gender. I just think they should have changed the rules in this way once Jessica and Carly were in the bottom 3. There is just no way they should go home before Bridgette or even Jacquie and Tanisha in my mind.

  52. Really? I think that was my least favorite top four across the seasons. I actually really enjoy this cast, and was sorry to see any of them leave.

  53. Farside and Phoenix are helping to fill the void left by NappyTabs. I hope they continue with the show.

  54. Definitely her “unique” look. I’m not sure why Nigel is so taken with her. I’m convinced she’s a jazz/contemporary dancer who took advantage of her ballroom training to stand out from the crowd. She rubs me the wrong way just like Jenna did last year. She’s not bad, just wildly overpraised.

  55. I enjoyed them as pairs, because I felt like they made each other better. I don’t know if all of them would’ve made the top 4 if they hadn’t been paired together. I think my all time fave To 4 is from Season 4. Joshua, Katee, Courtney and Twitch were amazing.

  56. Not weird at all…and yes sunchick, that’s the one in the teeny tiny shorts. : D

  57. True…Jasmine’s versatile. She killed hip hop with Comfort last year in the finals.

  58. I think most of these are spot on. I don’t think they’d give Tanisha & Ryan the mambo. I don’t think there’s been one since Season 2 when Natalie & Musa did it. I kind of hope they don’t, because SYTYCD pretty much ruins salsa/mambo. That thing Jonathan Platero did last week was hideous.
    I’d love to see Rudy dance with Witney…should would wipe the floor with him. I am looking forward to Jessica dancing with Twitch. I think it will be entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

  59. Shorts, briefs…they looked like spankys. Whatever they were, they were working for him. O_O

  60. So how can you say they “murdered” it? If I remember correctly Heidi and Benji did one, as well, and it was pretty good (she was spinning under his leg at one point.) So that’s two. The rumba has a worse track record, imho, than the salsa. I will grant you that Jonathans choreo was pretty bad, but then so was Benji’s west coast swing. Not all past contestants can be Travis though. Glad that Ryan is return. I love me some Pasha but I always thought Ryan got bum rap in his season.

  61. Some salsa dancers go super heavy on the tricks. Alex De Silva did a mambo in Season 2 that was pretty good. There were no tricks..lots of turns and footwork. I’d love to see more of that. SYTYCD Canada had a good salsa choreographer named Gustavo Vargas…I’d love for him to do the US show.

  62. If Calvin Klein ever needs an underwear model they know who to call..*ahem*

  63. Mmmm, she was great at hip hop and contemporary but I don’t recall her being great at broadway or jazz. Decent, but not great.

  64. I totally went and YouTube’d it just now. Yes indeed. ????????????????

  65. Hmmm, I’d have to go with season 2 or 3…. I mean, Travis/Benji/Heidi/Donyelle….but then there’s Neil/Danny/Lacey/Sabra… It’s a tie. Season 4 would be up there too if we were talking top six because then you have Mark and Chelsea in the mix.

  66. I never said “murder”. I admit…my issue with salsa/mambo on SYTYCD is probably a fine point to most. There’s ballroom salsa/mambo and what ballroom dancers call “street” salsa/mambo. It’s kind of a diss they throw out to dancers they feel aren’t “trained”. A lot of ballroom choreographers throw in way too many tricks and don’t have the contestants actually dance. Now, that may be because they can’t pick it up in such a short time period or it could be for television. Maybe they think that the audience won’t appreciate it without all the lifts and tricks. The choreo that Heidi & Benji did was definitely ballroom. The salsa/mambo I saw on SYTYCD Canada was a lot better. Also, I wish that they’d use actual salsa/mambo music, and not just something that sounds sorta Latin. Many times they don’t.
    Ryan is good, but I always thought he & Ashleigh rode the marriage angle into the Top 6. They could dance, but their face pulling drove me crazy.

  67. Oh and another performance i’d like to acknowledge is Jessica and Casey’s contemporary by Travis Wall. I simply love his choreography it was so beautiful. Travis is truly gifted.

    Now Jessica and Casey performed it perfectly. The lighting, the outfits and the music were spot on too. Sometimes them outfits are hit and miss. And all I can do is go what were the designers/ stylists thinking. But this time they got it right the outfit just floated around Jessica.

  68. And the last performance I really enjoyed was Valerie and Ricky’s Hip hop which doctor performance. They did a solid job with it. They could of hit harder and flowed into a few moves better but it was still good. I really dug the choreography it was so cool. The outfits were on point and the the song was cool it got me going right from the start.

  69. So umm I just rewatched Travis wall’s Wave piece again and it is giving me life. He should win a Emmy, a Grammy, a Tony, the Nobel Peace prize, anything and Everything. Just start throwing trophies at their feet. That piece was glorious. I just want to bow down and say i’m not worthy. How does Travis come up with stuff like that it was beautiful, haunting and made you wanna cry all these emotions. The outfits, lighting, and dancers everything worked. I get why after the performance all the guys huddled up and started jumping around they know they nailed that. PERFECTION.

    I am not even exaggerating if you don’t feel excited /moved after that check your pulse.

    Okay gotta watch it again. :)

  70. Well you seem to really know dance. All I know is what I see on SYTYCD. :P and my favorite mambo was between Baby and Johnny..*ahem* So things that bother you wouldn’t bother me as much. I basically chose mambo because it would be unexpected. We always see tango, samba, rumba, etc etc etc. it would be different and fresh in a sea of jazz, contemp, and hiphop. I would like to see some real latin music. Nigel likes to “educate us on dance” so show us some real music every once in a while.:) I don’t think the marriage thing was played out (see Rudy/Jacque for that). Plus Ashleigh and Jakob were so awesome together that Ryan was an after thought. I guess we’ll see if he’s corrected the over acting…

  71. Can I say that I LOVE Dirty Dancing and I did like Baby & Johnny’s mambo at the Shell Drake (can you tell how many times I watched it?)

  72. I think that saving someone off a full routine is better than saving someone off of a dance for your life solo….

  73. I love Travis Wall’s choreographies too. Whoever gets him as their all-star partner (if he does it) will be very lucky.

  74. If Ricky had been dancing with Jacque or Jessica for the past three weeks, I’d completely agree. But instead, he spent the past 3 weeks supporting a dancer who was nowhere in his league, so I think he deserves to dance with someone like Lauren at this point, I’ve also been waiting to see what he can do with a partner at Lauren’s level for a while, now. I also think that if the less impressive dancers keep getting paired with the best dancers, then all it does is levels the playing field. I think it’s fine to do that in the early stages of the competition, but to do it at this stage of the competition, when, wouldn’t be fair to the better dancers.

  75. I would agree with you if the show didn’t push Ricky so hard. Jakob Karr and Billy Bell were both as talented as Ricky and yet they weren’t pushed for to this degree. Ricky gets the focus in group routines. Ricky gets judges praise even when he’s not the one dancing…his talent really speaks for itself. He doesn’t need Lauren. The all stars are all stars for a reason.

  76. I don’t disagree with that, but I’m always a bit disheartened when someone is chosen for a single performance rather than body of work is all. Jessica has been struggling for weeks and lucked out with a Travis Wall routine.

  77. I completely agree. The ridiculous music selection is one of the reasons I have a tough time watching DWTS. SYTYCD is a little better, in terms of music, but not always. And I agree about the salsa…I wish it was more like the real salsa that you see in clubs…I feel the same way about the Argentine tango sometimes….once in a while they choreograph one that feels very authentic, but it doesn’t happen often.

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