Big Brother 16 Episode 16 – Recap and Discussion

Whoa, what a crazy episode of Big Brother. Zach is really bringing the entertaiment this season. The show would be more boring without him. I think although he’s crazy, he’ll be around for awhile as people see him as a shield for themselves. It will be interesting to see if Team America keeps using him for missions. If they do, they might eventually lead to his demise in the game. Another major thought I had while watching this episode was that Amber is getting a bad edit. If you’ve kept up with the live feeds, you know that Caleb is the crazy one and not Amber. It will be interesting to see how Caleb plays the game if Amber goes home. Anyway, onto tonight’s recap.

We start the show with a recap of Sunday’s episode with Frankie mentioning that his ultimate goal this week is to take Amber out of the house. We also see Zach going crazy on Nicole and Christine at the nomination ceremony and that Team America has failed their mission at the nomination ceremony. They will have 1 more chance to complete it at the veto meeting.  When the recap is over, we see Christine and Nicole celebrating their Battle of the Block victory. Both are super excited to be off the block and are equally happy that Frankie will remain the Head of Household for the week since they don’t’ really like Zach. Frankie and Zach also confirm that the plan to backdoor Amber is still on and Zach wants Frankie to pick him to play in veto so nothing goes wrong with their ultimate plan. Meanwhile, Jocasta is in the fire bedroom comforting Victoria who is upset that she is still on the block. Jocasta encourages her to keep her head up and go fight for the veto.

We then go to Frankie, Cody, and Zach in the Head of Household room where Zach wants them to enter into an alliance with Hayden called the “Bros.” Cody mentions to Zach that he does NOT want to be in another alliance. Zach tells him that he’s either with them or against them and Cody seems go along with the idea a little more. After this, Zach then goes down to the living room to mess with Christine and Nicole who are “Have Nots” by eating food in front of them. They are not thrilled with him. Christine starts to question why she is an alliance with him while  Cody mentions that Zach could turn into another Devin if they’re not careful with him.

Frankie  goes to try to calm Zach down and tells him to not be so mean towards the other houseguests. Frankie wants him to do this so he won’t have to put him on the block if the “house” wants it. He then talks to him and tells him that he CAN go off on Amber at the veto meeting. Zach seems for this idea. We then cut to Nicole in the backyard doing a “striptease” for Hayden, getting out of her Germatard. After this we go to Victoria who is also in the backyard watching some of the guys play pool. Hayden is out there and he sees her and mentions that he could use her in the game. He also tells her that if she picks him to play  in the veto competition, he’ll use it to save her from the block. Naturally, she agrees to his offer. Nicole sees Hayden and Victoria in the backyard and is not happy with either of them.

We cut back into the house where we see Derrick called into the Diary Room. We see him reading a letter and looking really heartbroken. He then informs us and his fellow houseguests that his grandfather has passed away. The houseguests are stunned when they learn of this news. However, Derrick decides to stay in the game and uses his grandfather as his motivation to keep going. We go to commercials.

When we come back from commercials, we see Caleb and Amber in the kitchen. He asks her a simple question and she proceeds to ignore him. Caleb has no idea why she is ignoring him and the other guys in the house proceed to rile him up even more. This whole situation is really terrible. Caleb then says that he is no longer a romantic and is just “beast mode cowboy” and adds that he is no longer helping Amber in the game. We then go to Zach and Frankie in the Head of Household bedroom who are acting super affectionate. Zach tells us in the Diary Room that he’s not gay but if he was Frankie would be his “type’ while Frankie questions why Zach hasn’t made a move on him. This segment is nice to see after last season.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Jocasta wants Donny’s name chosen because she feels that since he saved her before, he’d do it again. Frankie picks first and chooses Donny much to the delight of Jocasta. Victoria goes second and gets “Houseguest Choice.”  She chooses Hayden to play in the competition. Finally, Jocasta picks Christine who mentions that she wants to keep the nominations the same this week because she doesn’t want Amber out but the boys do. Zach and Frankie  proceed to celebrate the veto players in the kitchen. Amber comes up to them and mentions that she wants nominations to stay the same.

There’s another awkward encounter with Caleb and Amber in the living room and Caleb ends up upstairs in the Head of Household room to tell Frankie and Jocasta what happened. Frankie encourages Caleb to stay away from Amber and adds that his plan is working out perfectly. We go to commercials and come back to the veto competition. This week’s competition has a cowboy theme which makes Caleb mad that he isn’t playing. In the competition, the houeguests have to rock their “horse” 60 times to get 30 seconds to stack 15 gold bars onto their horseshoe. If they fall short on time, they can agree to eat slop for a week to get back in the game. The 1st person to stack all of their gold bars and hit their buzzer will be the winner. In the competition, Jocasta agrees to take slop for a week to keep going while Hayden ends up winning the competition after  a somewhat tight race between himself, Jocasta, and Christine.

Next, it’s time to carry out the rest of the plan to backdoor Amber. The guys of the house are in Head of Household room discussing what Hayden has to do when Amber walks in. The room is super awkward. Zach mentions to us that the plan is still to get Caleb to agree to nominate Amber for eviction this week. Caleb has no idea that she’s actually the target and agrees to it to give her a “scare” after the way she’s been treating him lately. After this, we get another Team America meeting where they talk about how Zach will go off on Amber at the veto meeting. Donny seems excited at this idea while Derrick adds that Zach is “predictably unpredictable.”

It’s time for the veto meeting. Hayden asks each of the 2 nominees why they should be safe from eviction this week. Jocasta tells Hayden that she is “loyal and trustworthy” and mentions that Hayden is not her target for eviction. Victoria tells Hayden that he should use the veto on her because she has proven that she can be a competitor. After thinking about it, Hayden decides to use the Power of Veto on Victoria. It is then up to Frankie to name a replacement nominee and he doesn’t hesitate to nominate Amber.

The houseguests think the veto meeting is over until Zach declares that he has something to say to Amber that’s been bothering him lately. He proceeds to tell her: “Amber, you’re sitting right where you belong, and you’re on your way out the door. I couldn’t be happier. Beast mode Cowboy has already saved you twice in this game. He risked $500,000 for you, more than all of your boyfriends have spent on you combined. When you were both have-nots, not everyone gave you their blankets. Beast mode Cowboy gave you his blankets. And to top it all off, he ate a pickle. A frickin’ pickle. The food he hates more than anything in the world. He nearly threw up all over the kitchen just so you would go on a date with him. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

She just decides to ignore him which means that Team America was NOT successful in their mission this week and the veto meeting concludes. Jocasta is happy that Zach went off on Amber because she feels she could be safe this week.

Who will be evicted tomorrow: Amber or Jocasta? Who will become the new Heads of Household? Tune in tomorrow night to find out!