SYTYCD 10- Top 20 Discussion and Recap

We’re treated immediately to our first dance of the night to Puttin On the Ritz. It’s a group hip hop number that features even our judges dancing, like Nigel, Christopher Scott, and other choreographers. Mary Murphy appears near the end.

Nigel and Mary are joined by Wayne Brady.

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1) Mariah Spears and Carlos Garland- Jive by Jason Gilkynson- Get It Right by Fantasia
A krumper and a contemporary dancer. If I’m being honest, Mariah just doesn’t have it in the ballroom arena. I like her, but this is almost like Dancing With The Stars. Her kicks aren’t nearly high enough, and they’re noticeably below Carlos’s. Carlos is doing a pretty decent job of following the choreography. His personality is showing. The spins aren’t fast enough. I think they’re in danger tonight, especially Mariah. Mary says it was really fast. She called it labored, and said it lost the bounce. She tells Mariah that her feet are turning in. Wayne says it was good from an entertainment stand point. He said it looked frantic. Nigel said they were lacking in the style, but they had energy, and he thinks they’re safe.

Carlos: 855-GO-HIM-01
Mariah: 855-GO-HER-01
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2) Jasmine Mason and Alan Bersten- Contemporary by Travis Wall- Can’t Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson
A jazz dancer and a ballroom dancer. The audience literally applauds when Travis is announced as the choreographer. They’re blindfolded during the piece. Travis has turned into quite a choreographer, filling a void left by Mia’s absence. This routine is so much better than the last one. Jasmine is terrific, and you’d have no idea that this wasn’t Alan’s style. He’s really strong. This is a really sexy routine, and the song choice is perfection. For a couple put together recently, they have strong chemistry. Wayne calls it beautiful. He says he was never worried about them. He loved the trust drop. Nigel says the choreography was beautiful, and they danced it well. He didn’t get the full emotion from Alan, but he did from Jasmine. Mary says they danced it beautifully. She calls Jasmine light, and like a butterfly. Mary tells them they had a good connection and chemistry.

Alan: 855-GO-HIM-02
Jasmine M: 855-G0-HER-02
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3) Malece Miller and Jade Zuberi- Jazz by Travis Wall- Silver Screen by Felix da Housecat
A contemporary dancer and an animator. They have rave reviews for a film they were in, but the critics didn’t like Jade’s performance. LOL. Malece has one of the weakest dancers in the competition as her partner. Luckily, Jazz isn’t too far away from hip hop, and Jade is really trying here. He’s so short. Malece isn’t quite as adult sexy as I think she’s shooting for. It’s a little high school still. Jade tried really hard. I just thought overall that it was so-so. Nigel saw this in the dress rehearsal, and thought it was terrible. He loved this version though. He thought Malece was striking. He thought Jade was strong. Wayne said Jade turned this into “So You Think You Can Pimp?” Wayne also didn’t love it in the dress run. Wayne criticizes Jade’s lines a bit. Mary says she loves Jade’s confidence. She says Malece got in touch with her diva.

Jade: 855-GO-HIM-03
Malece: 855-GO-HER-03
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4) Jenna Johnson and Tucker Knox- Broadway by Tyce Diorio- That’s All by Kevin Spacey (from Beyond The Sea)
This is a really strong pairing. Ballroom and Contemporary. I feel good about these two. There’s a clothesline on the set, with some sheets for their props. Tucker is pretty great as a nerdy type, and Jenna is crazy sexy in her role. My second favorite routine so far of the night. These two should be safe. Great choreography from Tyce. Mary said it was fun, playful, and flirtatious. She felt really good during the number. She tells them they both look like Broadway stars. Wayne calls Tucker amazing, and finds himself at a loss of words. He says that Tucker reminds him of Donald O’Connor. Wayne says Jenna reminds him of Syd Charice and Gwen Verdon. Nigel calls them a power couple. He thinks they’ll turn in some great routines in the coming weeks.

Tucker: 855-GO-HIM-04
Jenna: 855-GO-HER-04
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5) Brittany Cherry and BluPrint- Afro Jazz by Shaun Cheeseman- Drumming Circle by Professor Trance and the Energizers
That sucks that Brittany got stuck with BluPrint. They do some floor-stuff, and they aren’t pumping at the same time. I have to commend BluPrint on not being a trainwreck. Brittany is fantastic. She’s killing this choreography. A dark horse perhaps? BluPrint was just sufficient for me. Cat tries to dance part of the routine, and Wayne can’t stop laughing. Wayne tells BluPrint that he was amazing. He loved the barrel turn. He calls Brittany strong, and tells her she has the “motherland” in her. lol. Nigel says Brittany looked at home. Nigel also says BluPrint did one of the best routines that he’s ever seen with an untrained dancer… and then tries to talk about BluPrint’s race, and how he didn’t grow up in a jungle… and somewhere I’m sure, someone was offended. lol. Mary puts them on the hot tamale train.

BluPrint: 855-GO-HIM-05
Jenna: 855-GO-HER-05

6) Alexis Juliano and Nico Greetham- Hip Hop by Christopher Scott- Last Time by Labrinth
They don’t have swag yet. But they hope to get swag in this routine. Nico has a problem looking masculine in this routine. He’s too trained for the hip hop grit. Alexis is pretty great. Nico reminds me of Billy Bell trying to do hip hop. It’s just not working for me. Alexis was great. Nigel says that Alexis is tremendous. Nigel didn’t think they felt the routine. They didn’t get down and dirty. It didn’t work for him. Mary thinks they are great dancers, and the people love them. She says it didn’t sit right. She tells them it wasn’t in the pocket. Wayne tells them to adapt and not fall back on what’s comfortable.

Nico: 855-GO-HIM-06
Alexis: 855-GO-HER-06

7) Makenzie Dustman and Paul Karmiryan- Waltz by Jason Gilkynson- I’m With You by Avril Lavigne
Makenzie is paired up with the foreign SYTYCD winner. He is doing a waltz, but he’s a latin dancer. These two look great. There’s a bench for them to use. Unlike Mariah and Carlos earlier, I think Makenzie and Paul are perfection. Makenzie is beautiful. Paul is a strong partner for her. One of the best routines of the night. Mary says it was beautiful, romantic, and a fairy tale. Mary was surprised this was Paul’s first time. Wayne says they should be on top of a wedding cake. He and Mary both loved the same lift. Nigel compares it to Roman Holiday (so did Cat). He thinks it was beautiful

Paul: 855-GO-HIM-07
Makenzie: 855-GO-HER-07

8) Jasmine Harper and Aaron Turner- Jazz by Sonya Tayeh- Bottom of the River by Delta Rae
Sonya says this routine is swampy and aggressive. Great song. Never heard of it. Want to download it immediately. Jasmine is terrific. Aaron is a great dancer, but he needs to work on his serious face. He looks like a super strong partner on stage, and has a ton of masculinity to match the strength of the choreography. Not the best of the night, but very close. Wayne thinks Jasmine is amazing, powerful, strong. He does a Lil C impression. Wayne knows Aaron’s father, who is a Vegas performer. Wayne calls Aaron a sexy cat. Nigel is grateful to Sonya’s choreography. Nigel is so happy that Aaron is really good, and will be around a long time. He says Jasmine’s legs go on forever. He calls them another “power couple”. Mary agrees they are a power couple. Mary also liked Jasmine’s legs, and her extension. She also comments on her technique, and the power in which she moves. Mary tells Aaron he’s more than just a tap dancer.

Aaron: 855-GO-HIM-08
Jasmine H: 855-GO-HER-08

9) Hayley Erbert and Curtis Holland- Hip Hop by Christopher Scott- Go by Delilah
Hayley is an intruder, and needs to be really confident. Hopefully this Hip Hop is better than the last. The story is stronger than the last dance, giving them more to work with. Curtis looks more like a hip hopper, and is killing the choreography. Hayley is bringing sexy back in spades though. I think these two are probably safe. Nigel says he hopes Alexis and Nico were watching, because they were tremendous, and they had swag. Mary said they had tons of stage presence. She calls Hayley a vixen and tells Curtis that he was right together with her. Wayne tells Curtis he’s proud of him. His little brother has grown up.

Curtis: 855-GO-HIM-09
Hayley: 855-GO-HER-09

10) Amy Yakima and Fik-Shun- Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh-Elsa by The Valerie Project
Amy has unresolved issues in this dance. Fik-Shun surprised Sonya with his abilities. Did we save the best for last? Amy is crazy good. Her intensity is amazing. And Fik-Shun? He’s tremendous in this. You wouldn’t know he was an untrained dancer. incredible. His lifts? Awesome. I think the blindfold routine packed more of an emotional punch, but this is my favorite performance of the night. Stunning work. Standing ovation from the judges and the audience. These two are contenders for the finale. Mary says Sonya was on fire tonight. Mary says Amy’s intensity blows her mind. Mary asks Fik-Shun what it was like to do what he did. Fik-Shun says the routine takes him to a different place. Wayne says Fik-Shun carries on a great tradition. Wayne actually thought that was his style, because he wasn’t familiar with Fik-Shun until now. Nigel calls Amy a beast. He was blown away by Fik-Shun. It’s his favorite of the evening.

FikShun: 855-GO-HIM-10
Amy: 855-GO-HER-10

SHOULD BE BOTTOM 3: Nico, Alexis, Mariah, Carlos, Malece, and Jade
GOING HOME: Nico, Mariah, Malece, and Carlos. I think they’ll save Alexis (the tapper) and Jade (because his solo will kill it, and they seem to think he did a pretty good job on the routine).

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