SYTYCD 10- Mac’s Top 12 Power List

Last week, I correctly predicted Curtis and Alexis as eliminated. This week my predictions:


6) Alan Bersten
Alan has been in the bottom three times now. And the judges don’t seem to be baffled by those appearances, either. Of all the guys, he’s statistically the weakest link. Curtis wasn’t able to dance for his life, Tucker is. That’s a game changer for Tucker. If Alan winds up making his 4th bottom 3 appearance this week, will the judges save him again?

5) Tucker Knox
Should Tucker hit the bottom this week, he would ONLY have the dance-for-your-life to save him. He will really need to dance hard to stay alive. His saving grace would be Alan, who is the perpetual Bridesmaid. This is a tough call this week, but if a doctor tells Nigel that Tucker will be 100% next week, he might keep Tucker and axe Alan.

4) Nico Greetham
He’s already appeared in the bottom once, and might see another appearance in the bottom this week. He’s starting his struggle, but he should be safe this week against Alan or Tucker.

3) Paul Karmiryan
Paul is in a holding pattern this week. Still #3.

2) Fik-Shun
Fik-Shun was solid in his routine last week, but then got singled out in the group number for lacking technique. Aaron wasn’t singled out. This week goes to Aaron.

1) Aaron Turner
Aaron stole his number this week. He also wasn’t singled out by the judges during the group performance for lacking technique.

6) Makenzie Dustman
Makenzie has now been in the bottom 3, THREE times, and the judges act baffled by it every week. Nigel even answered defiantly last week, as if he plans to single handedly carry Makenzie to the finale on his back. That being said, she’s been in the bottom more than any other girl. Even if Nigel carries her for a fourth time, she still has to be at the bottom of any power list.

5) Jenna Johnson
Jenna has seen the bottom twice, once less than Makenzie. The judges were pretty surprised when she hit the bottom also. Honestly? The six girls left are pretty solid. I think Jenna might be going this week, since they seem to enjoy Makenzie more. Unless… Malece.

4) Malece Miller
Something tells me that with all the talk about Nigel and his Pixies, he just doesn’t appreciate Malece as much as the other girls. I think if she were to hit the bottom this week, even though it would be her first showing, Nigel would cut her in favor of Jenna and Makenzie, two girls he makes an awfully big fuss about.

3) Hayley Erbert
I think Hayley is in some danger of hitting the bottom 3 this week (it’s either her or Malece), but I do not think they’ll cut her in her first appearance. Hayley’s got fans, and they’re also sitting on the judges panel.

2) Amy Yakima
Amy danced just fine last week. I think Jasmine is “more safe” this week because her fans should have been sparked by her bottom 3 appearance last week. And, Nigel’s refusal to save her over Makenzie.

1) Jasmine Harper
Can Jasmine actually win? That’s the real question here. She hit the bottom once, which isn’t a gigantic deal, but it is worth discussing. If she hits the bottom again, we may have to start talking about an Amy/Hayley top 2.

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