Syesha Mercado Exit Interviews

Syesha Mercado fought hard to stay in the race. Despite seeming to always end up in the bottom, she didn’t let it break her optimism. She kept plugging away, until her strong will and work ethic were no match for TPTB who were determined to have a David and David finale. Syehsa sure gave them a run for their money, and I would imagine, a little scare.

Check out excerpts from her exit interviews with the press yesterday, after the JUMP…

Sources: USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, MTV, EOnline

  • How did her Dad’s struggles with drugs and alcohol shape her as a person? “Well, the struggles that we go through, Ive always seen it as something that can either make you or break you. For me, it made the strong, sincere, humble person that I am. Having my dad struggle through that really made me sad a lot of my life, but it actually made me understand people more and be more forgiving. I told myself that Im not going to let this determine my future, that Im going to do something good. Im going to help my dad and encourage him and be there for him. Im going to make him proud so he makes me proud. And that what happening now — he sees me doing something good and it really motivating him to stay sober and clean. It a beautiful story to tell. One day Ill tell it, maybe in a book.”
  • Who is she as an artist? “Im a mix of a lot of things. I think that why people are like, “Oh she Broadway, ” because they see me doing some Broadway singing. Im just like a black Christina Aguilera/Alicia Keys. I definitely see myself (as something of a combination of) a Christina Aguilera album, the one she just recently did, and an Alicia Keys album, The Diary of Alicia Keys. I like pop and R&B and the new school/old school thing. Im growing as an artist, Im evolving, and Im glad that I did do American Idol because people were able to see that transition that I went through, and Im still learning about myself every day. I think that the beauty of doing this competition. You learn so much. People will know who I am. Youll know who I am, once I put out that album.”
  • On choosing the song “Fever”, “Everything happens for a reason. There were a couple of songs I had my heart set on that were songs I felt from the heart. I felt if I had sung those songs I would have touched a lot of people and changed people’s opinions of what I could do. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to do them.”
  • Which songs were those? “I’ve been told not to say. But the song I most enjoyed was ‘If I Ain’t Got You.'”
  • About the producer’s choice song, “I knew I had to do the song they gave me. I didn’t feel it was as recognizable to the older public. My nieces and nephews love that song and their ages range from 2 to 6. They’re not really the people who are voting. Maybe it did put me at a disadvantage. I never really thought about it like that.”
  • Behind the scenes with the boys, “As the competition went on and there were fewer people, it became different. In the beginning it was all fun and games, and then it got serious and our relationships became more intimate. I felt like I was their sister. Someone was always saying, ”Can you tap David on the shoulder for me?” and I felt like I had to go get my brother to sign someone’s autograph.”
  • About her Style “In the beginning I was having a hard time with my stylist. Some things I wore I wasn’t very happy with, but it got better over the weeks. It helped me when I was on stage to have a look that was different from normal Syesha, which is jeans and sneakers. I wanted something that made me feel like a star. But the hair was a long process. That’s the one thing the boys never had to go through. It took so long.”
  • She didn’t necessarily think it was going to be a David/David finale, “I heard rumors that it was going to be a David-Syesha finale. I was thinking it was going to be a miraculous change in voting, that little girls stopped voting for David Archuleta and a cloud of votes came in for me. But I had a feeling I was going home, especially after the bad commentary I got for two of the songs I did. At this point in the game there couldn’t be any harsh comments. I’m at peace with everything I’ve done, though. I learned a lot.”
  • About her experience on The One “I think all of us had advantages. A lot of us had a lot of experience beforehand. I dont think it hurt me. It really let me know what in store, because it kind of was the same format but more reality. So people got to see my personality. With American Idol it’s not as much reality behind the scenes, but more about the hour show and being on stage, and a lot of my songs werent showing who I really was. I think it definitely prepared me a lot for this show.”
  • What’s special about the two Davids? “Of course, they are unique. David Archuleta has the beautiful smile and really good connection with kids, the younger audience, and David Cook has that connection with the younger audience, the girls go crazy over him, and the older audience too, because he really charming. I feel like Im a little sister and a big sister to both the Davids. Once everybody was gone, we really had a chance to have a really more intimate relationship. Just have fun and kind of that brotherly/sisterly love. And people would be like, “Oh my gosh, I love you so much. Syesha, Syesha, could you tap David on the shoulder for me?” And Im like, “Ooookay. Sure, guys.” (chuckles) So it was that kind of relationship. This competition could go any way. I just wish them both the best of luck, and it all about what the voters want.”
  • What Broadway musicals would she like to do?Once on This Island, The Color Purple, Aida, Chicago, whatever. I love musical theater. I love regular music too. Im not just Broadway. I love so many things but given the opportunity to do a Broadway musical, Id do Once on This Island. I played it twice during high school and I would love to do it on Broadway. If they have to make my skin dark, Im all for it.”
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