Survivor Season 45 Week 8 Recap and Live Blog (RESULTS)

Survivor 45
(L-R): Top row: Dee Valladares, Kellie Nalbandian, Julie Alley, Emily Flippen, and Katurah Topps; Bottom row: Bruce Perreault, Kendra McQuarrie, Jake O’Kane, Austin Li Coon, and Drew Basile at Survivor Auction. Photo: CBS ©2023 

Survivor Season 45 Week 8 Recap, Live Blog and Results

A new episode of Survivor airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The castaways return to camp after the double tribal councils. Drew trusts Emily even more since she voted with him. He also still wants Bruce to go. Jake admits he can’t be reckless anymore. He voted for Julie with Kaleb, but the plan to go to a 3-3 vote did not work. Bruce says Jake became a liability tonight. Jake wanted to make a move instead of following the herd; he wanted to better his position. Jake explains to Julie he wanted to save Kaleb. It wasn’t necessarily a move against Julie. Julie says there is no way she can work with Jake anymore.

The next morning, the women point out how they outnumber the men 6-4. Julie says she would love a women’s alliance, but it’ll be complicated since she’s in a tight alliance with Austin and Drew. They discuss targeting Bruce, and Kellie says this works for her. She says he’s dragging her game, so she’s ready to cut him loose.

Later in the afternoon, they get a message that the Survivor Auction is back. Before they depart, they must collect money in the jungle. There are forty bamboo tubes hidden in the jungle containing money. They can bring back one tube at a time before returning for another tube of cash. Bruce cannot find any bamboo tubes, but he finally finds one. Everyone else find several tubes, but each one contains a different amount of money.

Survivor Auction

The castaways arrive at the Survivor Auction. Jeff lets them know ahead of time there are no advantages available. He also says the auction will end without warning. There’s another twist. Whoever has the most money by the end of the auction will lose his or her vote at the upcoming tribal council. The first item is pretzels and beer. Kendra buys it for $360. The second item is French fries and soda. Kellie buys it for $500. The third item will remain covered. Emily buys it for $440. She bought a meat and cheese platter with a glass of wine. The fourth item is a chocolate milkshake. Dee buys it for $900. The fifth item will remain covered. Katurah buys it for $480.

Katurah worries it’s something bad, so Jeff offers her another covered dish to trade. Katurah chooses to keep the first one. Jeff reveals it’s two giant fish eyes. Katurah doesn’t want it, so Jeff offers it to the others. Austin buys it for $100.

Drew buys the next covered item for $520. It’s a bowl of candy. The seventh item is pizza. Austin buys it for $600. The eighth item is a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Julie buys it for $420. Jeff says the next item can be shared. It’s chocolate cake. Jake buys it for $340. He chooses to share it with Julie and Bruce. The tenth item is a PB&J sandwich, potato chips, and a margarita. Kellie buys it for $200. Jeff reveals that was the last item. Bruce had the most money remaining with $80, so he has lost his vote tonight.

A confessional

The tribe returns to camp. We hear a confessional from Kendra discussing when she met her biological father when she was 18 years old. Afterwards, we see game talk. Emily trusts Drew and Austin more than the women, so she reveals to Drew about discussions about an all-women alliance. She says Bruce and Jake are the first two targets. Drew says they can vote out Bruce and flush out his hidden immunity idol. Meanwhile, Katurah says she doesn’t trust her former Belo alliance and wants to move forward with the Reba alliance. She wants to target Bruce, and Austin, Drew, and Julie tell her they are on board with that. Katurah is glad to be with a group that will listen to her ideas.

Immunity Challenge

It’s time for the immunity challenge. It’s an endurance challenge that will require them to hold onto a rope attached to a log. The log will be 1/3 of their pre-game body weight. If they drop, then they are eliminated. Additionally, Jeff offers them a large bag of rice. Four people need to sit out to earn the bag of rice. Dee and Emily volunteer, but they need two more. Jeff breaks a hole in the bag to incentivize them to volunteer to drop out more quickly. Drew volunteers, but they keep losing rice as it pours out of the bag. Katurah finally volunteers to drop out, allowing the tribe to keep the rice left inside the bag.

The challenge begins. They move their hands lower down the rope after each round. When they are on the second to last knot, Kellie is the first to drop. Kendra drops next. The remaining competitors move their hands to the lowest knot. Austin drops, and he’s followed by Jake. It’s a showdown between Julie and Bruce. Both are struggling, but Julie drops next. Bruce wins immunity!

A new target

Kendra and Kellie are disappointed Bruce is safe tonight. He was the target, so they need to come up with a new target. Emily worries Bruce would give his hidden immunity idol to Jake, so she thinks votes should be on someone else. Kellie worries she might be the backup target since Bruce trusts her. Kellie and Emily ask Jake his thoughts, but he feels like they are baiting him to throw out a name. They also tell him not to play his Shot in the Dark so he can join their plan.

Jake knows he’s on the bottom of the tribe. No one is telling him a name, so he goes searching for a hidden immunity idol. Everyone sees him searching for an idol, and Katurah goes “babysit” him. Jake asks Bruce if he’ll give him his idol, and Bruce says he will “gauge the room.” Later, Drew comes up with an idea. In order to avoid Jake spoiling their plan by playing an idol, Drew suggests a new plan to get Kellie out tonight. He brings this up with Dee, Julie, Austin, and Emily. Julie and Dee would rather vote out Jake tonight.

Tribal Council

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff first talks about the rice negotiation. Drew says it doesn’t matter who stepped up as long as someone did to keep the rice. Jake says altruism doesn’t exist in Survivor. Jake says you step out of the challenge if you’re hungry and feel comfortable in the game. Jake also makes a pitch. He says if they dogpile on him, then the next person on the bottom will have made a mistake. Jake admits he knows he’s on the bottom. Kellie says it’s hard to find the balance of playing it safe and making big moves. Dee says it feels united tonight. Jake says someone is making the wrong move if everyone else is voting for him.

Katurah points out that Jake is a lawyer, and he’s trying to rally votes from people on the bottom. Emily says it’s rare that everybody is on the same page. Jake feels like people are lying to him and he’s the target. Jake says he decides who goes home if he plays his idol. He corrects himself and says “if he has an idol.” Katurah says no one wants to get “hit by a stray bullet” if he plays an idol tonight. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.


Before Jeff reads the votes, Jake plays his Shot in the Dark advantage. Jeff reads the scroll. Jake is not safe.

The first vote is for…









Kellie is the ninth person voted out and the second member of the jury. Kellie is blindsided and stunned by the people who voted for her. Kendra is in tears, and Jake is also shocked. Kellie says she respects the move before Jeff snuffs her torch.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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