Survivor Season 42 Week 8 Recap and Live Blog

Survivor Season 42 Recap
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Tribal Council Fallout

After Survivor tribal council, the castaways return to camp. Romeo tells them he has no hard feelings for receiving votes, but in his confessional he admits he feels like kicking them in the face. He knows he has to play nice for his longterm game. Hai, however, is mad at Romeo. Hai correctly guesses that Romeo voted for him, which Romeo denies. Romeo explains in a confessional that he voted for Hai so he can see Hai squirm in the game. He whispers to Tori and Lindsay that they should vote Hai out next.
Later in the morning, Mike, Hai, Rocksroy, and Jonathan discuss their next target. Hai wants Romeo gone. He says it’s personal since Romeo lied to him. Rocksroy wants the men to stick together and vote out the women. Later in the day, Rocksroy proposes a male alliance to Jonathan and Mike. They agree to pull in Omar and Hai too. They exclude Romeo from this male alliance though. Afterwards, Rocksroy has individual conversations with Omar and Hai. He tells them about the male alliance. They’re agreeable, but they admit in their confessionals that they don’t want to be part of a male alliance. Omar says Rocksroy hasn’t talked game with him yet, and Omar doesn’t think he’ll compete well against Jonathan or Mike in the future. Hai says he doesn’t want to team up with the guys. He also says Rocksroy is blunt and cuts people off. Hai would rather vote Rocksroy out.

Immunity Challenge

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will be divided into teams and balance on a triangular platform in the water. The last one standing on each team will win immunity. The last person standing overall will win a kebab reward for their team. The two teams will also be divided into two tribal councils, and each team will vote one person out of the game. They are randomly divided into two teams, but they will play at the same time. Jonathan, Lindsay, Tori, Maryanne, and Drea are on one team. Omar, Romeo, Hai, Rocksroy, and Mike are on another team.

The challenge begins, and Maryanne, Rocksroy, Omar, and Mike all fall one after the other. Drea touches her platform, so she’s out of the challenge.  Tori is the next to fall, and Romeo accidentally touches his platform too. Hai wins immunity. However, he must stay in the challenge to compete for the kebab reward. Lindsay and Jonathan are the last two left from their team. All three remaining castaways last a while, but Lindsay is the next to fall. Jonathan wins immunity. Hai and Jonathan have immunity, but who will win a food reward for his team? Hai is the next to fall, so Jonathan won the kebab reward he’ll share with Lindsay, Tori, Maryanne, and Drea. Both teams will also be going to separate beaches before tribal council.

Plans Before the Vote

Hai, Rocksroy, Omar, Mike, and Romeo return to the old Taku beach. Romeo laments how he’s going home tonight. He has no bonds with any of the other four men. Mike and Rocksroy are confident that the vote will go their way. However, Omar is contemplating keeping Romeo in the game and voting out Rocksroy. He believes Romeo will stay loyal to him, but he doesn’t trust Rocksroy.

Later, Omar lets Romeo know about the male alliance he was excluded from. Omar wants to target Rocksroy, but this plan must include Hai. Romeo doesn’t trust Hai, and he points out the irony how Hai will be the swing vote to keep him in the game or not. Omar discusses blindsiding Rocksroy with Hai. Hai says it would be a strategic move, but he doesn’t want to do it without Mike’s blessing. Hai talks to Mike afterwards. Mike says it would make them look untrustworthy to the rest of their alliance. Hai says they don’t need Rocksroy, but Mike doesn’t want to break his word to Rocksroy.

Meanwhile, Jonathan, Lindsay, Tori, Maryanne, and Drea enjoy their kebab reward. Lindsay says Tori is the easy vote tonight. Jonathan feels like he can make a big move now that he has immunity. Jonathan proposes taking out Drea since she has a hidden immunity idol. Maryanne is on board, but she says in her confessional that she doesn’t appreciate how he wants to tell Drea to vote for Maryanne. She also doesn’t like how Jonathan talks to her. She says he treats her like a little girl.

Later, Maryanne tells Tori that Jonathan wants Drea gone. Tori thinks she may still have hope in the game, but she’s worried being a target after winning two immunity challenges. Later, after Jonathan tells Drea that Maryanne is the target, Drea says in a confessional that it’s a red flag that they are targeting people with idols.

Before tribal council, Jonathan shares his plan with Lindsay. Lindsay points out that if Drea plays her idol, then Maryanne would be gone. Lindsay says it would be smarter to persuade Drea to vote for Tori. Lindsay is also concerned Tori would warn Drea, but Jonathan doesn’t think Drea will play her idol nor would anyone believe Tori. Lindsay gets frustrated that Jonathan is not willing to hear out her arguments and admits he’s not privy to all the relationships around camp. She says he’s acting like the top dog as the only man on the beach.

Tribal Council #1

The group of Hai, Mike, Omar, Rocksroy, and Romeo attend tribal council first. It’s raining, and Jeff points out how they are shivering. Jeff asks about the new dynamics of this tribal council. Mike says everything they’ve been calculating gets thrown out the door. They have very little time to figure out what to do too. Hai says luck and destiny are out of their control. Hai says they all had to adapt and be flexible. Rocksroy thinks they were more mellow today and not strategizing much. He says they think they have an understanding of what’s happening tonight. Jeff asks if it was like a game of chicken today. Mike admits it could have been. Romeo says it’s interesting how it was an all male tribe. Rocksroy says he didn’t see anything that made him believe anything would change. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…





Rocksroy is the ninth person voted out and the second member of the jury. “Nice one,” Rocksroy says before he gets his torch snuffed. Jeff tells him to go sit with Chanelle.

Tribal Council #2

As the next group walks in, they are all stunned to see that Rocksroy was voted out. Jeff asks if it’s surprising, and Drea says it is. She’s speechless. Jeff asks what do they have to do when they have to adapt. Drea says they have to go back to the drawing board and see where they fit. Her mindset changes after seeing Chanelle and Rocksroy on the jury. Tori says she sees this twist as good news since she gets the chance to work with new people. She does point out that her chances of going home are greater though. Maryanne says they now have information from the previous vote. Drea also points out how sometimes Black castaways are voted out one after another.

After seeing Chanelle and Rocksroy out, Drea tells everyone she is playing her idol. She doesn’t want to risk another Black person voted out. There is whispering among everyone now. Jonathan asks Drea what she wants to do. She tells him she wants Tori out. Tori is excluded from the whispering until Lindsay tells her that they’re splitting the votes and she should still vote for Drea. Maryanne also says out loud that she cannot vote for a Black person, so she can’t vote for Drea. Drea figures out that she was the target, and she reiterates that she is playing her idol.

The conversation gets emotional as Drea and Maryanne discuss how Black castaways get taken out around the same time, and it’s a perpetuating problem. Jonathan gets defensive, and he feels like Drea is calling him racist if he was going to vote for Drea tonight. The race conversation continues as Drea and Maryanne emotionally explain where they are coming from. Maryanne also says she must play her hidden immunity idol so no one can accuse her of using race as strategy.

Due to the heaviness of the conversation, Jeff opts not to go through the formality of casting votes. He asks them all if they would rather make a decision sitting there. Maryanne and Drea stand up and hand over their hidden immunity idols to Jeff. Since Jonathan won immunity from the challenge, only Tori or Lindsay can be voted out.

After discussion among the group, they agree to vote for Tori. Tori asks for an explanation. Drea says it’s because Tori has been targeting her since they were on the Ika tribe (“Not true,” says Tori), and Jonathan says Tori has lied to her. Maryanne says she doesn’t want to vote for Tori, but this is the decision she must make for her game moving forward. Tori then decides to play her Shot in the Dark. If she grabs the “Safe” scroll, then Lindsay will be voted out. Tori goes up to the voting booth and grabs a scroll. She brings it back to Jeff, and he opens it. It says, “Not Safe.” Tori is the tenth person voted out and the third member of the jury.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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