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The season premiere of Survivor 42 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The episode begins with Jeff addressing the viewers. He says last season birthed a new era of Survivor. Jeff lets us know that Season 41 and Season 42 were shot back-to-back. These players did not see anything from Survivor 41, so we will see a return of those “crazy, dangerous twists.” There will be new twists too; Jeff calls Survivor an evolving social experiment. We next hear some confessionals from the castaways. Jonathan has a world record for pull-ups with 100 lbs on his back, but he calls Survivor the ultimate challenge. Drea had to fight for people to believe in her. She did hurdles half-blind and became an All-American in the sport. Omar is an exotic animal veterinarian. He wants people to underestimate him. He wants them to view him as a pigeon, but he says he will play the game as an owl in the night. Lydia feels out of her comfort zone. She says she’s awkward and nervous about living in the elements.

It’s time for the marooning. Jeff welcomes them all to Survivor 42. The castaways all cheer, and Jeff notices how happy Maryanne looks. She enthusiastically expresses her excitement for being on Survivor. Mike is just as excited too. Jeff asks what it takes to win, and Mike says the most well-rounded player will win. Jeff warns the game of Survivor is like a monster in a horror movie. They each will need to slay the game, or the game will slay them. Afterwards, it’s time for the first challenge. They have already been divided into three tribes.

Ika Tribe: Drea, Rocksroy, Romeo, Swati, Tori, and Zach

Taku Tribe: Jackson, Jonathan, Lindsay, Marya, Maryanne, and Omar

Vati Tribe: Chanelle, Daniel, Hai, Jenny, Lydia, and Mike

For this challenge, there will be two legs as tribe members race to collect paddles. After they get their paddles, they must get on their boat and paddle around a buoy to collect bamboo sticks. They will then have to use the bamboo sticks to retrieve a flint. The first tribe member to get flint will win basic camp supplies for their tribe. Jeff also lets them know they won’t be starting the game with any rice, which surprises the castaways.

The challenge begins with Jonathan, Daniel, and Tori racing the first leg for their respective tribes. Jonathan is in the lead with Tori close behind. Daniel falls on the sand on his way back, and he dislocates his shoulder. Lindsay, Drea, and Hai are the next three to race out. However, they are presented with a twist. If the three of them secretly agree, then they will earn an advantage. They all choose to go for it. To cover up why they are taking so long, they are presented with mud and blood to cover their clothes and bodies with. The three of them also agree to team up if they merge together down the line. The other castaways are wondering what’s taking so long, and they are shocked when they see how filthy they are. Hai covered himself with a lot of blood, so his tribe members are especially concerned. The challenge continues, and Taku takes an early lead when they get their bamboo sticks first. However, they lose their lead when Marya struggles to retrieve the flint. This allows Hai and Rocksroy a chance to catch up as they go for their flint. Rocksroy is the first to get his flint. Ika wins the reward challenge! After the challenge, a medic restores Daniel’s shoulder.

The Ika tribe arrives at camp. Zach calls being on Survivor a dream. He is a super fan. All the castaways stand in a circle and introduce themselves. Swati is in the military and she hopes her proven work ethic will help keep her in the game. Tori is a therapist, but she lies and tells the others she’s a caregiver. She bonds with Zach and Swati about Harry Potter. Tori wants to align herself with the quieter people who may be on the outs. Elsewhere, Romeo, Drea, and Rocksroy form an alliance of their own.

The Vati tribe reach their camp. They are presented with a challenge: Savvy or Sweat. Savvy requires them to solve a puzzle. Sweat requires ones castaway to spend four hours filling a barrel with water. The Taku tribe is presented with the same challenge. If they successfully complete their chosen challenge, then they will win basic camp supplies. Each tribe chooses the Savvy challenge. They are presented with an image of a triangle with many other triangles inside it. They have to count how many triangles are in the image. Jenny has to step up to the challenge for the Vati tribe. Everyone else is confused, so she leads them through how to count all the triangles. Omar, Maryanne, and Lindsay work on the puzzle for Taku while Jackson, Jonathan, and Marya try to get started on building shelter. After a long time counting triangles, both tribes correctly guess 51 triangles.

On the Vati tribe, Mike is impressing his tribe members. He is a retired firefighter, and he talks about his background. He also makes fire for his tribe. On the Ika tribe, Rocksroy and Romeo are annoyed how the others are treating this like a vacation. Rocksroy wants them to get to work. He says it was like herding cats. Later, Drea, Hai, and Lindsay read their secret advantage from the challenge alone. They have an Amulet Advantage. The three of them will need to reconnect to activate its power. However, the advantage is more powerful if they get the other two amulets pieces. Hai notes how it’s an interesting game theory dilemma. The advantage has power when they’re all together, but it becomes more powerful if they vote each other out to hold all three pieces of the amulet.

On Night 1, Jackson shares with his tribe members how he’s a transgender man. He also tells them about how his parents came to terms with it before his mother passed away. The next day, duos are forming on the Vati tribe. Chanelle notes how Jenny and Mike are close and how Hai and Lydia are close. She says she and Daniel are a duo too. Later, Daniel shares with his tribe members how he had leukemia as a child. He is cured now, and he hopes to be an inspiration for other kids who are going through the same experience he did.

Zach and Romeo talk on the Ika tribe. Zach says in his confessional that it’s very awkward to form alliances in the game. Zach and Romeo relate to being the skinny guys on the tribe before talking about game. Later, the tribe members note Tori’s absence from camp. Romeo and Drea speculate that she’s looking for a hidden immunity idol. Tori was looking for food, but she feels an uneasiness when she returns to camp. Zach gives Tori a heads up about Drea mentioning her name, which concerns her. She wants to make sure to keep the target off her back.

A boat approaches each camp. One tribe member must get on the boat and return to camp later in the afternoon. After discussions from the tribe members, which include drawing straws and playing rock, paper, scissors, the three tribe members boarding the boat are Maryanne for Taku, Jenny for Vati, and Drea for Ika. They climb up a hill and get to know each other. We hear about Maryanne’s background. Her parents are from Kenya, and her mother was confused why Maryanne wanted to be on Survivor. Maryanne wanted to test herself and prove you don’t have to change yourself to succeed. After their trek, they are faced with the prisoner’s dilemma. They can choose to protect their vote or risk their vote. If everybody protects their vote, then nothing happens. If everybody risks their vote, then they all will lose their vote at the next tribal council. If it’s a split decision, then those that risked their votes will win an extra vote. After much deliberation, Drea and Maryanne risk their votes. Jenny protects her vote.

Jeff arrives at the Taku tribe. He pulls Jackson aside and talks to him about some medical information he disclosed last minute before the game. Jackson was taking lithium to help himself sleep and deal with anxiety. He didn’t disclose this at first since he thought he would eventually stop taking lithium anyway. Due to possible side effects the stress and dehydration Survivor could have on Jackson, it is not safe for Jackson to continue on in the game. Jackson is medically evacuated. He says farewell to his tribe members. Maryanne tearfully sobs before he leaves on a boat.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The other tribes are shocked to learn that Jackson had to leave the game. For this challenge, they must collect three chests and pull it through a series of obstacles. They must then use the pieces inside the chest to solve a puzzle. The first two tribes to complete the puzzle will win immunity. The last placing tribe will also have to give Jeff their flint. Before the challenge, he also introduces the shot in the dark die twist from last season. If anyone feels vulnerable before the vote, they can gamble their vote away for a 1/6 chance at safety.

The challenge begins, and the castaways are exhausted as they push and pull the heavy chests through the obstacles. They all eventually reach the puzzle-making portion of the challenge. Daniel and Jenny work on the puzzle for Vati, Omar and Maryanne work on the puzzle for Taku, and Zach and Swati work on the puzzle for Ika. Taku and Vati make progress on the puzzle, but Zach puts pieces in the wrong place. He puts Ika further behind the other two tribes. Taku is the first to complete the puzzle. Taku wins immunity! It’s now down to Vati and Ika. Vati only has a few pieces left to place and Ika still has several pieces left. Vati completes the puzzle. Vati wins immunity! Ika will go to tribal council tonight.

Ika returns to camp after the immunity challenge. Zach apologizes to the other tribe members for his performance. Tori also tells everyone that she doesn’t have an idol. She wants to speak to Drea alone since she heard the rumor came from her. Zach is worried, and he’s convinced Tori is throwing him under the bus to Drea. Tori and Drea clear the air, and Drea shares that she wants to vote out Rocksroy. She said she had to do most of the heavy lifting during the challenge while Rocksroy and Zach gave up. Meanwhile, Rocksroy and Swati talk about voting out Zach. Swati says Zach gave up during the challenge. Rocksroy agrees and says Zach is the weak link of the tribe. Later, Drea tells Romeo she wants Rocksroy gone. Romeo is not on board with this plan. He says Rocksroy is in their alliance and he is the strongest guy on the tribe. Romeo would rather vote for Tori tonight. Romeo explains in his confessional that Zach is his Plan B ally. However, Rocksroy and Swati tells Romeo they don’t want to vote for Tori tonight. They would rather vote out Zach. Romeo is now in a tough position as he doesn’t want to lose Zach, but he isn’t sure if he can get enough votes to shift towards Tori. Zach and Tori know they are on the chopping block. Zach says no hard feelings for whatever happens tonight.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff asks how it’s been. Rocksroy says it’s been tough. Zach thinks everyone has been pulling their weight building shelter. Drea thinks this will be a hard season. She says a strong tribe is important. Jeff asks about the shot in the dark twist. Romeo says it’s an individual decision. No one has said whether or not they will play it, but he understand those in desperate positions may want to play it. Swati jokes she would chop off her finger to not be at tribal council. Zach admits he’s nervous about the vote tonight. He knows his name is out there. He thinks either he or Tori will be voted out tonight. Tori says she’s trustworthy and loyal, and she’s willing to prove it. Zach disagrees, and he says Tori threw him under the bus. She says that didn’t happen. She says she’s in trouble for being away at camp, which led to speculation of idol hunting. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

We see Zach play his shot in the dark and Drea receive her extra vote advantage. Who will be voted out tonight?

Zach reveals the result of his shot in the dark gamble. He is not safe. Any votes for Zach will still count.

Jeff reads the votes.

The first vote is for…




Zach is the second person voted out of Survivor 42.

And that wraps up tonight’s premiere of Survivor 42. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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