Survivor Philippines Power Rankings and Bonus Poll

Just a few more weeks until the Finale when the newest Survivor winner will be revealed so I thought it was time for a Power Rankings. This will probably be the last one I do for the season since I don’t really see if changing much from week to week going forward but it has been a crazy season so anything can happen.

Power Rankings

8.    Pete

Could squeeze out an extra week if he can talk Abi into sharing her Idol. I don’t think there is any challenge that he wouldn’t be over shadowed by someone else who is left playing.

7.    Abi-Marie

Depending on how smart she is with the Idol she could become a swing vote if she makes past the next episode. She’s kind of over whelmed in the strategic play the game needs to really make it all the way to the end and have a shot at actually winning. She could make it farther if someone decides she is a good player to take to the end with them.

6.    Carter

He has performed well in challenges but I think he would lose to any other players above him.

5.    Mike Skupin

Could still rise in the standings depending on how other players decide to play but I don’t think there is any combination of players that would give him the win in the end.

4.    Lisa

Has made some bold moves outing Malcolm for having an Idol and pushing the Plan B to send Jeff home. She continues to be tied to Tandang which is hurting her game and I don’t think anyone currently on the Jury would vote for her in the end.

3.    Malcolm

He now has a target on him since everyone knows he has the idol and he has done well in challenges all season long. He could easily pull an “Ozzy” and ride challenges right to the end but he’s a better player than Ozzy since he has been able to also have a great Social game.

2.    Jonathan Penner 

He’s played a great game thus far and I think the only person in the end who would beat him is Denise. At some point I think believe will push to get rid of him again but he’s in a good postion right now.

1. Denise

She is here based on the assumption that Malcolm will not make it to the end. In my opinion Malcolm is the only one who could beat her in the final tribal council since he has played a great Social, Physical, and Strategic game this far. Denise has played great as well but I think Malcolm will win in the Social game. He would also not vote out of anger if Denise helped vote him out which helps Denise in the end.

As an added bonus I have included the below poll to see who everyone’s favorite Survivor player ever is. I think Malcolm will make his way onto my list of all time favorite players but my personal favorite is Boston Rob.