Survivor Caramoan Episode 3 Discussion and Recap *Updated* with Poll

While you enjoy the Idol Live Blog come on in and discuss some Survivor Fans Vs. Favorites. It’s been a good season thus far and I expect the craziness to continue tonight.

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Hello my fellow Survivor fans. It’s week three and if the previews over the week tell us anything Brandon and Shamar will continue to drive everyone crazy.  Survivor is often misleading in their previews (sometimes really off with what actually happens) so we will see what happens.

It’s night at the Fans camp and Matt asks if anyone wants to talk it out. Reynold says that his tribe needs him to win challenges and since he has an idol he will use it for himself instead of using it for the tribe like he “intended.” I give him credit for trying to play the big family card since the vote didn’t go his way but this card unless sets Shamar off and he just starts yelling at everyone. I’m over Shamar and I hope he goes home soon.

The next morning Reynold and Eddie talk about having their head cut off with the previous vote. They call it the revenge of the nerds. Eddie says he will be next because Reynold has the idol.


Sherri tries to talk Shamar into calming down because it is just putting a target on himself. She works with little snobby teens that are close to the way Shamar acts so she is the best to deal with him. Shamar says he doesn’t like the lying that is going on and he’s not sure this is worth the million dollars. I think we may have a quitter on our hands.


Over at the Favorites tribe Phillip says he is having the time of his life as a 54 year old. He is doing weights with rocks and now he is comparing himself to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. I’m surprised he didn’t say he taught Jordan everything he knows.


Corinne has realized that Phillip/Andrea played together and Cochran/Dawn have played together before so she gravitated over to Malcolm as a pair. They go looking for the Idol and Malcolm again finds it. He plays it smart and buries it in the woods rather than bringing it back to camp as a bulge in his pants. Both he and Corrine agree to keep it to themselves and pinky swear on it.


Back from commercial Phillip has started using the rice cover as a “wind holder” to stay close. Andrea sees Corinne and Malcolm intensely talking and jumps all over it since she wants Corrine out of the game. She approaches Cochran and Phillip and they both seem to agree with it.


Andrea and Cochran approach Brandon about it and he is open to it since it gives him a better foothold in the game but he knows he was lied to a lot in his first season and doesn’t want to be played again. He says that if they tell him that they are voting for him he will pee in the rice.


Back at the Fans camp Shamar says that the million is not worth his happiness and he doesn’t want to be the anger black person any more. He is seriously considering quitting even through Laura and Sherri are trying to talk him out of it. He shares his experiences from the army and how it put him in a dark place when he got home. For her part Sherri tells him that he will look back and regret his decision and says that if they lose the immunity challenge and go to tribal they will need to vote someone else out and be down two people.


Shamar then flips and says that he approaches that they are loyal to him and he will reward that loyalty by staying a few more days to help them fight. Reynold voices the thoughts I have going through my head when he says that he knew Shamar wasn’t going to go through it and is now acting the hero for staying in a game that so many other people would do anything to have a chance to play. Quitters on this show piss me off so much especially when they are supposed to be a “fan” of the show.

It is now time for the immunity challenge. I love that they are using the water so much more this season. It really elevates the challenges.  Each tribe must swim out to a bamboo cage. They must climb into the cage and untie the cage door. They must then drag a large chest back to shore. Once back on shore will need to use a grappling hook to place three missing parts to a bridge and push the chest to the finish line. The winning tribe will get immunity and reward which is comfort in the form of blankets and pillows.


As the challenge starts most of both tribes get to the cage quickly other than Laura who is a weaker swimmer and has fallen behind.  Reynold swims back to give her a hand to the cage.


The faves are the first ones in to start untie the door followed shortly but the fans. The fans get the door open first and start dragging the chest. Fans have a lead with dragging the chest but the faves made up a lot of ground once they reach the area where they can walk above ground.


Reynold lands the first section for the faves but fall behind as both Phillip and Malcolm land sections. Shamar lands the second section for the fans. It is back and forth as Brandon and Eddie are tossing the grabbling hook. Brandon finally lands it as Eddie misses a close one again and the Faves run off the victory. It was a close and exciting challenge and the two tribes are evenly matches overall but the fans just fall short again.


Shamar is pissed because he says Reynold was disrespectful for taking the googles since Shamar needed them since he has contacts. Like that is the reason the fans lost. Laura is worried since she was the weakest swimmer. She is pushing for Hope since they need Reynold and Eddie for challenges.


The plan at this point is to split the votes between Eddie and Hope. This will hopefully force Reynold to play the idol so it is removed from the game and then in the revote everyone votes out Hope. The girls will vote for Hope and the boys will vote for Eddie. Shamar mentions the idea that Reynold/Eddie/Hope will vote for him but Sherri comforts him with the revote idea.


Hope believes that she will be the one on the chopping block and she knows Reynold will not share the hidden idol. Shamar tells her he relates with people wanting you out when you haven’t done anything wrong. He basically tells her they are splitting the votes and tells her she should vote for either Eddie or Reynold.


Hope then tells someone I don’t remember seeing before but the show tells me she is Julie. For her part she tells everyone else about what Shamar has done. This leads Laura to make a plan with Reynold to have his alliance work with Laura and Julie to vote out Shamar rather than spilt the votes.


At tribal Reynold tells Jeff that Shamar was yelling at everyone but Shamar says that he was yelling at Reynold and not the tribe. He says that he wants nothing to do with Reynold.  Hope says that Shamar told her that she was the one going home and Shamar calls her a liar. Julie jumps on that bandwagon as she says Shamar yelled at her for being weak which Shamar denies. He says that people take little things he says and embellish them to meet their agenda.  Sherri says that she has met lots of Shamars and just thinks that wants you cross Shamar the wrong way there is no going back.


Jeff then turns the attention on the Pretty People Alliance as he gets Hope and Eddie to admit that they are nervous they are next since they do not have an idol. Hope says she is worried as she feels that she would be next. She throws some shade back on Shamar for being negative at camp. Eddie says he is concerned he has a target on his back. He says he is on Shamar’s no talking list and Shamar wants him out as much as he wants Reynold out and for his part he wants Shamar out just as much. Shamar says he is only on the no talk list because he is a follower to the real person he doesn’t like. Eddie says it will be a poker game on whether he plays the idol or not from here on out.


With that it is time to vote. Eddie votes for Shamar and Shamar throws down Eddie’s name.  Reynold holds on to the idol this tribal. It ends up as a three way tie between Eddie/Hope/ Shamar which leads to a revote for everyone else with only the three eligible to be voted for.


In the revote Hope is voted out with five votes against her. Maybe she should have listened to Shamar’s advice or it makes me wonder if Laura was playing Reynold when she made the suggestion to vote out Shamar.


Next week the fans think they hit rock bottom but they learn they are wrong when a hurricane hits the island and rats are crawling all over their shelter. Welcome to the other side of Survivor.


It was another good episode of Survivor and the season is shaping up nicely. With the fans losing we have more of a chance to get to know the fans and if they don’t get their act together we will continue to get to know them really well. If they lose next week I hope they are smart enough to finally vote out Shamar. I can support sending Allie and Hope home first but in no way should Shamar outlast Reynold or Eddie. Also both Reynold and Eddie will be needed if the fans have any chance of lasting in the game.


With that I leave you until next Wednesday. Unless you also watch Amazing Race and then I’ll see you Sunday.