Survivor: Cagayan Ponderosa Video and Thoughts (With Poll)

Another week and another castaway on their way to Ponderosa. The season is winding down to the finish line in the next two weeks so scroll down to see this weeks video and some thoughts on the remaining players. 


Survivor: Cagayan – Latasha Arrives At Ponderosa

Tasha actually took the exit with a lot of grace and a somewhat upbeat attitude all things considered. It sucked to see her go as I thought she played a great physical game but that is the way the cookie crumbles when you are good at the game. And with her exit we are down to the final five.

Let’s skip over Tony since he is guaranteed to make it to the final four since next Tribal is the last one that both Idols can be played. I do think it was stupid of Kass and Woo to not try to force him to play one since he has two to play next week and he’s a loose cannon so who knows what he may do with the second idol. Especially if Spencer can plant more seeds by saying that Kass and Woo were ready to vote him out.

Spencer is the front runner right now but he will need to do a lot of work to make it to the end. Everyone knows he won’t be beat in the end since he is liked by the majority of the jury and he played the game well in all aspects.

I really think this season will belong to either Tony or Spencer. If there was a third person I would say Kass would win but I could also see the jury not voting for her out of spite because she is just not liked by most people. Woo is clearly liked but he has had no game play at all and for such a physical threat he has under performed and I hate to say it but he was would have been dragged to the end if he makes it. Of course this can change if he pulls off wins in the last view episodes and can make the argument that he had hands in everyone’s game and did what he did to keep the target off his back and stay in the game. I’m just not sure he’s a good enough talker to really pull this off.

Trish is a weird one to judge. As a viewer I know she has made moves in the game but I am not sure the other castaways were able to see her as a player. I saw a tweet from Dalton Ross from Entertainment Weekly that said that the jury seemed surprised by Trish’s game play watching it now so I don’t think that bodes well for her chances.

I look forward to see what happens next week and hope you enjoyed my thoughts.