Survivor Blood Vs. Water Official Cast and New Twists

That didn’t take long. I posted the rumored cast last night thinking we wouldn’t get the complete cast until the early September and I wake up to see that Entertainment Weekly revealed the entire cast a long with the twists for this season.

The new cast of Survivor: Blood vs. Water:



Tyson Apostol
Previous Seasons: Survivor: Tocantins – 2nd jury member; Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – 6th voted out
Age: 34

Rachel Foulger
Occupation: Cocktail Waitress/Graphic Designer
Age: 33


Aras Baskauskas
Previous Season: Survivor: Panama – Exile Island, winner
Age: 31

Vytas Baskauskas
Occupation: Yoga Instructor/Math Professor
Age: 33


Rupert Boneham
Previous Seasons: Survivor: Pearl Islands – 2nd jury member; Survivor: All Stars – 6th jury member, won $1 million for fan favorite; Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – 7th jury member
Age: 49

Laura Boneham
Occupation: Merchandiser
Age: 44


Candice Cody (formerly Woodcock)
Previous Seasons: Survivor: Cook Islands – 5th jury member; Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – 5th jury member
Age: 30

John Cody
Occupation: Physician, Army Orthopedic Surgery Resident
Age: 30


Monica Culpepper
Previous Season: Survivor: One World – non-jury, 5th out
Age: 42

Brad Culpepper
Occupation: Attorney and retired NFL player. Played for the Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Bears.
Age: 44


Colton Cumbie
Previous Season: Survivor: One World – medically evacuated on day 16 due to illness – 6th out
Age: 22

Caleb Bankston
Occupation: Post Office Manager/Farmer
Age: 26


Kat Edorsson
Previous Season: Survivor: One World – 6th jury member
Age: 23

Hayden Moss
Occupation: Real Estate
Age: 26


Laura Morett
Previous Season: Survivor: Samoa – 3rd jury member
Age: 43

Ciera Eastin
Occupation: Cosmetology Student
Age: 24


Gervase Peterson
Previous Season: Survivor: Borneo – 3rd jury member
Age: 43

Marissa Peterson
Occupation: Student
Age: 21


Tina Wesson
Previous Seasons: Survivor: The Australian Outback – winner; Survivor: All Stars – non-jury, 1st out
Age: 52

Katie Collins
Occupation: Hedge fund support
Age: 25

The rumors were right and I am ok with this cast. I think it has some good potential to be an interesting season and there are players from different seasons to satisfy new and old fans.

I think the interesting part will see if any one actually works against there loved one if it is better for their game. There are a few pairings that I think if they stuck with there loved one it would hurt their game (Hayden sticking with Kat and Brad Culpepper sticking with Monica jump to mind). I like that some castaways are saying the right things that they will turn on a loved one if it helped but it’s always different when you are in the game and could use the extra comfort of having the loved one there with you when it’s raining like crazy. Fingers crossed for lots of drama.

I am also hoping that Colton took the few seasons off to maturity and not be the obnoxious person he was during One World. I’m willing to give him a second chance but I’m not really holding my breath that he will be more likable.

As for the twists. In a word they are kind of confusing. I had to read them through a few times to get an understanding of it and to be honest I am still not sure I fully understand everything at this point.

The big one is that Redemption Island will be returning. For those who don’t know what Redemption Island is I will explain. After each elimination rather then being sent home the evicted castaway will be sent to Redemption Island to wait for the next evicted Castaway. They will then dual against each other. Winner stays in the game and loser goes home or the jury depending on what point of the game we are at.

Some people have a hatred for Redemption Island but I enjoyed the twist to the game that someone who was voted out could make it back in to cause havoc or if we are lucky the person could be silly enough to be blindsided and voted off twice.

The game with each pair getting to spend a night alone on the island and then meeting up with Jeff Probst the next morning were they will be split into two tribes with the returning players making up the yellow Galang tribe and the newbies comprising the red Tadhana tribe.

We are also getting an instant elimination from each tribe moments after they meet. This has been done before but the twist is that the two players will go to Redemption Island rather then be sent home.

This is where it got confusing but I think I have the gist of the twist. The loved one for each evicted player has the opportunity to take their loved ones place at Redemption Island. If the swap is made then the evicted player would take their loved ones place on the other tribe. If they choose they could then swap out again at the next Redemption Island duel.

Redemption Island duels will be between three people with the last place finisher exiting the game and First and Second place staying to fight another day. As a bonus the First Place finisher in each Redemption Island duel can give a clue to the immunity idol to anyone from either tribe they choose. Like say handing the clue to your loved one (Like anyone needs clues to find a hidden idol).

It twist could add some drama to the game to see if anyone actually puts there game on the line for a loved one or if they keep themselves save.

Can tomorrow be September 18th?