Survivor Blood Vs. Water Episode 9 Discussion and Recap

Unfortunately, I missed the previously and night-vision post-council. From what little I do catch, Tina was pretty vocal about getting blindsided by her supposed alliance.

The next day, Tina has calmed down a bit. She advises Katie to build her own alliance, since Tina’s is kaput. Katie has no clue how to do that, since she’s been basically flying under the radar and/or riding Tina’s coat tails from the beginning.

Jeff calls them in to the Immunity Challenge. He makes much of it being a disgusting food challenge, since Gervase lost that one back in Season One. The first round has worms and takes out four people: Laura, Tina, Ciera, and Katie. The second round is eating pig intestines. Caleb, Hayden, Vytas, and Tyson are out.

At this point, Jeff is very excited because Gervase and Monica are left in . In Season One, Gervase lost because he couldn’t keep a grub down. And, voila! The final round is eating too grubs. Gervase plays up the connection for a few minutes of screen time and drama and then… fails again. Monica wins the immunity.

Jeff tells him that’s grubs again — just like he failed in Season One. Jeff calls Monica “Culpepper.” Monica wins. (Incidentally, Jeff calls Monica “Culpepper,” elevating her to the elite group of players he calls by last name.)

Monica hugs and apologizes to Gervase for winning. Gervase nearly vomits, but probably from the grubs and not the hug.

At 23 minutes into the hour, we head to Tribal Council. I smell a double elimination episode!

It’s a pretty easy call to vote out Vytas at this point. The only suspense comes from the Alliance of Seven (Tyson, Gervase, Hayden, Caleb, Ciera, Laura, and Monica) splitting votes between Vytas and Katie. Vytas tries to get the split to break towards Katie, but the Seven are not idiots. They know Vytas is a threat.

But Vytas still has the ability to shake things up a little. He gets Monica so riled up, she switches from Katie to him — thus painting herself as a loose cannon. Vytas joins Aras at Redemption Island, and they bicker like the doofus brothers they get to be when it’s just the two of them.

Next Immunity Challenge! This time it’s stacking coins on a sword. Balanced on a shield. Argggh! It must be Pirate Day!

Tina falls out fairly quickly, then spends the rest of the time calling out encouragement to her daughter. It works, because Katie ends up winning the necklace.

So, Katie is saved, but that leaves Tina on the chopping block. She decides to go look for the Hidden Immunity Idol, which sets off alarms amongst the mens. Caleb, Hayden, and Tyson track her down and “babysit” her to make sure she doesn’t find it. Privately, Tyson grumbles that it’s unnecessary, since he has the HII. But, of course, he can’t say anything and has to pretend he’s worried.

Tina shrugs to the camera crew and sits on a rock for a few hours to mess with her unwelcome posse. At Tribal Council, she tries to snag Monica “Loose-Cannon” Culpepper by remind her that she’s on the bottom of the Seven. And then reminding the other Six that Monica talks way too much. Gervase sounds a little persuaded — but it’s probably more for Jeff’s benefit than anything else.

Tina messes with everyone just a tad more by pretending to reach in her bag for an Idol. then the votes are read. Tyson 1, Monica 1, and Tina out.

Next week, Ciera ponders voting out Laura. (Actually, she seems eager to do it.) Tina is sanguine at Redemption Island. She’s up against two tough competitors, but she’s determined to keep fighting until she’s out for good.