Survivor Blood vs. Water Day After Videos and Jeff Probst reacts to Castaways Quitting

Now that three people have left the game I thought I would post the Day After videos for the first two eliminated competitors and the quitter. I will post the videos every few weeks and once Ponderosa starts it will be more often with the videos for Ponderosa.

Rupert The Day After


Colton The Day After

Jeff Probst also spoke with Entertainment Weekly in his weekly 3Q’s column with Dalton Ross about the producers being just as much to blame for Colton quitting.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Like a lot of viewers, I know you had your doubts about Colton returning, and sure enough he quits just a few days into the game. He talked a lot about rehabbing his image this time around. What do you think the public perception of Colton Cumbie is after this outing?
JEFF PROBST: Probably pretty close to what I said to him at Redemption Island Arena. Go away and don’t come back. I very much felt as though I was saying what most viewers would say if given the chance. There was no image rehab happening during Blood vs. Water. I don’t know Colton outside of this game so maybe he leads a very happy, loving, balanced life back home. I hope he does. I have formed my opinion only from the handful of days he has played Survivor and based on that — my opinion is that he’s led a pretty sheltered and soft life.  When things go south, he just quits and goes home. I wasn’t surprised at all that he quit.

EW: You really called him out, and not just for quitting here, but for faking an illness to quit last time as well. What really struck me was when you said, “We brought a quitter back and we got a quit again.” It almost seemed like you taking a very public mental note in sort of a “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” sort of way. Is that the case?
PROBST: Yes, because we really did get what we deserved. We took a shot on someone who we all believed quit the first time and we knew the risks that came with bringing them back. So it was frustrating to watch it happen again because it really does suck some of the momentum out of the show. I also felt we had to own our part in it. We couldn’t blame Colton without also blaming ourselves. We are the first to take credit when a casting idea works so we have to accept blame when it doesn’t.

Jeff pretty much sums it up on how everyone feels about Colton wasting the opportunity twice on Survivor and I am glad that we will never see him again on the show. Quitters do not deserve second chances on Survivor.

Here is a video of Caleb reacting to Colton quitting before we get to the last Day After video.

Rachel The Day After