Survivor 35 Heroes Healers & Hustlers Premiere Recap and Live Blog

Tonight is the season premiere of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

After an all-star season this past spring, Survivor is back with a brand new cast. This season, the castaways will be divided into three tribes based on how people view them in their daily lives: heroes, healers, and hustlers. How will these tribe divisions shake out, and will these labels have an effect on how they play the game? Let’s find out!

It’s time for the marooning. The castaways are already aboard a ship as they are greeted by Jeff Probst. He informs them the season’s casting twist. He talks to the Heroes first, and he tells them that they are admired for their courage and achievements. He talks to Ben, who is a former Marine. He next talks to the Healers tribe. Jeff tells them that they receive gratitude for their acts of service to help others with their emotional and physical pain. He talks to Cole, who is a wilderness therapy guide. He talks to Mike next, who is a urologist. Jeff finally talks to the Hustlers tribe, and he tells them that they are respected for their hard work ethic. He talks to Ali, and she is a personal assistant for a YouTube personality.

The tribes each get their tribe buffs and then start retrieving as many supplies as possible to take back to their camp. They also will get a chance to get fire. At the beach is a burning urn for each tribe, and the first tribe to light a torch will win fire. The second-place tribe will get flint, but the losing tribe gets nothing but the supplies they retrieve. The ship is chaotic as everyone is scrambling to retrieve supplies and jumping overboard. They are trying to take as many supplies to their individual tribe boats to paddle back to shore. Hidden among the supplies is a secret advantage, and Ryan is the one to find it first.

The Healers get on shore first, but the Heroes are right behind them. The Hustlers, however, are still struggling back on the water. The Healers get fire first, and they win a fire-making kit. The Heroes win flint, and the Hustlers win nothing.

The Healers start bonding in their tribe. They all feel good about the people on their tribe, and Jessica is attracted to Cole. Joe believes he is the most strategic person on his tribe; he thinks he can easily manipulate everyone. Over on the Heroes tribe, they are hard at work building the shelter. Ashley and JP start talking game, and they agree to work with “cowboy” (Ben) for their alliance. Alan notices JP and Ashley talking a lot, and he wants to split them up; he sees them as a power duo. However, he wants to pretend to have a core four alliance of him, Ben, Ashley, and JP.

At the Hustlers tribe, Lauren remarks how they are all hard workers despite losing the challenge. Ali is antsy to talk game to secure her safety, especially due to their performance in the challenge earlier. She and Patrick talk game, and they agree to work together. Patrick comments how there must have been a secret advantage on the boat, but no one knows Ryan has it. Ryan reads his advantage in secret, and he learns he won a super immunity idol. It can only be played at this first tribal council. If the Hustlers win the immunity challenge, then he must anonymously send it to someone on the losing tribe.

Back at the Healers tribe, they are working on the shelter. Mike, however, is concerned about a possible immunity idol. He goes searching for an idol, but Joe is suspicious. He doesn’t believe Mike is just collecting firewood, so Joe confronts Mike about the idol. Mike tells him he doesn’t have the idol, and then says in his confessional that he does not trust Joe at all due to his aggressive confrontation. Over at the Hustlers tribe, Ryan reveals to Devon about the secret advantage to build a connection with him. Devon is very happy Ryan chose to reveal this information to him.

Later in the evening, Alan is still bothered by JP and Ashley’s strong bond. He confronts JP about a hidden immunity idol, but he doesn’t have it. He eventually confronts JP and Ashley together, and they continually reiterate that there is no hidden immunity idol. It even leads to an idol strip search as JP takes off his clothes to prove he doesn’t have the idol. JP and Ashley are now very suspicious of Alan and don’t trust him anymore.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They must pull a cart up a tower first and then go down said cart. They will then get a choice of which table maze to do for their tribe (first come, first serve). Afterwards, they must carry the table maze up another tower before they get to work on solving the maze. The first two tribes to solve their table maze wins immunity. The challenge begins, and it’s fairly even among all three tribes. Devon and Ali, Mike and Desi, and Chrissy and Ben work on the table maze for their tribes, and the Healers take an early lead. The Healers are the first to get all three balls into the slots at the end of the maze. Healers win immunity! It’s now a showdown between the Heroes and the Hustlers. The Hustlers get it next and win immunity too. The Heroes will go to tribal council tonight.

Back at the Heroes tribe, they start strategizing about the vote. Ashley remarks how it should’ve been an easy vote, but Alan ruined the plans. She says there is no trust now. Ben asks Ashley and Alan if Chrissy or Katrina is the plan, but Alan is still very suspicious of JP and Ashley. Alan forms a new four-person alliance with Ben, Katrina, Chrissy, and himself. They agree to vote for Ashley. However, Ben is unsure which side to go to. He sees Alan and himself as the swing votes tonight. However, unbeknownst to anyone else, Chrissy was given the super immunity idol.

It’s time for tribal council. After they each light a torch, Jeff begins the discussion. Jeff asks about the vibe, and Chrissy felt that she did not feel like she belonged to this group. She assumed the four physical threats (Alan, Ashley, JP, and Ben) would align together. However, Ashley brings up Alan confronting JP and herself about the hidden immunity idol. Alan says that JP and Ashley are an obvious power couple, but Ashley says that it’s ridiculous for anyone to assume they are a power couple. Alan even throws Ashley and JP under the bus by saying they discussed voting out either Katrina or Chrissy out tonight. Ben says this tribe will need to do damage control later. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Jeff reads the vote. The first vote is for..






Katrina is the first person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Chrissy did NOT play the super immunity idol.

And that wraps up tonight’s premiere episode of Survivor! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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