Survivor 33 Millennials vs Gen X Week 4 Recap and Live Blog

A new episode of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with the Gen X tribe returning to camp. Lucy wanted to explain to Chris why she voted Paul out, but Chris is not interested. He’s really angry and wants to throw rice into the ocean. Jennifer explained to Chris and Bret that Paul hinted that the girls would be in trouble if the boys formed an all-guy alliance. Jennifer said it was not an easy decision, but Chris and Bret are still very upset. In her confessional, Jennifer says she hopes she didn’t make a mistake. The next morning, Sunday and Lucy are also having regrets and wonder if they made a mistake since Chris and Bret are still angry. However, Lucy  blames the move on Jessica. She throws them under the bus to Chris and Bret. She said Jessica planted the idea to blindside Paul, and now the majority alliance seems to be against Jessica.

Over at the Millennials tribe, Adam searches for an idol while everyone is hunting for a goat they spotted. He finds a note hidden in a tree, but he doesn’t have the idol yet. He plans to search for it later. Afterwards, it’s time for the reward challenge. Pairs from each tribe will go out into the ocean to retrieve the same ring. They will battle it out to have possession of the ring as they make their way back to grab a flagpole. The first tribe to win three rounds will win a food reward, which includes steak.

The first round starts with David and Chris going against Adam and Jay. Chris holds Jay and Adam tightly as David takes the ring back to the flagpole. Gen X wins Round 1.

Round 2 begins with CeCe and Sunday going against Figgy and Michaela. All four women are holding onto the ring, but Michaela manages to make her way to the flagpole and grab it as they all hold the ring. Millennials win Round 2.

Round 3 begins with Ken and Bret going against Will and Taylor. The Millennials try to hold back Ken and Bret, but Ken manages to make his way to the flagpole and grab it. Gen X wins Round 3.

Round 4 begins with Lucy and Jessica going against Michaela and Hannah. So no one could grab onto her, Michaela takes her top off and fights her way to the ring and then makes her way to the flagpole with everyone else having hold of it to. Michaela grabs the flagpole. Millennials win Round 4.

The last round begins with Chris and David going against Jay and Zeke. It’s a tough battle as they all try to take possession of the ring. A huge wave works in the Gen X-er’s favor as it helps get David closer to the pole, but he cannot reach it. Zeke gets close to grabbing it, but Chris grabs it first. Gen X wins reward!

The Millennials return to camp and they discuss the challenge. Zeke talks about how Gen X has bigger guys than they do, but Michaela was like an amazon in the challenge. In his confessional, Adam bemoans how he isn’t a physical asset to the tribe, so he goes searching for the hidden immunity idol. He finds a shell with a red symbol on it. He manages to crack it open and retrieve the idol. Adam has found the hidden immunity idol! Right after he finds it, Hannah spots him and calls out “How’s your idol search going?” “I’m working on it!” Adam calls back. “Good luck, buddy!” Hannah calls out. Adam is worried whether or not Hannah saw him with the idol, but he’s glad he has it. Afterwards, Adam discusses how tough it was to decide to take part in Survivor since his mom has cancer. He breaks down in tears as he talks about how hard it is seeing his mother with cancer, and he says he is playing Survivor for her.

Back at the Gen X camp, David and Ken talk to Lucy about the current plan. She tells them that they have nothing to worry about, but she says that they are not allowed to talk to anyone else about the plan to vote out Jessica. She continually asserts that they must not approach anyone else about it. This rubs Ken the wrong way. He says they went from one dictator (Paul) to a new one (Lucy).

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Each tribe must go through a series of obstacles and one tribe member must sit on a bench that the other tribe members must pull a rope to lift them up as they retrieve tiles with numbers on them in numerical order. They will have to get them in tens. Afterwards, they must use the tiles to spell out a phrase. The first tribe to correctly figure out the phrase wins immunity. The challenge begins as Chris gets 1 -10 for Genx X and Ken gets 11 – 20 for them too. Figgy and Michelle also get the first twenty tiles. David and Michalea now go through the obstacles to the bench to get the tiles with 21 – 30 on it. David gets his tiles first and Chris and Ken go through the obstacles again to reach him and assist him with the puzzle. Michaela gets her tiles and Figgy and Michelle go help her. It’s now a close challenge as they try to figure out a phrase to spell out. 45 minutes later, neither tribe has finished the challenge. However, Millennials figure out the phrase: “Somebody loses their flame tonight.” Millennials win immunity! 

Gen X returns to camp, and the plan seems to be to vote out Jessica. Chris confirms the plan with Lucy, and she lets him know she already has Ken and David on board with voting out Jessica. Lucy is used to being in control, so she’s happy to be calling the shots. However, Ken is still bothered by Lucy’s controlling nature. Ken suggests pulling in Jessica to vote out Lucy. Ken says that if they go along with Lucy, he, David, and CeCe will be on the bottom of the tribe again. Instead, he wants to form a new majority with him, David, Cece, and Jessica. He also hopes Jessica will pull in Sunday. Ken approaches Jessica about his plan, but Jessica runs to Lucy and tells her everything Ken told him. Lucy confronts Ken, and he explains he didn’t appreciate how Lucy gave him a list of rules of whom he is allowed to speak to. Lucy says Ken is too emotional and he should just be happy to not be the target. Now the entire tribe is scrambling to figure out who to vote out. It still seems like it will be either Jessica or Lucy.

It’s time for tribal council. They first talk about Paul’s blindside and how the tribe is not united. Lucy discusses how there’s chaos as everyone’s not sure whom to vote for. Lucy brings up out Ken tried to form a plan to vote her out. Ken explains that he didn’t appreciate how Lucy told him what to do instead of asking him. Ken also brings out how he is still torn whom to vote out since he felt betrayed by someone. Jessica knows he’s talking about her. She asks him whether she should have just believed what Ken told her, and Ken says yes. David says that tonight is a live tribal council as it’s still unknown who is leaving tonight. The decision is still being made. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Before Jeff reads the votes, David plays his hidden immunity idol for Jessica. Afterwards, Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…









Lucy is the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back next week for another live recap!

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