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Last week there was a switch-up as the two tribes were extended into three. The new tribe Angkor lost the last immunity challenge, which resulted in Peih-Gee becoming the third person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance. Will Angkor be able to win immunity tonight, or will they be returning to tribal council? Let’s find out.

After tribal council, Jeff is relieved to still be in the game. After his meltdown after the last immunity challenge, he expected to be voted out. However, he is not excited to have to kiss Tasha and Savage’s asses to stay in the game. He believes they are in charge of the tribe at the moment. Meanwhile, Tasha pulls Woo aside and tells him that he is not on the bottom of the tribe. She wanted Varner gone, but Peih-Gee and Abi wanted each other out. After Tasha’s conversation with Woo, Abi calls out Tasha in front of everyone. She is bothered that Tasha had a private conversation with the person who just voted for her for the second time. If Angkor loses immunity again, Abi really wants Woo to be voted out next.

The next day at Bayon, Jeremy celebrates having the hidden immunity idol. He doesn’t tell anyone he has the idol, and he even convinces Stephen to continue looking for the idol. He also wants to continue a working relationship with Stephen in the game. In case Jeremy is in trouble, he hopes Stephen will let him know he’s the target so he can play the idol for himself.

Back at Angkor, Savage is disappointed to be on a tribe that has no food. Everyone on the tribe is exhausted and withering away. However, there is a reward challenge coming up that might get them some food. All the tribes greet Jeff to begin the reward challenge. However, the challenge will only require one person to compete for the entire tribe. They must race out into the water and grab one bag of sand at a time. They must then return to the beach and use a plank to launch the bag into a net above them. The first two to launch each of their three bags into the net will win reward, which is a barbecue. The first place team wins a full set, while the second place team wins a smaller set. Savage, Jeremy, and Terry compete for their respective tribes. The competition begins and Terry scores the first point. Jeremy and Savage miss, giving Terry an early lead. Jeremy scores, while Savage misses. Savage finally gets it on his third attempt, but is way behind. Terry return to the beach with his second bag, but he misses. Jeremy and Terry keep missing, but Savage finally returns to the beach and gets his second bag into the net. He is now in the lead. Terry and Jeremy manage to get their second bags into the net, but Savage is still in the lead. Savage launches his bag into the net on his third attempt. Angkor wins reward! Jeremy and Terry are now competing for second place, and Terry manages to get his third bag into the net. Ta Keo wins reward too. There will be nothing for Bayon. Tasha breaks down in tears since she and her tribe have’t eaten in four days. She is grateful for the reward. Later that night, the Angkor tribe members enjoy the barbecue and believe they will have the energy to win immunity.

At Ta Keo, Kass discusses how she needs to improve her social game. She dubbed herself Chaos Kass in her original season, so she’s aware the other people on her tribe will have doubts about her. She sits on the beach to make a piece of jewelry, which makes Wentworth very suspicious. She doesn’t think Kass is someone she can trust, and believes she was making a fake hidden immunity idol. However, it turns out Kass was making a birthday gift for Wentworth and gives it to her. Back at Bayon, Jeremy and Stephen ask Spencer about Wiglesworth. Spencer knows he and Wiglesworth are on the bottom of the tribe, so he throws Wiglesworth under the bus. He says she has a lot of connections on the other tribe, whereas he was definitely going to be voted out next if the switch-up never happened. However, Monica is doubtful of Spencer. She thinks he’s sneaky, and she doesn’t want to vote out a female player in case there is a chance of forming an all-girl alliance.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Each tribe will have a caller that will direct blindfolded tribe members to collect puzzle pieces. Once all the pieces are collected, they can take off their blindfolds and work on assembling the puzzle. The first two tribes to complete their puzzle wins immunity. The challenge begins, with Kass, Kimmi, and Varner chosen as the callers for their tribes. Ta Keo struggles slightly with Keith not being able to hear Kass (despite her screaming right by him) and Terry stumbling around confused, but Joe manages to collect pieces on his own and put them back in the running. All the blindfolded people continuously bump into the puzzle pieces, which causes some painful injuries. Soon enough, Ta Keo manages to get in the lead, but it’s a small lead as all the tribes begin working on the puzzle seconds apart from one another. Angkor falls behind as they lose the energy to work on the puzzle. Minutes later, Bayon solves the puzzle. Bayon wins immunity! It’s now down to Angkor and Ta Keo, but Angkor is moving around very lethargically. Jeff notes how Angkor seems to just be waiting for Ta Keo to solve their puzzle. They do, as Ta Keo solves the puzzle and wins immunity. Angkor lost and will be going back to tribal council. Jeff talks to the Angkor tribe, and Savage remarks how they all gave it everything they had. He adds that he has never felt this exhausted in his life before. Jeff is sympathetic for them, but tells them he has nothing positive for them and that they will be returning to tribal council.

Angkor returns to camp and are in low spirits. Varner tells the tribe that he hurt his toe and is not a physical threat. He hopes this will make them want to keep him. Tasha says that thanks to Abi, they are in charge of the tribe and decide who goes home. However, Tasha notes that Abi is unpredictable and they never know if they can fully trust her to do what she says she will do. Varner and Woo talk together, and they note they are on the chopping block. Woo tries to make amends with Abi and convince her to vote out Varner, but she’s still upset with him for writing her name down twice. Later on, Tasha tries to talk Abi into voting out Varner. However, Abi is adamant about wanting Woo out. She believes Varner will stay loyal to her, and Woo has already voted for her twice. She really wants Woo gone. The conversation gets somewhat tense as Abi and Tasha cannot agree on whom to vote out. Tasha tries to placate Abi, and Abi says she’s now undecided.

It’s time for tribal council. Abi admits either Woo or Varner will be voted out tonight. Woo fights for his life and says that he would be a bigger asset in challenges. Varner makes a strong plea and says he will be loyal. He repeatedly mentions how Woo was never part of an alliance with them since he voted against them in the last vote. Abi admits Varner made a good pitch and seems to want to keep him. Tasha says it’s between loyalty or physicality. She believes Varner will be more loyal, but Woo will be a better asset in challenges. Varner reiterates his points for why they should keep him. However, Woo will not go down without a fight. He makes his pitch and promises he will stay loyal with this tribe. Even after Jeff says it’s time to vote, Woo makes one last plea to Abi to not vote him out. As he goes to cast his vote, Abi calls out “Don’t write “Abi!”

Who will go home? Woo or Varner?

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…





Varner is the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor: Second Chance. What are your thoughts on the episode? Vote in the polls and post in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and come back next week for another live recap.

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