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A new episode of Survivor: Second Chance airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Last week immunity threat Joe was finally voted out of the tribe, leaving seven people remaining to fight for the million dollar prize. Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha formed a Final 3 deal, but there was discussion of an all female alliance. Will Tasha stay loyal to Jeremy and Spencer, or will she join Abi, Kimmi, and Wentworth to take out Jeremy, Spencer, and Keith? Let’s find out!

After tribal council, Abi is glad Joe is out of the game. “Good riddance!” she says. The tribe discusses how now everyone has an equal chance to win challenges now that Joe is gone. There’s also discussion of the vote, and Keith was left out of the loop since he voted for Tasha. Tasha says in her confessional that Keith has put a target on his back.

On the morning of Day 33, Jeremy points out how three Hunahpu originals from San Juan Del Sur (Jeremy, Wentworth, and Keith) are still in the game. In her confessional, Wentworth says she kept her options open throughout that game, but remarks that it’s been stressful. Jeremy and Spencer talk game down at the beach, and Jeremy says he thinks they are in trouble. Spencer agrees. They are worried about an all-female alliance that can take them out. Spencer just hopes he will be in the majority going forward so he can make it to the end.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They must go through an obstacle course that requires them to unspool rope that they are connected to. Then they must assemble a bridge with planks and then toss sand bags at blocks. The first to knock down all the blocks wins reward. The challenge begins, and Spencer is in the lead with Keith, Tasha, Jeremy, and Wentworth doing well too. Abi and Kimmi are behind. At the bridge portion of the challenge, Keith takes the lead and soon can start throwing sand bags at his blocks. Spencer and Jeremy both have to unspool more rope, letting Keith keep his lead. Before long, Keith knocks down all his blocks. Keith wins reward! He also won this reward back in his original season too. This time he wins a trip to a Cambodian temple to be blessed. He gets to choose two people to go with him. He first chooses Wentworth since she chose him last time. He then chooses Spencer. He tries to explain his logic for choosing Spencer, but he rambles incoherently while also forgetting Tasha’s name. He says Spencer missing out on seeing his girlfriend was worse than Tasha not seeing her cousin or Jeremy not seeing his wife. Tasha is visibly annoyed that Keith forgot her name.

Back at camp, Tasha, Kimmi, and Abi say Keith must be the next one gone. Tasha calls out Jeremy for being worried about the all girls alliance and that he should just be on board with taking out Keith. Meanwhile, Keith, Wentworth, and Spencer visit the temple and get blessed. They all talk about how grateful they are for this cultural experience before the talk turns to the game. They make a Final 3 deal with the plan of Abi being their fourth. Spencer says in his confessional that he wants to sit in the end with Abi and Keith. But the trouble of getting there is that it requires trusting Abi.

Back at camp, Tasha asks to talk to Jeremy alone, which bothers Abi. They change their minds about talking until Abi does leave them alone, but Kimmi joins them. The three of them discuss how annoyed they are by Abi, and Jeremy says he couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to date her. Jeremy and Tasha finally do get to talk alone, and Tasha says she wants Abi to be the next one voted out instead of Keith.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They must go out to the water to retrieve keys from buoys and then race back to the beach to complete a puzzle. Spencer takes an early lead, with Jeremy right behind. On the way back to the beach, Spencer falls and hits his face on a platform in the water, allowing Jeremy to claim the lead. Keith is right behind them, with Wentworth, Abi, and Kimmi behind him. Tasha is in last and she is struggling in the water. Jeremy and Spencer start working on the puzzle, which only has five pieces….and Spencer solves it in a matter of seconds. Spencer wins immunity! After the challenge is already over, Tasha is still struggling in the water and she needs medical to retrieve her. After that scary moment and Tasha is with all the others on the beach, Spencer is given the immunity necklace.

After the immunity challenge, Tasha is nervous about tonight. She’s worried Spencer bonded with Keith and Wentworth and won’t stay loyal to her and Jeremy. Meanwhile, Spencer, Wentworth, Abi, and Keith talk game and agree to take out Tasha. Afterwards, Tasha talks to Jeremy and Spencer. She says it would be a disservice to allow a goat to make it to the end. She wants Abi out. Spencer is clearly playing both sides, but which group will he stick with?

It’s time for tribal council. Spencer talks about missing out at strategy talk while he is at reward. Even though he enjoyed the cultural experience of the reward, he still wonders what is going on at camp. Tasha talks about the incident at the immunity challenge. She thought she was drowning. Soon they discuss the game and alliances. “Do we have enough numbers?” Kimmi says. Jeff points out that she just said “we” and asks if there finally is a true alliance now. Afterwards, Keith says he believes that they are “where we need to be.” Spencer says he is in a “we” too. Jeremy says everyone is part of a “we.” Tasha says everyone is keeping their options open, but people are missing out on locking down a true alliance. Keith says he feels confident. Which “we” will prevail?

It’s time for the vote. We see Kimmi vote for Abi and Keith vote for Tasha. Who will be voted out?

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…








Abi is voted out and the seventh member of the jury. She is blindsided as she gets her torch snuffed and wishes everyone good luck. While we hear her talk about her second chance, we see that it was Abi who voted for Keith. Wentworth and Keith voted for Tasha, while Spencer, Tasha, Jeremy, and Kimmi voted for Abi.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor: Second Chance! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts of the episode in the comment section below, and come back next week for the season finale!

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